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can you replace fifty percent a roof for now and the other half later? (roofing, window)
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Long story short, the roof is leaking. The rain came and also yelled at us pretty loudly that we essential to change the roof.... Choose last year.Anyway, I had two roofers came and also gave estimates, they"re both pretty similar in terms of price, work, and also materials. Yet there is one huge difference.The background: Rain, rain rain. We can"t seem to go more than three consecutive days without rain. Clear roofer cannot work-related when it"s raining. Roofer #1 stated he can do part ah hoc project to patch points up for currently to protect against the leaking and wait until the sky clears to start replacing the roof. He claimed he have the right to do fifty percent the roof (takes around 3 days) when the sunlight is out, take away a break when the rain God come out, and also then come ago to carry out the other fifty percent after the rain stops.Roofer #2 claimed what Roofer #1 said cannot work. He stated there is no patch job that deserve to fix a leak this bad. He likewise said you cannot just do half the roof because there is no complete proof way to for sure the other half from leaking in a half-finished roof. He claimed what #1 suggested will make points worse. He requirements six consecutive clear skies days to finish the roof i beg your pardon poses a large problem because the Weather God is not cooperating.So who is right? I"m tempted to go through #1 but if #2 is right then I"ll finish up regretting the decision. Anyone with roofing knowledge treatment to sell your two cents?.