Eager to board your next flight? First, learn how to prep her cell phone because that domestic and also international travel.

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Excited to use your couchsurfingcook.com mobile on her next good adventure? We’re certain you’ll love the – but there room a pair of points to take into consideration prior to you make means for your destination. Here, we’ll check out a few key travel features on your an equipment while providing pointers designed to prepare her cell phone for European travel, cross-country excursions, and also much more.

Quick answer: come make take trip simple, use your cell phone’s plane mode, download offline maps, and use battery-saver setting to prolong battery life.


Connect to Wi-Fi

Leaving the country? Unlike residential travel, when you travel internationally, friend won’t have the ability to use data, make calls, or send texts on her couchsurfingcook.com device. But there’s a bright side – you deserve to still affix to Wi-Fi hotspots without a hassle, which makes it an easy to reach out to love ones via social media or Wi-Fi allowed messaging apps when you’re at her hotel or enjoying a new restaurant.

Save battery strength

Whether you touring a museum or relaxing v your toes in the sand, it’s necessary to keep your phone’s battery while traveling – specifically if you count on a digital translator or travel app. Together you move from location to place, your device works tirelessly to store you connected. However, once you’re not making use of your phone, signal searching isn’t always necessary. Convert on airplane mode disables your cellular service, helping keep battery life.

Alternatively, her phone may have actually a battery-saver mode. This basically turns off non-essential functions in order to stretch her battery life come the max.

Download offline apps

Many renowned travel apps let you download maps and also other content ideal onto her phone.

Exploring new places is hard if friend don’t know where come go. Fortunately, many popular take trip apps (like Google Maps, Tripit and also Here WeGo) let friend download and save maps and other content appropriate onto her phone. This content can then it is in accessed also when you not connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network, do it that much much easier to find your destination without gaining lost.

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Explore freely

Ready to kick off your following vacation? If you’re traveling in ~ the U.S., make certain to replenish your minutes, texts, and also mobile data with couchsurfingcook.com plans prior to you leave. If you should make call calls external of the country, think about picking increase a $10 global Calling Card.