Just a couple days ago, the Los Angeles Times blew the doors off another Hollywood "secret" involving sexual harassment and also assault — 6 women, consisting of actress Olivia Munn, accused director and producer Brett Ratner of sexual misconduct. The women comprehensive their experiences through Ratner, which associated him blocking lock in doorways and also forcing them into oral sex or masturbating in prior of them.

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Now, a video has surfaced from a 2005 reality show that reflects Ratner exhilaration inappropriately towards his then-girlfriend, tennis superstar Serena Williams. It"s for this reason so gross, but beyond that, it"s appalling the this to be once thought about acceptable enough habits to it is in aired on fact TV there is no a 2nd thought.

In case you didn"t know, Serena Williams and Brett Ratner used to date.

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Their relationship lasted for about two years, from 2004 to 2006.The video that"s at this time going famous is a 2005 clip native Serena and Venus Williams" short-lived fact show, Venus and also Serena: for Real. In it, Serena seems to be break up with Ratner (though castle didn"t officially call it quits "til "06) at among her sister"s tennis matches while that heckles Venus with sex-related comments and keeps trying to touch and kiss Serena even though she pushes him off.
Brett Ratner accused of sex-related misconduct in 2001-05.Here he is gift gross v then-GF Serena on she 2005 show:https://t.co/ts93Q4IXkD
"Give me some love. Display me that you care," Ratner states while grabbing in ~ Serena"s hand."Can girlfriend stop? have the right to you watch my sisters play, please?" Williams chides.When Williams cheers for she sister, Ratner chimes in too, shouting, "Sexy legs! Sexy legs!"Whatta guy.

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since the current allegations against Ratner came to be public, Warner Bros. To reduce his co-financing deal, which was worth about $450 million.


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Let"s just say Serena Williams dodged a real bullet when her Ratner phase ended.Creepers space creepy because that life, that seems.

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