Stacy Chimento, MD, is a board-certified Dermatologist at this time residing in just Harbor Islands, FL. She has been trained in general medical, surgical and also cosmetic dermatology and also holds an specialization in acne, rosacea, human body contouring, laser rejuvenation and injectable aesthetic treatments

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What anyone go (or doesn"t do) with their pubic hair tends to bepersonal—down to the products you use. Since erogenous zones room delicate and also sensitive, they"re prone to every one of the undesirable side results of utilizing improper devices such together a too-dull razor or the wrong sort of cut cream. And nobody desires shallow cuts or razor burn. Much like with any type of other part of her body, you need the ideal items to care for your pubic area.

Here room the ideal products to aid groom your pubic area.


A long-beloved product with an unnecessary sex designation, Panasonic"s Bikini Shaper & Trimmer for ladies is a safe entry into electric pubic hair shaving. It deserve to be supplied wet or dry, has actually multiple position settings, and also was designed for usage on the many sensitive that skin. Tiny enough to take traveling, it"s cordless and battery-operated, so girlfriend don"t need to worry about buying razors because that travel. Contained cleaning attachments expand the life that the product, and prevent your razor from interfering through your shave.


For the heavy-duty shavers, there"s no far better than Braun"s epilator, i beg your pardon pulls the end hair quite than trims it. It"s supposed for every over, so you will more than likely want to test it the end on various other body parts before moving to your pubic regions. According to reviewers, this an equipment hurts a bit, and does take it some obtaining used to. However, it"s not exceptionally painful, and also the same reviews say that the fully smooth an outcome is entirely worth it.

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No matter how hard you try, or just how diligent girlfriend are, occasionally pesky ingrown hairs do pop up. For this, on any component of your body, there"s Malin + Goetz"s structure Hair Cream. A mixture of botanicals, reparative ingredients, and gentle exfoliants, it"s simply gentle enough for use on your pubic area, and effective sufficient that you can use it all over else, too.