This is what you have to know about the Awakening Black Ops 3 DLC troubles that customers are running into after the latest March Black Ops update on Xbox One, PS4 and also PC.

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Tright here are some Awakening Black Ops DLC difficulties and some concerns tied to the update that you need to know about.

Treyarch and also Activision ceded a significant update to the PS4, Xbox One and also PC this week containing many fixes, alters and also upgrades to the game. Along with all these transforms came 4 new maps and a brand-new Zombies suffer.

Even if you didn’t buy the Awakening Babsence Ops 3 DLC, you still need to downpack this update that puts the maps on your gadget. This can pressure you to delete a game or press you to the brink of buying a brand-new hard drive for your PS4, Xbox One or PC.

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What you have to recognize around Awakening Black Ops 3 difficulties.

Here is a look at the Awakening Black Ops 3 DLC troubles, fixes for some of the worries and also what you must know around reporting issues, plus what to mean from the next upday.

Awakening Black Ops DLC Problems

Right after the Black Ops 3 upday went live we heard from gamers who ran right into connection issues and matchmaking countdvery own concerns. This appears to be addressed now, but tbelow are still some problems via the Awakening DLC.

One of the best Awakening Babsence Ops 3 DLC problems we are seeing is that people cannot discover or download the maps. Other customers are having actually troubles accessing them on two PS4 units.

With the Xbox One Babsence Ops 3 DLC release we heard create some individuals who can not access Der Esiendrache, yet had the multiplayer maps.

Some customers likewise report that they cannot include clan tags still on PS4, odd hitmarker issues and license concerns with brand-new maps.

Awakening Babsence Ops 3 Glitches

Tbelow are a number of Awakening Black Ops 3 glitches in the maps. Even after a month tbelow are still some glitches and exploits that gamers can usage.

The video above reflects the Awakening DLC Splash Glitch that allows a gamer to gain out of the map, also after the latest Babsence Ops 3 update.

Another video mirrors a skies tearing glitch in Skyjacked that substantially effects gameplay, yet doesn’t provide someone an edge choose the glitch over.

The great news is that there are fewer exploits and glitches, but they are still tright here.

Fix Awakening Babsence Ops 3 Problems

Tright here are some things you have to try to deal with these Awakening Black Ops 3 DLC troubles. The initially point to attempt is refounding Black Ops 3 on your PS4, Xbox One or PC. To do this, go to the major screen, push food selection and also pick to close the application on PS4. On the Xbox One go to the main screen, press your menu switch and choose quit.


If they persist, you must turn theXbox One or PS4 entirely off and then start it up again. This have the right to fix worries through not seeing the DLC maps in the Black Ops 3 save choice.

You should also make sure you follow the right actions to download the Awakening Black Ops 3 DLC.

Anvarious other thing that Activision assistance suggests is to clear the cache on the PS4. To perform this simply usage the Turn off PS4 choice and leave the console powered off for at leastern 20 secs.

Wbelow to Report Awakening Black Ops 3 Problems

We always view troubles via updates and new content for games, due in component to the nature of solving many points and also including new content to a game.


If you suffer any Awakening Black Ops 3 difficulties you have to report them to Treyarch and Activision.

The ideal way to execute this is to share a thorough description of the issue or video making use of the Black Ops 3 bug report create. Here is even more information on what is beneficial to the team.

Leaving a rude reply to David Vonderhaar or other developers is not valuable to acquiring your worry the attention it might need.

What’s Next for Awakening Babsence Ops 3 DLC & March Black Ops Updates

It is apparent that tright here are some problems with the March Babsence Ops 3 update and via the Awakening Babsence Ops DLC maps, but not as many as with the PS4 rollout.

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Expect some hotfixes to resolve some Awakening Babsence Ops 3 troubles.

Treyarch will certainly absorb the feedago that users provide and occupational on fixes for these concerns. We will certainly most likely watch an additional major March Black Ops 3 update this month, but we will certainly more than likely view additional hotfix updays for exploits on these maps and also various other concerns prior to a substantial upday.

Hotsolve updays are not constantly feasible, which is why some of these transforms arrived in the continuous upday instead of a small patch.

Skyjacked Black Ops 3 Map Video & Details

The Skyjacked Babsence Ops 3 map is among the remakes of a well-known map from previously Call of Duty games. Skyjacked is a reimaginign of the map Hijacked from Black Ops 2. Although this is not completely new, tright here are many alters to the map to enable the brand-new motion alternatives that Black Ops 3 delivers.

In the teaser for Awakening DLC, Dan Bunting, Game Director ofMultiplayer at Treyarch tells us that this is the map that he is the majority of excited about in the initially set of Black OPs 3 DLC. It is, "quick, frentic and chaotic." according to Bunting.

The video over mirrors off a ptestimonial of the Skyjacked Babsence Ops 3 map via multiple vantage points of the map, that display off the cover, some of the lanes and the multi-level style.

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Tright here are many type of places to wallrun on Skyjacked and also the pevaluation provides a nice means to get an early look ahead of the complete release and also various other public previews.