A few years ago, Korean MMO Black Desert Online made a splash in the video game people not because of especially outstanding gameplay footage, however bereason of its especially superior character creator.

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At the time, it was much and also away the coolest looking character creator on the industry, able to render gorgeous models via supposedly ultra-intense levels of customization. I think a few various other creators have actually rivaled it since its debut (EVE Online’s pertains to mind), yet it’s still pretty wonderful looking.

And now it have the right to be yours, for totally free.

Developer Pearl Abyss has made the character creator available as a standalone downpack that you can obtain for yourself ideal here. I’ve been messing around via it all morning, as I was hoping it would answer the majority of my prayers for what I’ve understood “Character Creator: The Video Game,” something that exists pucount as a customization tool for artistic expression.

While Babsence Desert Online’s creator isn’t rather at the level of what I was envisioning, it’s pretty solid all the very same, and it’s possible to create some beautiful (and also ugly, if you like) character models without having actually to bother via you understand, actually playing an MMO.

Presumably the allude of this release is to gain people hooked on the creator and then wanting to view their developed characters in the game itself. I really doubt that will happen via me, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to fill up all my development slots all the same.

In the creator, your personalities sex and also even basic appearance is based upon their class alone. This is unchoose the majority of games where you deserve to have actually any type of gender/race be any class, and also there’s probably lore behind this I don’t understand around. Whatever before, since this is simply a creator, I mean all that doesn’t really matter.

What I did uncover interesting was the relative similarity among the custom faces, which I’m not really offered to playing a lot of western games. For the Warrior course, for instance, all the preset encounters will look choose a buff chiseled white dude that resembles a cross in between an Amerideserve to Gladiator and also Gaston from Beauty and also the Beast. For the female Ranger class it’s difficult to make your character not look choose a gorgeous K-pop star. Most of my developments finish up looking favor Kristin Kreuk (though I"m not complaining). I mean this is the audience.

Once you really dig into customization, you deserve to start veering amethod from these presets, but it’s a fine line in between “excellent looking” and “monster” at times. The scaling mechanism that permits you to tweak miscellaneous “zone” on the confront, hair and also body is an excellent method to morph pretty much all elements of your character. And as this is a fantasy RPG, you deserve to begin doing all sorts of crazy stuff favor providing your character glowing, star-shaped pupils.

I wish that you were able to custom equip them via a broad range of armor and equipment, fairly than a handful of precollection outfits the game shows you. I also wish that as soon as you completed your development, you were able to go earlier and edit it aacquire, as you can’t. I advise you to conserve your design, quite than the character, which will enable you better tweaks.

This isn’t perhaps fairly as mind-blowing as I believed it was years ago once this creator initially debuted, but it’s pretty fun all the same if you’re a fan of artistic character style like I am. It’s not exactly Character Creator: The Video Game in the complete feeling of what I wanted, yet it’s not a poor start either. Try it out for yourself.

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