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The Legend of Zelda: Breath the the Wild is an substantial open-world game on the Nintendo Switch and also Wii U. This guide and also walkthrough will present you everything you need to know from the locations and also solutions for every shrine to recorded Memories, the finest meal in the game, The master Trials DLC and also more.

Qua Raym shrine is located in Eldin Tower region, in the middle of a lava river, ~ above the path to Death Mountain.


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Use a fire arrow (or a regular arrow that you collection on fire) to ruin the crate ~ above the left. Obtain the small key indigenous the treasure chest. Usage the small crucial to open the locked door, providing you access to three huge metal cubes. Use magnesis to take all three metal cubes out, and dump them right into the middle of the room. Use magnesis to placed a large metal block ~ above the range to the left of whereby you entered. Usage magnesis to put a big metal cube close to the stairs. Jump from above the stairs onto metal cube and also onto the scale where you put the very first metal block. Usage magnesis to move another metal block come the the next scale. That’ll background your scale high up right into the air. Revolve around, to walk off and also open the treasure chest because that a knight’s claymore v durability up. Run down and walk on optimal of the scale where you got the endowment chest. Throw a remote bomb at the cracked wall surface next come the scale, and denote it as soon as it’s close. That’ll reveal the exit. Placed one steel cube on the range where the sweetheart chest used to be. When standing there, put the 2 other metal cubes ~ above the various other platform. That’ll outweigh them, lift friend up and let you leave. Walk off, fulfill Qua Raym and collect her spirit orb.