PRIME CUT: Actress Tawny Cypush and also husband also Thomas Dillon (above) lured her ex, Bill Charles, to a beating at Brooklyn’s Cheeburger Cheeburger, according to Charles’ lawsuit.Getty Images
PRIME CUT: Actress Tawny Cypush and husband also Thomas Dillon (far left) lured her ex, Bill Charles (inset), to a beating at Brooklyn’s Cheeburger Cheeburger, according to Charles’ lawsuit. ()

A sexy star of the sci-fi TV drama “Heroes” provided her 12-year-old son to tempt her ex-husband also to a Brooklyn burger joint, wright here her present spousage attacked him — and then the two had him tossed in jail, the angered ex claims in a $1 million lawsuit versus the couple.

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Tawny Cypress, 36, that depicted the art dealer Simone Deveaux in the defunct NBC series, convinced their kid, Dexter, to ask his dad, Bill Charles, to satisfy at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Park Slope on June 6, the Brooklyn Supreme Court suit alleges.

But when he gained tright here, Cypress’ husband, Thomas Dillon, was “lying in wait” and assaulted Charles with a “hard object,” knocking him to the ground and also leaving him through a concussion, Charles claims in court records.

“I seriously might have actually been killed,” photo agent Charles, 58, told The Article external his Brooklyn house yesterday. “For my kid to have actually saw that — it’s a disastrous point.”

He alleges Dillon and Cypush then “fabricated” a series of events and also told cops Charles had actually assaulted his son, the suit alleges.

Meanwhile, cops and prosecutors say what taken place was an entirely different story and also Charles was the aggressor — and threw him in jail for 6 nights. He was slapped through several charges, consisting of third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a kid, court records display.

Prosecutors in Brooklyn say Charles allegedly “slammed his head and also body into a window, threw to the floor . . . sat on height of and also repeatedly” hit him, according to the criminal complaint.

Cheeburger Cheeburger co-owner Nitin Yadav said Charles hosted his kid “against the wall . . . I observed the boy on the ground. People in the restaurant tried to conserve the kid. He was screaming, ‘Assistance me! Help me!’”

Police resources sassist Charles showed up to be intoxicated and also agitated throughout the incident.

Because the event, there has been a protection order against Charles, that previously had actually joint custody of the boy via Cypress.

“My client hasn’t viewed his son in seven months,” said Charles’ lawyer, Robert Feldmale. “That was the function of the totality thing: Tawny wanted to deprive Bill of the custody and also the firm of their son.

“The relatively minor charges against my client are simply a distraction from the attempted murder that Thomas Dillon committed versus my client.”

He added, “Tommy Dillon hit my client via what showed up to be a cellphone incredibly difficult, resulting in serious physical injuries.”

Cypress, 36, was married to Charles from 2000 to 2004.

“I hate this,” a teary-eyed Cypress told The Post yesterday. “The lawsuit is completely without merit; it’s completely without merit.

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“This is all about a 12-year-old kid and nobody important enough to create about,” she included before slamming the door of her Brooklyn residence. Dillon can not be got to for comment yesterday.