True to their name, Destroyers have actually the most stopping power out the all various other martial artist. Once they have their opponent's attention, they overpower all who stand in their way.

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The Destroyer, a martial arts style much more kin to basic destruction, wields a huge Axe—or two!— to harness the power of the rock Breaker, the Reaper, or the steel Will. Destroyer's capability in being able to move hills with their bare hands provides them the chance to both attack without interference and grant breathtakingly an effective protection to allies with forge Guard.

While this layout of martial art is straightforward and the trip of mastery is quick, the Destroyer's power with simplicity allows them to uncover the opponent's will and break it.


Stone Breaker

A resilient melee fighter qualified of withstanding lot of attacks and shattering the defenses that opponents.

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An uncontrollable force qualified of cut a route through the battlefield and also eradicating anything that stands in that is way.

Axe Grinder

Increases the damages of stole Strike, pair Steel Strike, Reaver, Awakened stole Strike, and Awakened twin Steel Strike

Removes Parry Piercing from steel Strike, pair Steel Strike, Reaver, Awakened stole Strike, and Awakened pair Steel Strike

Will Breaker

Ram and Sledgehammer deal added damage to enemies that are Stunned, Knocked Down, or Dazed

Battle Master

Increases Overwhelm damage

Overwhelm deals added damage to opponents with 4 Rust stacks

Gold Plated

Shield Aura cause a damage Reduction bonus ~ the Resistance result ends

Brightforge cause a damages Reduction bonus once used

Sling Blade

Alters the results of the Wrecker skill

Wrecker deals damage over time to all targets within range

Sends opponents Airborne top top 3 hits

Lead Boots

Immobilizes enemies with 4 Rust stacks as soon as Wrecker hits

Sledgehammer, iron Knee, and Vanquish deal additional damage come Immobilized opponents

Double Header

Allows lamb to be used up come 2 time in a row

The cooldown increases after consecutive uses

Cut come the Chase

Dazes enemies when Hack and also Slash hits

Alters the effect of the Knee skill

Switches Body kick to Drag

Shock and also Awe

Knocks Down enemies when Galvanize hits

Galvanize deals additional damage to enemies that have actually been Knocked down

Changes Body absent to Drag


Increases ceo Defense and also Damage palliation for all party members within selection of Overwhelm

Increases damages Reduction during Hurricane

Giant Killer

Decreases Ironclad and Iron Titan's cooldowns as soon as Wedge hits during Grab

Resets Ironclad and also Iron Titan's as soon as Grab is used versus a huge enemy

Heavy Metal

Increases damages Reduction throughout Ironclad stance

Generates Willpower as soon as Ironclad is used

Increases Boss attack Power during Ironclad stance

Increases assault Power during Ironclad stance

Sundered Steel

Increases damages Reduction during Ironclad stance

Triggers extr damage versus attacking opponents when hit during Ironclad stance

Grants the Armor rest skill

Dazes enemies hit by Armor Break during Ironclad stance