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Downloading and installing Android apps from other sourcesIn enhancement to making use of BlackBerry World and also the Amazon Appstore come download apps and also games, you can likewise get Android apps and games from miscellaneous third-party websites and also mobile sector apps. Most websites and mobile industry apps incorporate an installation button that appears after you download an Android application file. You can likewise install an app file by opened it in the paper Manager app on her BlackBerry device.If girlfriend can"t uncover an app document that you downloaded, you deserve to search for the app name in the file Manager app. Most Android apps encompass the record name expansion .apk. To search for every the Android application files that you downloaded, shot searching the document Manager application for .apk.CAUTION: Apps that you download from sources other than BlackBerry people might not be reviewed by BlackBerry. This apps might pose a hazard to your an equipment and personal data.

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You have to only download apps from reliable sources.While many apps designed because that Android smartphones have the right to be installed and also opened top top BlackBerry devices, part apps might make use of services that room not sustained by BlackBerry 10 OS. BlackBerry 10 OS might additionally replace these solutions with alternating services (such together mapping services).If you don"t desire to expropriate these potential risks and also limitations, you should not download apps native sources various other than BlackBerry World.
Setup and also basicsNew in this releaseIntroducing your BlackBerry smartphoneYour device at a glanceBlackBerry classic keysWhat"s different about the BlackBerry 10 OS?Notification iconsMenu iconsSetting up your deviceUsing gesturesAdvanced interactionsMoving the pointer using her trackpadSelecting text using the trackpadOpen or nearby the text selection menuPersonalizing her deviceDevice SwitchPreparing to move devicesUpdate BBMSee which version of device software is mounted on your previous deviceAbout center cardsUsing your BlackBerry i would to move devicesFind her BlackBerry id on your old deviceSwitching native a machine running BlackBerry an equipment Software 5 or BlackBerry 6Switching from a machine running BlackBerry 7Switching indigenous a BlackBerry 10 deviceSwitching native an iphone or Android deviceTransfer data making use of a Wi-Fi network and also the maker Switch appTransfer data utilizing a media card and the machine Switch appTransfer data utilizing a media cardTransfer data using BlackBerry attach on a computerBack increase your machine dataTransfer contact info utilizing a center cardAfter you switch devicesAdd email and also social networking account to your new deviceDeleting the data on your BlackBerry deviceDownload your apps indigenous BlackBerry WorldTroubleshooting: machine SwitchMy previous device doesn"t finding my new BlackBerry 10 deviceI can"t move my sim card come my brand-new BlackBerry 10 deviceSome that the data from mine previous machine isn"t on my brand-new deviceI can"t carry items making use of my media cardAbout BlackBerry IDSet increase a new BlackBerry IDConfirm your BlackBerry id usernameChange your BlackBerry i would passwordChange your BlackBerry i would informationUsing her BlackBerry id to switch devicesHow do I reset my shed or forgotten BlackBerry identifier password?Phone and also voicePhonePhone iconsMaking and receiving callsMake a callAnswer or decrease a callPut a contact on holdTake notes during a callAnswering calls automaticallyMove a call from your headset to her deviceMove a speak to to BBM VideoSwitch in between your work phone line and an individual phone lineStart a conference callAdd a contact or number to your rate dial listCall waiting, speak to forwarding, and also call blockingHow execute I block calls?Turn ~ above or rotate off contact waitingSet up speak to forwardingPhone optionsChange your default Reply now messagesShow or hide your number top top outgoing callsAdjust the bass and also treble of her callsSet a default area code or nation codeLimit the call numbers the you have the right to callView your call summaryFind your own phone numberTroubleshooting: PhoneI can’t placed a contact on hold to answer an just arrived callNotifications and ringtonesAbout notificationsEdit your notification profilesAdd notification profiles to your deviceAdd a notice profile come your quick settingsChange her ringtoneChange the volume of your notificationsHow perform I revolve off every sounds and also ringtones except for calls?Customize notifications because that a contactCustomize notifications for an appTurn off every alertsChange the an alert settings because that Level 1 alertsView and respond to immediate PreviewsTurn off prompt PreviewsRespond directly to prompt PreviewsAbout Lock display NotificationsTurn