A couple of years ago, oriental MMO black color Desert Online made a splash in the video game human being not because of specifically impressive gameplay footage, but since of its particularly impressive personality creator.

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At the time, it was far and away the coolest looking character creator top top the market, able to render gorgeous models with apparently ultra-intense level of customization. Ns think a couple of other creators have actually rivaled it due to the fact that its debut (EVE Online’s involves mind), yet it’s still pretty an excellent looking.

And now it deserve to be yours, because that free.

Developer Pearl Abyss has made the personality creator easily accessible as a standalone download the you can obtain for yourself right here. I’ve to be messing about with it all morning, together I to be hoping it would answer a most my prayers because that what I’ve deemed “Character Creator: The Game,” something the exists purely together a customization tool for creative expression.

While Black Desert Online’s creator isn’t fairly at the level of what i was envisioning, that pretty solid every the same, and it’s possible to produce some beautiful (and ugly, if friend like) personality models without having actually to bother with you know, actually play an MMO.

Presumably the allude of this release is to get world hooked ~ above the creator and also then wanting to watch their created characters in the video game itself. I really doubt the will occur with me, however I’ll be damned if I’m not going to to fill up every my production slots every the same.

In the creator, your characters gender and also even basic appearance is based on their course alone. This is unlike most gamings where you deserve to have any type of gender/race be any type of class, and there’s more than likely lore behind this ns don’t know about. Whatever, since this is just a creator, I expect all that doesn’t yes, really matter.

What ns did uncover interesting was the loved one similarity among the practice faces, i beg your pardon I’m no really provided to playing most western games. For the Warrior class, because that example, every the preset faces will look favor a buff chiseled white dude the resembles a cross in between an American Gladiator and also Gaston indigenous Beauty and also the Beast. Because that the female Ranger course it’s difficult to make your character not look prefer a gorgeous K-pop star. Many of mine creations end up looking choose Kristin Kreuk (though I"m no complaining). I expect this is the audience.

Once you yes, really dig into customization, you deserve to start veering away from these presets, yet it’s a well line in between “good looking” and also “monster” in ~ times. The scaling device that allows you to tweak miscellaneous “zone” ~ above the face, hair and body is a an excellent way to morph pretty lot all elements of your character. And also as this is a fantasy RPG, you can start doing all sorts of crazy stuff like giving your personality glowing, star-shaped pupils.

I wish the you to be able to custom equip them v a wide selection of armor and also gear, quite than a grasp of preset outfits the video game shows you. I additionally wish that as soon as you completed her creation, you to be able come go ago and modify it again, as you can’t. I advise you to save your design, rather than the character, i beg your pardon will permit you further tweaks.

This isn’t maybe quite together mind-blowing as I believed it to be years back when this creator an initial debuted, but it’s pretty funny all the very same if you’re a pan of an innovative character design like ns am. That not specifically Character Creator: The game in the full sense of what i wanted, however it’s no a bad start either. Try it out for yourself.

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