Before Tanisha that The poor Girls Club, Nene Leakes of The real Housewives that Atlanta, or Love and Hip Hop’s own Cardi B, there was Tiffany Pollard. She’s the elusive face behind staple mim on Twitter and the godmother that virality as we know it. With her larger-than-life personality, she’s do her means from the TV screen into the mind of society media customers everywhere. And also you’ve most likely used a Tiffany Pollard GIF without even thinking around its origins. 

2006’s Flavor that Love was among VH1’s an initial modern takes on truth television and also dating shows. Contestants completed for a chance at love through Public Enemy’s Flava Flav and attended ceremonies come secure a yellow clock at the end of every episode. Within the show’s first couple of episodes, Pollard, aka brand-new York, had taken her ar in the spotlight. She secured a the majority of camera time, and also clips of her segments have actually gone viral. Viewers couldn’t acquire enough. Based upon how exciting she was as a personality, she finished up through her very own spin-offs: I Love new York, New York Goes come Hollywood, and New York Goes come Work on VH1.

Pollard later showed up on Celebrity large Brother, Family treatment with Dr. Jenn, and hosted the happy dating show The Ex as well as the digital series Brunch v Tiffany. Once the internet got a host of this priceless moments, clips of Pollard took off in a huge way. Here’s what you need to know around Tiffany Pollard and also her increase to web icon. 

The finest Tiffany Pollard moments

1) Beyoncé?!

What started as an dispute over a surprise jacket on Flavor the Love led to one the the many sting-inducing clapbacks to grace truth television. “You guys are just jealous because every one of my friend that recognize me call me that ns remind castle of Beyoncé,” said Hottie, one houseguest accused that thievery, sending out the home into a bout that chaotic conflict. After ~ the various other roommates reamed through laughter, Pollard stepped up to balance out Hottie’s claims of likeness come Queen Bey.

“Are you the end of her fucking mind?” Pollard says, “Beyoncé, i’m so sorry an ugly ass bitch would even say something favor that. Are you fucking insane? Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé, you recognize who you really like? friend fucking look favor Luther Vandross,” she continued. 

2) brand-new York top top a Bed

Following the show, Google searches because that Pollard hit optimal popularity as of December 2007. She didn’t do her way to social media relevance, however, until around 2015. The iconic photo of brand-new York sitting on a bed v sunglasses circulated ~ Twitter users started using the picture with relatable captions, follow to Know her Meme. Soon after its spread out on Twitter, BuzzFeed described it as the “Only image You require This Summer.” In a current interview through BuzzFeed writer Michael Blackmon, Pollard stated she love the picture “because it’s choose everybody has actually used it or seen it, however y’all don’t recognize what to be on my mind.”


Unlike various other television stars who popularity has actually fleeted, Pollard has transformed she 15 minutes of fame into a fortune by being herself. Beyond anything else, she relatability is what has enabled her come transcend. Her weight together a cultural icon has even earned her a museum exhibit dedicated come her optimal moments.

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Tiffany Pollard GIFs

Tiffany Pollard reaction mim have end up being a language the their own on society media. A picture of Pollard can easily convey annoyance, and a GIF that a wide-eyed Pollard deserve to be supplied to express your love for Beyoncé.

Here space a couple of of the most popular Tiffany Pollard reaction mim you may have seen throughout the internet:

1) Pollard rubbing her temples and also looking exasperated

T. Kyle/Giphy

2) Pollard smiling and nodding—while stop a knife nearby to she face

T. Kyle/Giphy

3) some moments aren’t worth your time, as presented here

T. Kyle/Giphy

Tiffany Pollard memes

Pollard GIFs and memes occupational for a number of situations—whether she mimics your own reactions or you’re trying to find a means to effectively convey disgust, annoyance, frustration, elation, and more. Pretty much anything but a total lack of confidence.

T. Kyle/Giphy

She can catch in a single expression the nameless emotion that accompanies unit volume such as “I cannot.”

fvck_off/Twitter fvck_off/Twitter

Plus, there’s a Tiffany because that every sign.

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Nana Jibril/Twitter

But for an ext than your hilarious applications, Pollard’s melodramatic antics assisted her earn a special location in our hearts. Gift true to herself, she created a lifetime of notability. She candid heart was a breakthrough because she offered a transparency every week that historic celebrity had actually never allowed. What you view is what you acquire with Pollard. So, in the period of society media where real and fake are frequently pooled together, she’s refreshing.

If there’s an web hall of fame, Pollard deserves a shrine of dedication. And frankly, as lengthy as memes room around, so will certainly be Tiffany Pollard. For a generation of users whose feeling of meme use is encyclopedia-like, well that’s a an excellent thing. Due to the fact that if you look just hard enough, there’s a little Tiffany Pollard in every one of us.