off Lock display NotificationsSet your display to rotate on for brand-new notificationsSet Lock screen Notifications to only display the sender infoTroubleshooting: Notifications and also ringtonesMy an equipment doesn"t ring or vibrate as soon as I get a contact or messageMy maker doesn"t display screen Instant PreviewsMy machine doesn"t display screen Lock display screen NotificationsVoicemailSet up your voicemailUsing a intuitive voicemail serviceDeactivate intuitive voicemail on her deviceBlackBerry Hub and emailBlackBerry Hub and emailStaying associated with the BlackBerry HubKeyboard shortcuts: BlackBerry HubSetting up and also managing accountsSet up email or other varieties of account on her deviceSetting up job-related accountsChange account settingsRemove one account from your deviceTroubleshooting: setup up accountsBlackBerry Hub message list iconsViewing and searching messagesNavigate her list that messages and also notificationsView message by account or post typeView filed emailSearch for a messageFilter your find in the BlackBerry HubViewing crucial messages with the BlackBerry Priority HubView attachments sent out to youSend email and also messages indigenous the BlackBerry HubManaging messagesDelete a messageFiling emailFlag a messageManage your messages v BlackBerry Hub instant ActionsMark a blog post as check out or unreadDownload or share a photo from one emailSave a draft emailSecuring her emailUpdate secure email settingsSecure email iconsNavigating the BlackBerry HubCustomizing BlackBerry Hub settingsSet an out-of-office replyAdd a signature to an e-mail accountChange her default email address or calendarDownload only partial text in emailChange how messages are shown in the BlackBerry HubRestrict contact in the BlackBerry HubClear recent call suggestionsChange the bespeak of accounts in the BlackBerry HubChange i m sorry messages show up in the BlackBerry HubSync Microsoft Exchange contact foldersChange choices for message messagesChange advanced settings for text messagesTurn off cell broadcast messagesUpdate your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn status from the BlackBerry HubMake a phone contact from the BlackBerry HubAbout public warning messagesTroubleshooting: BlackBerry Hubjoyn for BlackBerry 10 devicesAbout joynStart a joyn chatCall a joyn contactStart a joyn video shareSend a paper to a joyn contactBlock a joyn contactTurn on joyn when roamingMediaChange the media volumeSupported audio and video file extensions, formats, and codecsTroubleshooting: MediaI can"t open up a media fileCameraCamera iconsTaking picturesTake a pictureTurn on autofocus lockTurn off confront DetectionSet the timer to take it a pictureTake a panoramic picturePeek at the last snapshot or video that friend tookRecording videosSet the video clip sizeTake a photo while recording a videoUsing Time transition modeTake the finest picture possible using Time change modeReplace a person"s expression utilizing Time change modeEdit Time shift pictures laterChange the capture settingsShooting modesScene modesTurn off the Auto indicate featureChanging the camera settingsSave media documents to your integrated media storageSave her original photo along through the HDR versionTurn off video StabilizationGeotag her picturesTroubleshooting: CameraI can"t revolve on the flash or usage the video lightI can"t take it a photo or record a videoI can"t save images or videos to mine media cardI can"t take it a panoramic snapshot that isn"t blurryPicturesPictures iconsZoom in or out on a picturePan a pictureEditing picturesCrop or revolve a pictureEnhance a pictureAdd a filter come a pictureAdd a framework to a pictureAbout automatically storiesChange the setups for automatic storiesEdit an automatic storyTurn off automatic storiesAdd a snapshot to BlackBerry Story MakerHide a picture in the images appView your photos on a mapShare a pictureTake a display screen shot of your deviceOrganizing your pictures and also albumsCreate a photo albumSet how pictures are arranged in albumsMove a snapshot to a different albumRename a pictureRename or delete one albumAdd a picture to the favorites screenSupported picture record extensionsMusicMusic iconsPlaying her musicPlay, pause, or skip a songChange the volume of her musicView details about your musicCreating playlists and organizing her musicCreate a playlistAdd the music that"s currently playing to a playlistEdit or rename a playlistAdd a tune to the favorite screenSet a track as your ring toneTurn on the equalizer in the Music appSet the audio in the Music appView track propertiesTurn on Music ShortcutsPlay her last music selectionTroubleshooting: MusicI can"t open a media fileVideosVideos iconsPlay or pause a videoEditing videosRotate a videoChange the size of a videoEnhance a videoAdd slow movement to a videoAdd filter to a videoAdd a video to BlackBerry Story MakerOrganizing her videos and albumsCreate a video albumMove a video clip to a different