Breath that The Wild's Ganon used To take Revenge On annoying Flower Lady One Breath that the Wild player has glitched the final boss hit to gain revenge ~ above Magda"s flowerbed from the quest Watch the end for the Flowers.

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Magda from Breath the the Wild
One ingenious - and annoyed - player the The Legend that Zelda: Breath that the Wild has uncovered a means to use the last boss to ruin flowers. The flowers are part of one of the more frustrating Shrine searches in the game. Through abusing the variation of the civilization map used for the last battle, it"s feasible to destroy the flora and do what the game otherwise refuses come let friend do.

One of Breath that the Wild"s 42 Shrine pursuits is dubbed "Watch out for the Flowers." attach needs to technique the Hila Rao Shrine, i beg your pardon is surrounding by a spiral garden. A woman nearby, Magda, will certainly scold link if that walks on the plants. The second misdemeanor will result in her bursting right into tears. If attach treads ~ above the flowers 3 times, Magda will certainly fly into a rage and beat connect within an customs of his life. The strictness that this Breath that the Wild quest, together Magda"s reactions, has made the mission notorious amongst players. Magda has even been given the nickname "Flowerblight Ganon," after ~ the various other Blight Ganons battled throughout the game.

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A Reddit user by the name Teh_Cactus_Plant uploaded a video showing them ruining the garden throughout the boss fight versus Dark Beast Ganon. Because that this fight, a version of Hyrule field is used with every NPCs, Guardians, and other opponents removed. Since Magda is gone, attach can wreak havoc and also seek revenge without fear of repercussion.

The fan solution has to be overwhelmingly positive, with many of the comment praising Teh_Cactus_Plant for obtaining their revenge. Some commenters joked about how, even throughout the orgasm of the game, link still couldn"t avoid getting distracted. A couple of even asked exactly how they can do this in their very own game. (It requires either hacking or glitching out of the Dark Beast Ganon "arena.") the has also received 9,680 upvotes as of this writing.

It is strange that, in a game full of so countless frustrating mini-games, side quests, and boss fights, a rather innocuous challenge such together Magda"s has actually elicited together a response. To compare to the more esoteric riddles authorize by Kass, Hila Rao Shrine is reasonably straightforward. But "Watch out for the Flowers" has proven chin to it is in memorable. When Breath of the Wild fans nearly unanimously agree that her mission is annoying, the prevalent Breath the the Wild memes mirrors it"s beloved in its very own way. Flowerblight - or Magda, fairly - is the character the players love come hate. This video is simply the latest evidence that her tradition will continue to torment the fandom.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now top top Nintendo Switch and also Wii U.