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The Bottom Line

The Canon DR-C225 II is an entry-level desktop document scanner bundled v Receipt financial institution software for scanning receipts and other jae won documents and importing the data into your bookkeeping system.

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Canon ImageFormula DR-C225 II Specs

Maximum Optical Resolution600 pixels
Automatic record FeederYes
Ethernet InterfaceNo
Maximum Scan Area8.5" x 118"
Film ScanningNo

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Over the past couple of years, Epson has released several scanners, such as the Editors" Choice-winning RapidReceipt RR-600W, go together with software for scanning receipts, invoices, financial institution statements, and also other financial documents. Now Canon has actually fired earlier with its own scanner and financial software program bundle, the $449.99 imageFormula DR-C225 II Scanner tiny Business Edition it is provided by Receipt Bank. In addition to the usual paper scanning and also management software, you get Dext"s famous program for scanning financial papers and also extracting pertinent data because that export right into your accounting software. The hardware or scanner itself, contrasted to the Epson RR-600W, is as around as entry-level the gets. Yet if your scanning volume is low—say, no much more than a couple of hundred scans per day—you can save at the very least $50 by opting because that the DR-C225 II.

Upright Design, tiny Footprint

Measuring 8.7 by 11.8 through 6.1 customs (HWD) and also weighing 6 pounds, the imageFormula DR-C225 II is the same size and girth together the initial DR-C225 the evaluation here earlier in 2014 and also the Wi-Fi-equipped DR-C225W in 2015. The advantage of the scanner"s upright style is that it doesn"t require extra room once you open up the calculation tray.


Most desktop computer document scanners have input and also output trays that extend outward from the chassis, copy or tripling the machine"s footprint. Amongst the grasp of scanners the come with software program for importing financial documents, a few are portables there is no automatic record feeders (ADFs) that you should feed one sheet at a time. With that in mind, then, the new Canon"s closest rivals are 3 Epsons: the RapidReceipt RR-600W pointed out earlier, the workforce ES-500WR bookkeeping Edition, and the labor force ES-300WR bookkeeping Edition.

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As an entry-level scanner, the DR-C225 II doesn"t have much the a regulate panel, consisting only of a power button and also a begin or Scan switch as displayed below.