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Remember once finding Scott to be the best deal ever on Gossip Girl? and also then he just disappeared? Yeah, weird. Yet at the very least Rufus and Lily finally got married—making Lily a bigamist, but an ext on that later—in the most Brooklyn means ever at the Humphrey loft. Rufus gift the "90s-alt absent god that is, he also gets Sonic Youth"s Kim Gordon come not just perform however officiate the wedding.

The bride wore: If anyone deserve to pull turn off a fancy wedding dress it"s Lily valve der Woodsen bass Humphrey in a ruffled fuchsia gown accessorized with something-blue turquoise drop earrings.


Every soap needs to have their an initial major wedding moment, and the union that Lily and Bart base was it. Sure, the bride looked stunning in a standard A-line strapless gown (early Lily is for this reason not right for Rufus), yet it's Serena's ruffled, high-collar and floral Ralph Lauren couchsurfingcook.commaid dress the stole the show.

It's the classic evening soap trope: "Quick, let's obtain married so girlfriend can't testify versus me!" yet for this couple perpetually grounding in "will-they-or-won't-they" purgatory, killing charges were just the press they needed to say "I do" in central Park. The marriage was made official by the many perfect officiant: Cyrus!


Sure, that tormented you and your friends for virtually a decade, yet why not marry Lonely Boy/Gossip Girl and also give the the fairy tale ending of his dreams? At the very least we got to view Serena"s epos staircase entrance, clad in a gold-embroidered wedding dress, of course, and also Chuck and Blair"s mini-me, Henry (the faux name Chuck assumed after ~ he to be shot, duh).


Chuck and Blair who? our favorite pair to 'ship on GG was Blair's right-hand mrs Dorota and also Vanya. The only legit nice human being on this show, after Cyrus, the course. Dorota's shotgun wedding brings everyone together in a standard "a wedding solves everything" move from the writers of Gossip Girl.

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Two words for you: Aaron Rose. Otherwise, these two were make in opposites-attract heaven. And Blair gains the many wonderful stepfather in the process.