It’s unexplained for a one-hour drama to feel rushed, however this week’s Call the Midwife walk juggle a little much more than that can regulate to. The speed is just a little off, even if the story beats space still moving and also couchsurfingcook.commpelling.

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While we remain without any sign of Chummy, and also Sister Evangelina has actually been gone for few episodes, the recent instalment look at Cynthia return, as a nun. She going through Sister Mary Cynthia now, and the present will be starting to check out just how she’s affected by couchsurfingcook.comming earlier to Nonnatus House but in a an extremely different role.

For this episode, though, the most impacted person appears to be Trixie, who desires to speak to Sister mary Cynthia but finds her engrossed in prayer. At this point, Trixie’s acquired to it is in feeling choose religion is intruding into her relationships and also friendships – and also she’s tho struggling v alcouchsurfingcook.comhol.


The key story because that the episode puts Barbara in the spotlight again, and she’s proving to be a yes, really worthwhile character that is simple to support and also get behind. She’s somebody who sees issues and also then finds ways to get roughly them without really gaining stressed or shedding her calm and positive demeanour.

Here, she’s helping a woman who can’t speak English to offer birth, and also mostly using her son as a translator. She likewise finds a woman that speaks the exact same language, though, and also shows how accepting she is and how couchsurfingcook.commfortable she is with crossing the obstacles of language and culture to provide somebody v the support they need.

The various other subplot never ever seems to quite know where its focus should be, dealing with spiritual issues (like relying ~ above prayer to heal disease) and also much an ext serious issues like the potential of kid cruelty and also the illustration of a extremely rare couchsurfingcook.comndition.


The occasions here send Dr Turner into a breakdown, yet it no feel prefer it gets the development that needs, and neither does the eventual resolution the the plot. The still manages to be moving and also Shelagh is drawn earlier into a an ext active duty as a nurse (as expected), however something favor this may have benefited from extending over much more than just one episode.

Still, it nicely intersects through Barbara’s an ext promising plotline, and also there’s a tense scene the keeps things engaging. The is start to feel prefer the display is missing something crucial without Chummy though, and also it seems favor there’s an ext going on below than the manuscript manages to deal with in the time it has.

This is quiet a solid episode of Call the Midwife, it simply lacks some crucial ingredients and is strange paced.


Aired in ~ 8pm top top Sunday 15 February 2015 on BBC One.

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