Calum Hood is a 21-year-old from Australia who is most renowned for gift the bassist and also a singer that the band 5 secs of Summer.

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How Calum Hood acquired Famous

Calum to be born in Sydney, Australia on January 25th, 1996 to parental Joy and David Hood. He grew up love both salsa dancing and also football, which are fairly opposite interests. Calum Hood in reality played football transparent school and was interested in ending up being a famed sports player before giving increase his typical life and also dreams to it is in a bassist, vocalist, and songwriter in the tape 5 seconds of Summer.Calum Hood’s Music Career

In 2011, Calum joined future bandmembers Luke and Michael and posting quick videos of themselves singing renowned song consists on YouTube making use of Luke Hemmings channel. The 3 of them had actually met at Norwest Christian College. Some of their videos walk viral, and also they obtained a 4th member, a drummer named Ashton Irwin prior to they ended up signing a attend to Sony and recording their very first album.

Calum Hood ended up being the bassist, songwriter, and one the the vocalists for 5 Seconds that Summer. The teenager was simply 15 in ~ the time, and also he and also the remainder of the tape were an immediate success among the teenage girls of the world. Their an initial release charted in their home nation of Australia in spite of not getting any type of promotion besides that that they did on their own on social media. Calum and also the band went on to release two an ext albums, and also they began their very own record label. 5SoS are stated to be currently working on one more studio album together of October 2017. In the meantime, they’ve unable to do on many sold-out world tours.Calum Hood’s Controversies

In the winter of 2015, Calum Hood and his bandmates Michael Clifford, Aston Irwin, and also Luke Hemmings, acquired themselves in trouble with their fans when they did an interview with renowned music magazine Rolling Stone. Calum, in particular, claimed that he wasn’t supplied to acquiring attention indigenous girls, for this reason he really enjoyed it once they threw themselves almost everywhere him ~ above tour. While the didn’t obtain as explicit together his bandmate Luke did around sleeping with his fans, he did admit that he gained “a bit reckless.” The interview could’ve been an effort to appeal to a new demographic of masculine listeners, however it go a lot to upset their teenage girl fans. Not just was the interview upsetting, yet Five secs of Summer to be naked because that the sheathe photo. This seemed to it is in mocking a scandal neighboring Calum Hood and also leaked nude photographs.Calum Hood’s Romantic Life

While Calum has actually remained reasonably private about his an individual life, us still have a pretty good idea around who he has dated since he first entered right into fame in ~ the period of fifteen. In 2014, he date Maddy Harris, a renowned YouTuber, and Instagram star. The two only lasted with each other for three months, however she still short articles wistful, nostalgic images of the two of them on she social media pages. He was rumored to have dated the reality star kendall Jenner, yet that proved to be false. In 2015, Calum Hood and also Jennifer Phipps were claimed to it is in an item. Jenn is likewise from Australia, but their young love, if it existed, additionally did no last long. In 2016, he to be rumored come be dating a drummer from one of the bands that were signed to his label, hi or Hey Records. Nia Lovelis native Hey Violet to be photographed through Calum, cuddling up to each various other in NYC. That seems favor he is right now single.

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Calum Hood’s various other Social Media Accounts

What is Calum Hood’s personal Facebook?


The bassist for 5 secs of Summer does no seem to have actually a personal Facebook profile the he share publically, however Calum’s main Facebook page still has plenty that awesome content on it. 401,900 people follow the page, and you can join lock by clicking this link. Unfortunately, Calum has not post to the society media platform since December of 2014. If you are a 5SoS fan who is in the atmosphere for some nostalgia, there room fun old picture of live shows, and also a an excellent shot the Calum do a silly confront while rocking out on his base guitar. Pan still usage the web page to write-up birthday message to the famed musician.

What is Calum Hood’s Twitter handle?


The Australian musician’s Twitter page is much more current 보다 his facebook updates, however he still just shares things sporadically to his 7.3 million followers. Calum Hood started posting on the microblogging site in November that 2011 and also has shared an superior 14.3K Tweets due to the fact that then. He supplies the website as a communication to re-publishing his an individual thoughts about things such as the suicide of the lead singer that Linkin Park, and his feelings around the sun, or, together he call it, the “floating large ball the fire in the sky.” view all this content and an ext by clicking ideal here.What is Calum Hood’s Instagram name?


Calum’s aesthetic seems to it is in a bit artsy and also retro, as a large portion of his Instagram photos are in black and also white. The bassist has over 5.3 million followers on the photo-sharing site. The pics that shares differ from picture of the band, or pan at 5SoS live shows, brooding selfies, and at least one adorable video clip of his dog. To gain a look at the 1,286 short articles on the site, simply click here.What is Calum Hood’s Kik Username or Code?

There room three various Kik file which might technically have actually been the actual Calum Hood at one suggest but are now all disconnected. If the musician is a part of the messaging community, he’s not making his username public. The most likely fake usernames are calpal555, cashmoneyhood, and also calumhood.

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What is Calum Hood’s YouTube Page?

Calum go not have his very own Youtube page, but you can accessibility the 5 secs of Summer YouTube web page by click here. The band short articles updates from your tour, and official videos.