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Brendan Fitzpatrick is a famous American Businessman and also Reality Star who was born and also brought-up in California. The is widely recognized for his appearance on the the American fact TV present Rich kids of Beverly Hills. He was the original member cast for the show and also appeared for 4 seasons in the show.

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Professionally, Brendan is an worldwide real estate certified dealer who has accomplished great feats in the real state business. He is a residential sales specialist in the upscale area, Los Angeles.

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Brendan Fitzpatrick Age

Fitzpatrick is 31 year old as that 2020, that was born top top 19 might 1989, in California, United says of America. He celebrates his birthday on 19th May every year and also his birth sign is Taurus.

Brendan Fitzpatrick Height and Weight

Brendan stands at an average height and has moderate weight. He shows up to be rather tall in stature that his photos, loved one to his surroundings, space anything to go by. However, details concerning his really height and other body measurements are right now not publicly available. We are maintaining tabs and also will update this details once the is out.

Brendan Fitzpatrick Education

Fitzpatrick went to The Buckley School and later checked out Montclair Prep. During his institution days, he was on the school’s golf team. Brendan did no attend any type of college because he was into business. He was so good in his service i.e., as a actual estate broker as he cracked a $10 million deal as soon as he was only 19 year old.

Brendan Fitzpatrick Parents, Family and also Siblings

Brendan was born and also raised by his parents in California. His father’s surname is Thomas Fitzpatrick, if his mother’s name is unknown. He invested his childhood with his sister named Kathryn Fitzpatrick. Our initiatives to discover out more about his family involved no avail together no such information is publicly available. Thus, the occupation that his parents is quiet unclear. We will upgrade this section when this details is available.

Brendan Fitzpatrick Wife

Fitzpatrick was married come Morgan Stewart, a truth star and blogger. The couple tied the knot on 7 may 2016, in at Hummingbird nest Ranch in Santa Susana. The wedding to be attended by nearby relatives and friends, and they were around 150 guests.

The pair thrived in the entertain industry and found comfort in every other’s company. Throughout season 3 of the display Rich kids of Beverly Hills, Brendan overwhelmed the fervor of audiences when he bent down on his one knee and proposed come Morgan on 6 march 2015.

However, freshly in march 2019, there was a rumor swirling approximately the internet that the pair was dealing with marital issues and Morgan was rumored of having actually an affair with the peak executive the E!, Bryce Kristensen for more than two years.

The topic was brought to person Resources through the employees at E! as they thought it was apparent due to your flirtatious behaviors in the office. However, Morgan refuse the allegation stating the allegation to be hurtful as she and Bryce have known since the initiation of career and they room nothing an ext than girlfriend & colleagues.

Brendan Fitzpatrick Divorced

Brendan and his then mam Morgan Stewart divorced from each other after 3 year of marriage. Morgan announce their separation personality in at an early stage August on her Instagram Story, through a caption, “Brendan and also I have actually spent six wonderful years together, however we have made the challenging decision to go our separate ways.” The pair finalised their divorce in 2019.

Brendan Fitzpatrick date Amanda Stanton

After his separation v his climate wife, it to be rumored the he began an affair with Amanda Stanton. However, Amanda confirmed that she is solitary and ~ above the dating field on the sunlight day, November 10th, series of ”I Don’t obtain It” podcast. She denied that she was dating him.

Brendan Fitzpatrick net Worth

Brendan has actually an estimated net worth of $500 thousand dollars together of 2020. This consists of his assets, money and income. His primary source of revenue is his career as a Businessman and Reality Star. V his assorted sources of income, he has been able to accumulate a great fortune however prefers to command a modest lifestyle.

