Unusual because that the Hollywood celebrity world, most of she "staff" are also close friends and also confidants...

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The only method of relenten Caitlyn Jenner"s inner circle is to speak to them "Team Cait". Unusual for the Hollywood celebrity world, many of she "staff" are also close friends and confidants. Lock have, because that the many part, been around Caitlyn Jenner since her Bruce jenner days. Now, Cait has gone native a perpetually in debt ex-Olympian come a reality star on Keeping Up v the Kardashians, to a transgender woman v a net worth of some $100 million.

Sure, many of these people are associated to Cait ~ above a an individual level but know a money-spinning brand when they check out it. And, quite frankly, it"s in everybody"s best interest that the Caitlyn zener brand is just one of empowerment, inspiration, and daring to "me".

The only an adverse notes in the lot occasionally come native Caitlyn"s previous "manager" (and wife) Kris Jenner and also her unofficially mentor Jenny Boylan. As far as Kris jenner is concerned, she rants are much more Kardashian drama than real. And it additionally reflects the reality that Kris can"t constantly manage what Cait does and also doesn"t do any kind of longer.

So, let"s look at the 12 world who end the critical 4 or 5 years have operated for or v Caitlyn Jenner and also see what they need to say about Cait as a boss, a woman, and also a brand.

12 Ronda Kamihira - an individual Assistant (Former BFF Kris Jenner)

This is whereby it it s okay complicated. Ronda was Kris Jenner"s assistant and BFF. Plus, back when he to be still Bruce Jenner, rumor had actually it that Ronda and also Bruce were dating. Kamihira explains the "relationship" as a nearby friendship, saying that they rely on one another for support. Plus, she helped pick "Caitlyn" as Jenner"s brand-new name. She has referred to as Caitlyn jenner brave and inspiring.

11 Kip Zachery - Makeup and also Right Hand Man

prefer Ronda Kamihira, Kip Zachery watch himself together Cait"s makeup artist, friend, and also "right- hand man." he let slip the Cait is partial come pink lip gloss, before getting serious and also saying: "She"s a very inspiring and motivating human being who takes on difficulties like no one I"ve ever met. . . Ns can"t wait for the day as soon as we all just love each other for all our differences instead of alienating and also bullying every other since of them." the calls her "amazing".

10 Sophia Hutchins - "Live-In" Manager (With Benefits?)

five dear. Whereby to put transgender Sophia Hutchins? A when back, gossips claimed Cait and Sophia to be a couple. Sophia calls it s her a "live-in manager". Okay. She likewise is a member of the CJ pan club, gushing "She obstacles me in so countless ways, has enabled me to flourish in so many ways..." Sophia claims she and also Cait are full time "partners" who have made a lot of money together. And also she plans to save it that way.

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9 Alan Nierob - Publicist

In 2014 Bruce jenner was on the verge of coming to be Caitlyn and his life to be a life hell. The was having panic attacks and also was scared to death. Climate he rental Nierob. The man is a PR genius and is proud the Caitlyn taken on his image of "a true Olympian" that morphed right into a "pinup ~ above the cover of Vanity Fair." They keep the post on allude with "evening with" tour. It"s a common admiration (and money-making) culture those two.

8 Jenny Boylan - Mentor and Voice that Reason

now for among the paris in the ointment: Caitlyn"s Republicanism. No, much more than that it is Jenner"s case that republic were it s okay on the LGBT issue. Boylan considers it s her Cait"s friend, however Jenner"s confidence in the Republican Party"s commitment to LGBT concerns caused Boylan"s "mouth open up in horror and disbelief". She has quietly worked in the elevator to carry out what she calls "educating" zener on the subject. It seems to be working.

7 Annie Leibovitz - Photographer

Annie Liebovitz is the go-to photographer for many celebrities. In 2015, she invested days v Caitlyn zener shooting Cait"s "coming out" in that now-iconic Vanity Fair cover. At first, Cait did as she to be told. "But as the work wore on, Leibovitz stated Caitlyn took an ext and more control the the shoot. is one Olympic athlete after all." Liebovitz dubbed her "amazing". An additional fan.

6 Kris jenner - "Manager" (And Ex)

This is a common Kris versus Cait episode: Kris, Cait"s former manager, considers Caitlyn a loosened cannon on deck, somebody that will pour out Kardashian-Jenner secrets. In 2019 as soon as Caitlyn did I"m a Celebrity acquire Me the end Of Here", some reports said that Kris had actually Caitlyn "legally gagged", forbidding her from talking about the household on the show. It to be Team K-J matches Team Cait. Kris shows up to have actually won that round.

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5 Courtney Nanson - Hair Stylist

Courtney Nanson is Caitlyn"s hairstylist, friend, and also fan, an additional person that finds she "inspiring". However she likewise commented top top the funny side that Cait and how she loves to play around with various hairstyles and also looks. The two seem to have actually fun sessions together. Yet the just no-no, according to Courtney, is short hair. Cait loves, loves, loves it long. Apparently Cait is likewise fond that the occasional dirty joke.

4 Candis Cayne - ns Am Cait"s Co-Star (And Love Interest?)

Another facility relationship. Most of Caitlyn"s inside circle to be in her 2015-2016 truth series I am Cait. Candis Cayne is a transgender actress who showed up on the show and also may or may not have had a "thing" through Caitlyn. Choose Jenny Boylan, she has dubbed Caitlyn on her naive support the the Republican Party. Yet she says: "At the finish of the job this is a human being that’s done a many of an excellent for our community". No one is perfect.

3 Jessica Diehl - The woman Behind The Vanity fair Cover

Jessica Diehl was the fashion and style manager of Vanity Fair. She is the woman who is largely responsible because that Caitlyn"s coming out cover in 2015. She and also Caitlyn common a appointment to shaping the covering in a way that sent out an empowering post to the transgender community. And also on a more mundane level, she has said the Caitlyn had a very solid view on what apparel she liked and also didn"t like. Cait to be very particular but straightforward to occupational with.

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2 Patricia field - Costume Designer

This is the woman who dressed Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and also the City. And one beforehand morning in 2015, she opened her brand-new York shop at an early stage so that I am Cait star Caitlyn Jenner might come in because that a private shop.CJ made an additional fan. "It to be a an excellent experience because that me – she"s really open, down-to-earth, appreciative. Really, she"s taking care of it beautifully." one more day, one more fan. Oh, Cait to be partial to mini-skirts.

1 Natasha Hill - English Agent

English certified dealer Natasha Hill staged a significant coup by getting Caitlyn jenner to authorize on for the English I"m a Celebrity, gain Me the end of Her TV show. When Natasha request if she was interested, CJ said, “Are friend kidding me? I’d love to perform it.” Natasha dubbed her a daredevil, saying Cait didn"t think twice around jumping out of an aircraft during the very first episode. And money? Natasha said push reports that Cait being paid approximately $600,000 to be "exaggerated". More than likely not by much.

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