“He doesn’t also value my life," the previous porn star tells Howard Stern after learning Sheen has actually been HIV positive for years

November 17, 2015

Bree Olson revealed ~ above Tuesday the unlike her ex-boyfriend Charlie Sheen, she walk not have HIV and has a blood test to prove it. The former porn star mutual her clean invoice of wellness with Howard Stern and also revealed that Sheen hadn’t called her about his HIV status during the year the they dated or since.

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“I trusted him.” Olson said, explaining the the 2 did use protection once they had sex yet that Sheen insisted on using lambskin prophylactics rather than latex condoms.

never ever said anything, ever,” Olson explained. “‘I’m clean,’ the told me.”

L-R: Bree Olson, Natalie Kenly, Charlie SheenPhoto: Getty Images

Despite Sheen admitting to understanding he was HIV positive for years, Bree told Howard she uncovered out simply three days ago. Sheen, 50, satellite down with Matt Lauer ~ above this morning’s “Today” display after a tabloid report claimed he had been maintaining the diagnosis a secret.

​”I have to put a prevent to this onslaught, this barrage that attacks and of sub-truths and an extremely harmful and also mercurial stories that are around me, threatening the health of so many others that couldn’t be additional from the truth,” Sheen said Lauer throughout their interview.

When request if he had told all of his former sexual partners around his HIV status, Sheen answered, “Yes i have.”

“I to be so upset,” Olson said Howard when listening to Sheen’s interview. “He doesn’t also value my life.”

Also appearing on “Today” to be Sheen’s doctor, Robert Huizenga, an combine professor of clinical medicine at the university of California, Los Angeles, who confirmed that Sheen does not have actually AIDS and that there is one undetectable level that the virus in his blood.

Olson wonder if Huizenga was the same medical professional who offered to make house calls come Sheen’s home throughout the time the she was date him. Huizenga evidenced on Tuesday that he has been treating Sheen because that “5 to 6 years.” Olson then came to be emotional while pointing out those in Charlie’s life who’ve assisted him hide his HIV status.

“Does he fan you a phone call today to say ‘Bree, I’m sorry?"” Howard asked Olson.

“I don’t desire it,” Bree replied. “I’d speak ‘f-ck you’ and also hang increase the phone.”

Olson claimed she has not been in contact with any type of of Sheen’s previous lovers, consisting of Natalie Kenly or Brooke Mueller. Olson admitted to having sexual threesomes with Sheen and also both females on separate occasions.

“I want to suggest out to every one of the females who have slept with Charlie, due to the fact that there are thousands, he used lambskin condoms and I don’t think a lot of girls establish that,” Bree warned while disclosing the she experienced a “stream” of females coming in and out the Sheen’s home while she was date him. Olson stated her time in the porn industry aided her an alert the packaging the Sheen’s condoms and also alleged that they were lambskin quite than latex. Lambskin condoms do no protect against viral STDs such as HIV.

“It’s the dumbest point I’ve ever done, dating him,” Olson said. “It to be Russian roulette every day because that a year.”

Since news that Sheen’s HIV acknowledgement damaged last week, Olson claimed she has been receiving fatality threats from strangers.

“People space blaming me saying I provided Charlie AIDS because I’m the porn star.”

According to Olson, Sheen likewise exhibited “anger and also rage” problems during your romance, often times yelling at her. Additionally, he allegedly shared violent thoughts through Olson that he had about ex-wife Denise Richards.

“He threatened her to me constantly,” Olson said. “For whatever reason, I’m the one he confided these crazy weird thoughts to.”

Bree stated Charlie was upset after Richards forbid their youngsters from visiting the at home – a move Olson stated she understands 100%.

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“He would certainly say points like, ‘don’t worry, ns know just how to make people disappear or make it look choose an accident,"” Bree claimed, revealing that his temper ended up being “crazy in ~ times.”

Now, Olson is putting her erotic career and Charlie Sheen behind her. She has recently moved ago to her house state of Indiana in bespeak to compose a book about her success in adult entertainment and her experiences cultivation up in an abusive family with her schizophrenic mother.