albumRename a videoAdd a video to the favorite screenRepeat videosTurn on the equalizer in videosBlackBerry Story MakerAbout BlackBerry Story MakerCreate a story making use of BlackBerry Story MakerEditing stories in BlackBerry Story MakerAdd to or delete media from an existing storyChange the order in i m sorry media shows up in a storyEdit the media supplied in a storyChange the music or titles in a storyChange the theme in a storyDelete a story in BlackBerry Story MakerSave a story in BlackBerry Story MakerChange your BlackBerry Story machine settingsChange her story settingsMedia sharingAbout sharing mediaPlay or view your media file on a DLNA Certified deviceShare your media papers with DLNA Certified devicesFM RadioAbout FM RadioScan for radio stationsManually tune to a radio stationListen to the FM RadioAdd a radio terminal to your FavoritesRemove a radio station from your FavoritesSettingsCustomize your an equipment settingsCustomize your quick SettingsOverview of machine settingsUpdate your an equipment softwareTurn on automatically updates for your maker softwareRestore your maker to its manufacturing facility default setups using BlackBerry LinkBattery and also powerTurn off her deviceCharge your deviceAbout wireless chargingBattery and charging iconsCheck her battery strength levelMonitor the battery life, storage usage, CPU usage, and storage space on her deviceLED and battery notificationsUsing Battery conserving ModeChange your Battery Saving mode settingsTurn off Battery saving ModeHow can I expand battery life?Device and also battery safetyView the safety, warranty, and also privacy information for her deviceConnectionsCheck i m sorry wireless networks your an equipment connects toMonitor your wireless data usageGive your an equipment a nicknameWireless connections iconsChoosing a connectionTurn on plane modeMobile networkConnect to the mobile networkChange the APN settings for your default internet connectionConnect to your VPN automaticallyRoamingManage your mobile data settingsSet a monthly data limit notificationTroubleshooting: mobile networkWi-Fi connectionsConnect come a Wi-Fi networkChange the priority that a conserved Wi-Fi networkDelete a saved Wi-Fi networkDisable or re-enable a conserved Wi-Fi networkWi-Fi network settingsConnect to another maker using Wi-Fi DirectConnect to a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast deviceAdd a VPN profileTroubleshooting: Wi-FiBluetooth connectionsTurn ~ above Bluetooth technologyPair and connect with a Bluetooth permitted deviceWrite her Bluetooth pairing infomation come an NFC tagRename a paired or conserved Bluetooth permitted deviceDisconnect indigenous a combine Bluetooth allowed deviceDelete a saved Bluetooth permitted devicePairing your machine with a carLet your auto kit usage your device"s network credentialsAllowing Bluetooth allowed devices to accessibility your contactsSet just how Bluetooth enabled devices access your accountsAutomatically develop a Bluetooth connection when you turn on her deviceSupported Bluetooth profiles and also servicesTroubleshooting: BluetoothNFCWhat is NFC?Send a document using NFCFind your NFC settingsRemove or reset a default NFC appTroubleshooting: NFCUSB connectionsAccess the papers on your media card from an exterior devicePrevent accessibility to data top top your device while chargingSet a static IP attend to for your USB connectionConnect your maker to a USB deviceConnect your maker to an outside displayTroubleshooting: USB connectionsMobile HotspotSharing your Internet link using mobile Hotspot modeFind her Mobile Hotspot setting settingsDisconnect a maker from her mobile hotspotTroubleshooting: mobile Hotspot modeInternet tetheringSharing her mobile network link using web tetheringTroubleshooting: web tetheringBlackBerry Keyboard and typingUse a key-board shortcut keyPreloaded key-board shortcutsDelete a key-board shortcutCreate or change a keyboard shortcutTyping on the BlackBerry KeyboardType one accented characterType a prize or numberType an uppercase characterKeyboard shortcuts: TypingChange keyboard, input, or inputting settingsType much faster with automated assistance settingsSelect text using the BlackBerry KeyboardCut, copy, and paste textSelecting word suggestions that appear while girlfriend typeSelect a argued wordSpell checkTurn on order checkAccept order suggestionsChange spell check settingsEdit your personal dictionaryCreating custom message shortcutsTurn on indigenous predictionsAdd a brand-new text shortcutClear the learned indigenous listChange or delete a message shortcutTyping using voice dictationLanguageChange your screen languageChange her device"s regional settingsChange her input languageSelect an alternative keyboard layoutChange your voice entry languageKeyboard input methodsTyping in various other languagesTyping in Arabic or FarsiCharacter overview for Arabic or FarsiTyping in ChineseCharacter guide for CangjieCharacter overview for WubihuaCharacter