Brendan Fitzpatrick Measurements and also Facts

Here room some amazing facts and body measurements you should know about him;

Brendan Fitzpatrick Image

Brendan Fitzpatrick Wiki

Full Names: Brendan FitzpatrickGender: MaleOccupation / Profession: Businessman and also Reality StarNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: no KnownSexual Orientation: Straight

Brendan Fitzpatrick Birthday

Age / just how Old?: 31 year (2020)
Zodiac Sign: TaurusDate that Birth: 19 may 1989Place of Birth: united StatesBirthday: 19th May

Brendan Fitzpatrick body Measurements

Body Measurements: not AvailableHeight / exactly how Tall?: AverageWeight: ModerateEye Color: BrownHair Color: Brown

Brendan Fitzpatrick Family and also Relationship

Father (Dad): thomas FitzpatrickMother: not KnownSiblings (Sister): Kathryn FitzpatrickMarital Status: DivorcedWife/Spouse: to be married to Morgan StewartChildren: not Known

Brendan Fitzpatrick network Worth and also Salary

Net Worth: $500 ThousandSalary: Under ReviewSource that Income: Businessman and also Reality Star

Brendan Fitzpatrick House and Cars

Place of living: Beverly Hills, California, USACars: auto Brand to be Updated

Brendan Fitzpatrick real Estate

Brendan Fitzpatrick did no waste any time staking his case as one of Los Angeles premier brokers when, at the period of 19, that closed his very first transaction for over $14M, setting a record for the highest possible sale in the history of Brentwood Park. Ten year later, Brendan proceeds to was standing out amongst his peers, amassing an exceptional list of discerning, high net Worth clientele from both the U.S. And also abroad, and also negotiating countless of the highest-priced sales.

Most newly Brendan took component in the highest-priced sales the the year in the Hollywood Hills because that $25M and also is a constant feature on the genuine Trends peak 200 actual estate specialists list. Farming up in Bel Air, Brendan kept busy by experimenting the city’s residential landscape and also pursuing his passions for architecture and design. His experiences added to his rich expertise of what the genuine estate market is today.

Brendan’s network that friends and also associates have constantly cut throughout diverse society spheres and consists of plenty of influential individuals from the entertainment and tech industries, fashion, and also investors indigenous the entertainment and tech industries, fashion, and investors from across the human being including Canada, Europe, Asia, and also the middle East.

Having resided in Los Angels his entire life, Brendan’s are is as acquainted to him together his own backyard. Brendan specialization in residential sales in Beverly Hills, Bel air Brentwood, Holmby Hills, Malibu, and the Sunset Strip; neighborhoods he has known his entire life. On any type of given day, Brendan can be uncovered driving throughout the city trying to find properties because that clients and also ensuring he is knowledgeable the every notable house on the market.

It is the diligence and also work ethic he has actually practiced ever since he came to be an agent at the age of 19 as soon as he would spend his days ”caravanning” from residential property to residential or commercial property while simultaneously balancing his college food load. A pan of music and the arts, and a certain believer in consistent outreach and also networking, Brendan can be discovered at major social events about the human being when that is not at his office in Beverly Hills.

Brendan Fitzpatrick Job

Fitzpatrick no longer shows up on reality TV and also works as a high-end real heritage specialist because that Mauricio Umansky’s brokerage The Agency.

 Frequently inquiry Questions around Brendan Fitzpatrick

Who is Brendan Fitzpatrick?

Brendan Fitzpatrick is a renowned American Businessman and Reality Star. The is widely recognized for his appearance on the the American truth TV present Rich kids of Beverly Hills. He was the original member actors for the show and also appeared for four seasons in the show.

How old is Brendan Fitzpatrick?

Fitzpatrick is 31 year old together of 2020, he was born on 19 may 1989, in California, United states of America. His birth sign is Taurus.

How tall is Brendan Fitzpatrick?

Brendan stands in ~ an mean height, he has actually not common his elevation with the public. His height will be detailed once we have it native a credible source.

Is Brendan Fitzpatrick married?

No, he was married come Morgan Stewart, a fact star and also blogger. The couple tied the node on 7 may 2016, in in ~ Hummingbird nest Ranch in Santa Susana. The divorced in 2019.

How much is Brendan Fitzpatrick worth?

Brendan has an approximated net worth of $500 thousand dollars together of 2020. This contains his assets, money and also income. His primary source of revenue is his career as a Businessman and also Reality Star.

Where does Brendan live?

He is a residents of Beverly Hills, California, USA, us shall upload pictures of his residence as quickly as we have actually them.

Is Fitzpatrick dead or alive?

He is alive and in an excellent health. There have been no reports the him gift sick or having any type of health-related issues.

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