Can't be touchedCan't be stoppedCan't be movedCan't be rockedCan't be shookWe hotWhen will you niggaz learnCame to get crunkCame to bring lifeCame to get it startedCame to get it rightTurn down the musicTurn up my micsWhen will you niggaz learnI mean what I speakI do as I sayI hustle, I grindDon't get in my wayI'm pimping my hoesI'm jacking my foesI spit at the police and duck my P.O.'sI ain't going to courtYou can call a judgeTell him kiss my assCause I ain't gonna budgeAnd I ain't going back to lock upYou trying to glock pop upI ain't going back to courtAnd I'm never gonna stop the puffingNot for nothingThe block they need meThe streets they need meThe club scene niggaIs mine believe meYou don't believe meOpen your hearts for meLook what I got for youYou in the presence of greatnessI'll make it hot for youPass the rock to meBlock and I'll run with itHere for the gameAnd all the pussy that come with itSo full of focusInsistent on keeping it goingThe Franchise, I exist in a league of my ownExpect attention unfamiliar with being ignoredThe truths back, Katies locking and closing the doorBrick wall in the roadI won't moveThe KingI'm like Roy in the ringI can't loseShow the face of what compares to mineYou wanna warMother fucker I ain't hard to findNow holla back, niggaI move when my heart say moveFierce like a lionGot nothing to proveStubborn as a hot damn muleGod in my cornerNigga can't loseTrying to take me out my hot damn shoesSee how quick I jump up and give you bitches the bluesThey gonna see you on the hot damn newsAnd that ain't even nothingLinking me to the crimeNot a print, not a hot damn clueBeating these niggaz downIs what I came to doAnd I ain't playing bout a hot damn ruleShaking you niggaz downIf you ain't paying your duesWe passing up yo block and ohhMy screws are looseDon't call my handsCause you gonna make me act a hot damn foolDead discussion, you will not winCause I will not lose

Genre Can't

Comment by Rusboy

Roy the best. He's citizen of Russia

Comment by Ильдус Галимов


Comment by Michael Gold

Fuck dude this tge type of shit i losten to before i get on bulls

Comment by Hassan Attia

Can’t Be

Comment by Anonymous


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