overview for ZhuyinTyping in Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, or SwedishCharacter overview for Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, or SwedishTyping in GreekCharacter guide for GreekTyping in RussianCharacter guide for RussianTyping in HebrewCharacter overview for HebrewTyping in JapaneseCharacter overview for JapaneseTyping in KoreanCharacter overview for KoreanTyping in Latin-based languagesCharacter guide for Latin-based languagesTyping in ThaiCharacter overview for ThaiTyping in VietnameseCharacter guide for VietnameseScreen displayChange your backlightingChange her font sizeSet your wallpaperUse your machine as a flashlightTurn off symbol labels in the action barAccessibilityWhat"s brand-new in accessibilityBlackBerry display ReaderTurn top top the BlackBerry display ReaderTurn top top the BlackBerry screen Reader using device settingsGestures because that the BlackBerry display screen ReaderUsing the BlackBerry display Reader through an outside keyboardTurn ~ above the Dark display screen mode making use of gesturesTurn on Dark display screen mode using maker settingsAdjust the volume, speed, and also pitch utilizing gesturesAdjust the volume, speed, and also pitch using machine settingsAdjust the message or point verbosity making use of gesturesAdjust the message or punctuation verbosity using an equipment settingsUsing audio cues with BlackBerry screen ReaderTurn ~ above audio cues because that the BlackBerry display screen Reader making use of gesturesTurn top top audio cues because that the BlackBerry screen Reader using device settingsTurn on the quiet on Calls setup using gesturesTurn on the quiet on Calls setup using an equipment settingsTurn top top the keyboard Echo setup using gesturesTurn on the key-board Echo setting using an equipment settingsChange BlackBerry display Reader language utilizing gesturesChange the BlackBerry display Reader language using machine settingsStop the BlackBerry display Reader from analysis dialog boxes, tips, and notificationsCustomize your availability settingsTurn top top Magnify modeCustomize the magnification levelTemporarily revolve off Magnify modeTurn ~ above the Reverse comparison featureTurn ~ above the close up door Captions settingTurn ~ above Hearing aid modeTurn ~ above TTY supportMedia cards and storageMoving or copy media files and also documentsUsing a media cardWipe data from your media cardCheck exactly how much storage an are is freeHow carry out I free up warehouse space?Error messages: Media cardUsing your machine with BlackBerry LinkAbout pairing and connecting your machine to a computer system or tabletSet up your computer system with BlackBerry LinkSet up your machine in BlackBerry LinkAbout BlackBerry ID and BlackBerry LinkAbout remote file accessAbout backing up machine dataSet backup preferences in BlackBerry LinkBack increase your machine dataRestore your maker dataAbout updating your machine software through BlackBerry LinkUpdate your maker software with BlackBerry LinkRestore your maker to its factory default settings using BlackBerry LinkTroubleshooting: BlackBerry LinkApplications and featuresOrganizing appsLeave an app or nearby an appMove an app icon or open app around the home screenAdd folders to the house screenMove an application icon out of a folderDeleting appsRename a folderAbout the BlackBerry AssistantOpen the BlackBerry AssistantOpen the BlackBerry Assistant once your machine is linked to a carThings you have the right to do through the BlackBerry AssistantLearn what you deserve to say or type in the BlackBerry AssistantChange your BlackBerry Assistant language settingsTurn off full assistance modeChange your find settingsChange her voice communication settingsCalendarAbout the Calendar appKeyboard shortcuts: Calendar appSubscribe to a publicly calendar on her deviceView your eventsFind email and files linked with one eventCreate an event in the Calendar appAdd a job to the Calendar appHide a calendarChange or delete one eventChange the snooze time for a calendar reminderCreate a follow-up meetingJoin a conference speak to from a conference reminderSave conference call details in the Calendar appAdd WebEx details to an eventSend one "I will be late" messageShare a file with meeting participantsCustomizing Calendar app settingsChange her default calendarEnable conference ModeChange the email address to use through each calendarChange default settings for eventsChange just how your calendar is displayedTroubleshooting: Calendar appContactsAbout the contacts appKeyboard shortcuts: ContactsAdd a contact to the contact appCopy contact to and from your center cardStop immediately merging contactsAdd a contact from the phone call screenImport contact card details to your call listContact viewsChanging contact in the contacts appCreate a call group in the contact appAdd a call to your favoritesContact someoneSet a custom ring tone because that a contactSearch because that a contactFiltering