This is the most ironic article I’ve ever written. Why? because I’m in an airplane, flying as I type. How appropo, right? Even better is the fact that I’m inputting on my iPad, and my lock display from work 1 is this. Exact. Quote.

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I’m do the efforts to get ahead top top blogging, because this week I’m a feather Breaker with my acapella group, Counterparts, as we go on “tour” from san Fran to LA law gigs and being absent stars. #byesnow I’m so negative with time zones, so check back here from time come time transparent MWF come see new schtuff and also say hello, wouldja?

First things first: a Monday Mantra. (You males are loving this, which filling me v joy!) ns know, I recognize – it’s Tuesday. Ns blame full lack that wifi all over useful.

This mantra is one of my favorites. I’ve always needed external affirmation to really think something. Bad, ns know. But it’s oftentimes a battle for me to to convince myself of any “truth” without first discussing v someone else and also internalizing your input. It’s something I’m personally functioning on – feather in the mirror and also telling MYSELF what I should hear, instead of just relying ~ above outsider wisdom. Here, this mantra tackles both, letting us recognize a fear while automatically remedying it v a kick yet comeback.

“What if ns fall?” “Oh, yet my darling, what if friend fly?”

We obtain scared. We fail. We gain scared that failing, and we fall down from time to time – this scares us, too. However of this I’m sure: we cannot permit the fear of fall to store us from spreading our wings, getting out of our cushy cozy comfort zone, and permitting ourselves to fly (whatever “flying” method to you).

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What if’s room crippling. If us truly used “what if’s” across the board, it would be nearly impossible to it is in happy at any kind of given moment. What if i studied longer? What if I prepared a little bit more? What if ns spoke my mind? We obtain sucked right into this people of hypotheticals that most most likely cannot and will not be resolved prior to our eyes. So why allow them bog us down?

Today and this week, I want to encourage you to think about one thing, one area in your life wherein you feeling afraid to fall. Possibly it’s an upcoming test of strength, knowledge, or self-control, or perhaps it’s a regular responsibility that just pushes your limits. Everything it is, think around it because that a moment: what if friend fall? Au contrare.

“Oh, but my darling, what if girlfriend fly?”

Sending love indigenous the gold State. Let you yourself fly! Be sure to check out more Monday Mantra articles before girlfriend go!