On Big Brother, you have your first-place winner and also a preferred runner-up. Both room voted on by jury members and, any kind of player who provides it come the final two is guarantee a check. The course, if friend win first place, that check is significantly bigger 보다 the one you'd earn in second. But there's no 3rd place ~ above Big Brother.

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Instead, the other players can hope they victory the title of America's favorite Houseguest.

Unlike the first- and also second-place winners ~ above Big Brother, America's favorite Houseguest is preferred by viewers. Fans can vote for your favorite player and, ~ above finale night, he or she is awarded a pretty $25,000 check. It's no a bad deal, yet it does leave the an option up to viewers rather of to the other players.


At the finish of every season, Big Brother fans poll for that they think should win America's favourite Houseguest. It could be around the player's game in the show or also a fan's an individual feelings regarding that houseguest.

It's the one prize that isn't in the hand of jury members and, even though it isn't precious as lot as the an initial or 2nd place awards, it's quiet a nice financial prize.

Toward the finish of every season, CBS update its Big Brother website to include a location to poll for your favorite houseguest. Fans have the possibility to poll online as much as 10 times per day up until the morning prior to the season finale.

They can use all 10 votes on one player or divide them amongst a couple of of your favorites. Yet every player, consisting of those that were voted out of the home in the first few weeks, space eligible to success America's favorite Houseguest.

Ok this one took off an ext than the rather so simply remember to vote Tiffany Mitchell because that America's favourite Houseguest! #BB23 pic.twitter.com/s4N3Ngo0vp

— Tiffany Mitchell for AFH | liven Bi | 💛🐝 (

'Big Brother' fans want to know if the prize because that America's favourite Houseguest rises in Season 23.

In Big Brother Season 23, the compensation money went up. It was a first for the franchise, yet the grand prize boosted from $500,000 to $750,000. The still isn't the cool million some fans have actually been hoping for, but hey, it's a start.

What walk that typical for the America's favorite Houseguest prize? best now, nothing. As it stands, the single winner that America's favorite Houseguest vote still it s okay $25,000.

Even though it seems choose the winner that Big Brother should be freed from win America's favourite Houseguest too, that isn't the case. Any kind of player indigenous an active season is standard to win the prize.

Most fans are less likely to poll for someone who seems favor they're walk to win the season, but it might still happen. And also that goes for second-place winners too.

I desire to offer Claire the world. Yet I can’t do that so I’ll need to settle for her winning America’s favorite Houseguest. Kthanks bye.

In Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Season 1, Ross Mathews not just won 2nd place, but he also walked home with the to win votes for favourite player. And also Season 20 runner-up Tyler Crispen also won America's favourite Houseguest. It's rare, however it go happen.

Unlike mostly every little thing else that determines the fate of Big Brother houseguests, America's favourite Houseguest is in the hand of viewers alone.

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Watch Big Brother on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST top top CBS.

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