contactsSort your contacts in the contacts appShare a contactTroubleshooting: ContactsClockKeyboard shortcuts: ClockSetting the alarm clockStopwatchTimerWorld clockTurn on bedside modeCustomize her Bedside setting notificationsChange the clock faceAndroid AppsDownloading and installing Android apps from the Amazon AppstoreDownloading and installing Android apps from various other sourcesChange her Android application installation settingsNavigating within an Android appChange the screen size of an Android appMaps and GPSBlackBerry Maps iconsSearch because that a ar or an address on a mapPin a ar on a mapGet directionsSwitch come the map or information view because that turn-by-turn directionsShow or hide trafficMute voice-guided directionsChange your course preferencesRecalculate routesMy placesAdd a ar to the favorite screenAdd your work-related or residence addressView your recent placesClear your current placesView a contact’s attend to on a mapChanging setups for MapsSwitch between kilometers or milesChange default path settingsSwitch in between voice-guided prompts and also tonesTurn on Night ModeChange the map language come localAbout place servicesTurn top top or rotate off place servicesChange ar permissions for appsTurn on or rotate off traffic dataAbout the compassGet a compass readingPoint the compass come true phibìc or come magnetic northTroubleshooting: CompassI"m seeing the interference indicator once I shot to use the compassBrowserBrowsing the InternetKeyboard shortcuts: BrowserGo to a websiteUsing web browser tabsShare a attach or pictureSearch for text on a webpageView webpages in a reader-friendly formatTurn on voice support in leader modeFind files that girlfriend downloadedAdd a website come your house screenSave a webpageChanging your internet browser settingsBookmarks and also browsing historyBookmark a favourite webpageView your browser bookmarksOrganizing her bookmarksView your looking historyBrowsing safelyAbout website certificatesWebsite certificate iconsChange web browser security settingsTurn on personal browsingChange permissions for details websitesTroubleshooting: BrowserSmart TagsScan a QR Code, barcode, or one NFC tagDelete a clever tag from your deviceCreate your very own smart tagFavorite a smart tagShare a clever tagChange a smart tag titleErase smart tag info from an NFC tagFile ManagerViewing filesManaging your filesTransferring filesWorking through zip filesCalculatorSwitch in between a clinical or traditional calculatorConvert a unit of measurementCalculate a tipView her previous calculationsProductivity and workAbout BlackBerry Balance and also your work spaceSwitch between your personal space and work spaceLock your work spaceChange her work space passwordDelete your occupational spaceDoes my device have BlackBerry Balance?How perform I collection up BlackBerry Balance?What content is in mine work room and my personal space?Can i use an individual apps on mine work"s network?Where is my photo that I simply took?What wake up to my maker data if i leave my organization?Troubleshooting: Work space and BlackBerry BalanceRememberCollecting and organizing tasks, notes, and much more with the remember appAdding a folder, job list, or one entry to the mental appCreate a folder or job list in the mental appAdd an entry to the remember appStop synchronizing folders in the mental appRecord a voice note in the mental appSend something to the psychic appChanging a folder, task list, or entry in the remember appDelete a folder, job list, or entry in the psychic appViewing and also searching your entries in the psychic appSearch because that an entrance in the psychic appView remember entries that have actually the exact same tagSort her Remember app entriesChange the default view in the psychic appTroubleshooting: mental appSecurity and backupPasswords and lockingLock or unlock her deviceChange or remove your an equipment passwordHow perform I reset my device password if i forget it?Display text when your device is lockedProtect your center card through a PINAbout smart cardsWhat to carry out if your device is lost or stolenBlackBerry ProtectFinding and protecting a lost deviceSet increase BlackBerry defend on her deviceTroubleshooting: BlackBerry ProtectWiping your machine to delete your machine dataSecurity settingsSetting defense permissions because that appsChange or view application permissionsAbout BlackBerry GuardianUsing Parental ControlsImport a certificate from your computerPassword KeeperTransfer password recordsStore password records in the cloudManage password recordsUse a password record to log in come a websiteCreate a password record by share a web deal with or textChange the Password goalkeeper passwordLock Password KeeperSearch Password KeeperCreate protection questions and also answersScan passwords for defense risksPrevent password and also username copyingHide or show passwords in Password KeeperChange the criteria for generating passwordsLegal notice