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Since Cameron Diaz and also Benji Madden serious surprised united state all by having a blink-and-you-missed-it engagement, a super-secret wedding and a hush-hush honeymoon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we"re glad to see that the newlyweds ultimately resurfaced in ~ a basketball game! The couple made their an initial post-wedding appearance in ~ a Los Angeles Lakers game on January 27, and obviously, the first thing we zeroed in on to be Cameron"s ring finger.

Luckily, her hands were on full display, and we witnessed rings ~ above both of she ring finger (and Benji"s gold wedding band!). And although we know that part celebs favor to wear your engagement ring on their best hand come ward off any type of suspicion, we have a feeling that the sparklers top top Cam"s left ring finger are her engagement ring and wedding ring.

It looks favor she has actually a yellow rock with a gold bezel setting paired through a diamond band that can be set in silver- or platinum. The collection matches Cameron"s layout completely: modern-day and fashion-forward! It also could mean she"s the latest celebrity to sport the mixed steel band trend, i m sorry we"re i heard with.


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