Though Lindsay Ell's debut EP was entitled "Worth the Wait," fans are hoping the the sentiment holds true as soon as her sophomore work, "heart theory" autumn on Aug. 21 after a 3 year pause. The Canadian country singer is already winning an essential acclaim for her new album, and also she's discussed the various experiences that inspired her powerful lyrics. 

Who is Lindsay Ell dating? The artist behind "Waiting top top You" had actually a high profile partnership with a windy figure. 

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The 31-year-old singer has actually been solitary since her connection with radio personality and Dancing v the Stars winner Bobby skeleton ended. The pair started date in 2016, and they split after a year that dating. Prior to they to be a romantic item, Bobby and Lindsay were friends for number of years. 

Lindsay explained to People that "heart theory" is not an album filled v breakup anthems but, rather, it's one centered around tracks about self-reflection. 


"This record is an ext about heart pain in general due to the fact that when girlfriend go with a breakup, it reasons you come look earlier on every the past relationships and notice patterns. It's been an ext of one inner look at of like, OK, Lindsay, what are you law time and time again? and also what is good? What is bad? just how do you present up right? exactly how do girlfriend not show up right?" she said. 

She also confirmed to the outlet the she had actually remained friends v Bobby, in spite their breakup. 

When Lindsay and also Bobby very first began date in 2016, The Bobby Bones show host said that he want to save their connection private. That feared that his reputation and competition involves would protect against radio station from playing Lindsay's music.

"We started dating and also I to be like, 'We probably should think about this before we date due to the fact that it can hurt your career. Various other radio stations, Spotify, they're walking to host it versus you that you’re dating me. Ns don't even know this people but they're walking to host it versus you.' and they did," he said on his radio show, per One Country.

He explained that this at some point put a stress, overload on your romance and also that Lindsay paid a price through her music for dating him.


"There to be at one allude a huge controversy that a terminal in Sacramento wouldn't let her in the building to play due to the fact that she was dating me," that said, hinting at just how Sacramento's KNCI station canceled Lindsay's appearance on the show in June of 2017. "There were many, numerous instances that this continue over and also over again." 

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"It started to placed a tension in our connection to me where I felt it was my fault because she wasn't able to acquire anything going. Her whole life she's make the efforts to make it as an artist. She finally puts out a record and also the record goes #1 and then radio stations anywhere the nation won't play it because she's dating me," he said. "It was weird anxiety that enhanced everything else."

Now that Lindsay and Bobby's partnership is over, there need to be no "weird stress" stand in Lindsay's means for her brand-new album. "heart theory" comes the end on Aug. 21.