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wickedwonder1Title: Two Ordinary GuysAuthor: Wicked Wonder --
* While I usually denounce the idea of the One True Pairing, these guys express that concept for me: two guys that I can"t see with anyone else but each other. (And believe me, I"ve tried.) Eric and Jack fit so well together, and work so well. How can a television show with shaky continuity, made for kids, produce so slashy characters, I"ll never know? (Could be the Disney thing, I suppose.)First of all, who are these guys?
In one corner, we have Eric Matthews, clocking in at around 5"9", with brown hair and eyes. He"s the oldest child of Amy and Alan, and the older sibling of Cory, Morgan, and Josh. He marches to the beat of his own drum (and that"s putting it nicely). He fancies himself a ladies" man. His personality is extremely goofy, but we sometimes see hints of maturity. He is a kindhearted person when he"s not thinking of himself.On the other hand, there"s Jack Newman/Hunter. He"s around 5"8", and has brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a half brother, Shawn, that he grew up separately from. Before college, he lived with his (rich) step dad and mom. He can be goofy at times too, but on the whole, is much more serious than Eric. He"s sometimes vain, a perfectionist, a recovering gambling addict, but a good guy all the same.These guys met during college, as roommates, and became fast friends, steady Jack to Eric"s zaniness, which leads them to many scrapes. At first glance, looking at them would lead you to believe, "Aw, these guys are just good friends." But, these are friends who do most of their activities together to the exclusion of others. Who both go after the same girl but strangely have an inability to keep her, or any other girl. In fact, you could say that they were dating for years! How about the episode when the gang travels back to W.W.II? In episode 5.06, No Guts, No Cory, Jack is a soldier who carries a picture around of Eric, and explains through the story, "He"s my roommate!" Long before my discovery of HoYay! I thought, wow, they"ve got something else goin" on behind the cameras. In The Eskimo, 5.13, the guys go looking for their soul mates, and end up with girls remarkably close to the other guy"s personality. Even in scenes where they"re not the focus, their obvious chemistry makes this show a pleasure to watch.The guys have a third roommate, Rachel MacGuire. She completes their trio, and dates Jack for around half a season, but not even she can come between the guys. (When I see her, I sometimes cough *hag*, but that"s just me.) Why do Jack and Eric work so well together? They"re truly an odd couple, but they"ve proven that they work well together. Their balance plays out so well, and role reversals are also good with them. Also, neither one of them would stand out as the truly "alpha male"- both of them would be equal partners in the relationship. The way I see it, the emotional closeness they share could easily turn physical between them.How did I become involved in this "ship? In late "01, I discovered fanfic. By "02, I was reading avidly, but not in the Boy Meets World fandom yet- I didn"t know it existed! When I finally learned about, and started looking for different fandoms, I came across Boy Meets World and rejoiced-it was one of my favorite TGIF shows when it was on. So I read pretty indiscriminately, which lead to my first ever fanfic (but that"s another story). One day, I came across a story that promised to be short and depressing. Always a sucker for angst, I read "Hello. I"m Eric Matthews." (You can find it at: It really packed a punch, and even now, two years plus later, I still know the last two lines by heart. ("Hello. I"m Eric Matthews. And you don"t know me.") After reading that, I knew that I had to write a happy ending, and the Food series was born, followed by other stories, and I"ve never gone back to het since. I read, write, and beta E/J stories now, and wow, is it ever fun! Why is this my fandom? Boy Meets World was a show I could majorly identify with, because I was around the same age as the characters, and many of the situations they went though were things I experienced. (Well, outside of the "Shallow Boy" thing.) Also, this holds a special place in my heart because of something that happened in "02. We had a fire in my house. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but sadly, my room (and little else) was destroyed. I was a bitter, bitter person by the summer of "02, and really didn"t have an outlet. Writing fanfiction, especially the first few stories I wrote, gave me a healthy outlet, introduced me to lots of new friends, made me closer to my best friend, and made me sane again, honestly.Why should you follow this fandom? As the title says, these are two ordinary guys. Jack and Eric don"t have powers, destiny, or deep canon to really complicate a first time reader. Plus, your starting points are so varied. You can have the guys meet in 4th season and remain a couple, in seasons 5-7, in between girlfriends, or after the series finale, reconnecting after years of being apart. And also, if you"re into that sort of thing, AU"s work extremely well with this show. (As the writers found out during seasons 4-7.) You can just jump and start reading, too. Plus, with their circle of friends, finding out everyone"s reactions is cool. A lot of people do first-time fics, so if you"re into being a trailblazer, you could travel down the road a little and set the guys up and see what they"re up to in the future.Boy Meets World is truly a rareslash fandom. There are not a lot of us slashers out there, but we"re gaining ground! These are the places that I go for BMW slash. BMW slash (this is a group for, you guessed it, BMW slash. A great place for posting.) Glances (this site features BMW among other shows.) Meets Eric (this is a site for strictly the J/E pairing.), I have an update group, (self pimping) that accepts, nay, encourages people to post stories. if you know of any more places, please tell me! I love to read BMW slash almost more than I love writing it.Fic Recs:Craig-O-Mac"s "What If?" is a short piece, that packs a lot of information into it. When I first read this, I wanted more immediately. And still do."s "In Eric"s Closet" and "Jack Picks Up the Pieces" are the most sad stories ever. I mean it. I was highly depressed, but in a good way. (closet), (pieces)Jackmeetseric"s/Magician"s "Inside The Closet" is another straight to the point story, that makes you laugh. And squirm ever so much in your seat."s "Catching Up" is a one shot that makes you think, "Man, when I grow up, I wanna write like her." one quick note on finding character voices: because the show shifted focus around the 3rd season (turning Eric from the "cool" older brother to somewhat of a goof), Eric"s voice is somewhat hard to find. Being off the wall myself helps me, but I also find it helpful to use the old cliche, thinking outside the box. If you picture everyone in the box, and Eric standing outside it and looking in, it"s a little easier. Also because of screwy continuity, his character got way dumbed down. I find it easier to look at it as, "man who"s immature and goofy, with occasional moments of serious," than, "short bus special."This quote should sum up Eric nicely, I think.Eric: See, duckies are good, cuz not only do they give you that non-threatening sense of security, but you can feed "em crackers and you can ride "em. See, duckies are the horsies of the ocean. No, I mean they are. Cory: Okay, someone explain to me about duckies before I hit him with a spoon. Amy: It"s wallpaper. Topanga: It"s adorable.

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Alan: It"s for your room.Eric: DUCKIES RULE!! Jack"s a little easier IMHO, because he"s so straight-forward. I just take the anal-retentive side of my personality and let loose!