To attain an optimal ride, you want the ideal shocks because that Dodge ram 1500 2WD trucks. We review the height 7 alternatives for your pickup.
SENSEN 5010 former or rear Struts Compatible v 1994-2001 Dodge lamb 1500/2500 2WD inspect Latest Price
Bilstein 5100 series Shock Kit for Dodge lamb 1500 4WD 2009-14 - contains Front ride Height... examine Latest Price
Rancho RS999297 RS9000XL series Shock check Latest Price

The Dodge ram 1500 truck has been an American staple because 1993, with numerous generations to pick from. To do it even better, it’s wise to download heavy-duty shocks for Dodge ram 1500 trucks. However, that not constantly easy to uncover the right fit for her pickup. It is why we placed together a complete guide come the ideal shocks for Dodge lamb 1500 2WD models.

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Whether you have a 2012 lamb 1500 lifted pickup or you require 2004 Dodge lamb 1500 shocks, we’ve gained the top selections for you. Stop look in ~ what the shocks do, just how to discover the best set and how to install lamb shocks.


Table that Contents

7 finest Shocks because that Dodge lamb 1500 2WD: purchase GuideBest Dodge ram 1500 Shocks ReviewsWhat types of Dodge ram 2WD Shocks Exist?FAQ

What are Dodge ram 1500 Shocks?

Shock absorbers are part of the truck’s suspension system. This an important component has actually several purposes, one of which is to control the activity of the springs. Without the shocks operating at exceptional levels, the suspension device could become damaged, and also the ride i do not care harsh.

Any time that the managing of the truck is thrown off, you put yourself in risk of gaining into an accident. However, merely upgrading the shocks on your Dodge lamb can change the entirety ride and also ensure your safety when again.

Benefits of Upgrading Shocks on Dodge ram 1500

There room three main benefits to adding brand-new shocks come the prior of her truck or performing a lamb 1500 rear suspension upgrade.

Safety: Steering is more secure with high-quality shocks, to add the load control is less complicated to manage.Stability: as whole handling increases, ensuring the journey doesn’t need too much effort.Comfort: since the van doesn’t bounce everywhere the road, you deserve to enjoy the drive more.

If you have damaged or worn-out shocks, you must replace them for safety. However, you can additionally upgrade her stock evade shocks for a much better quality if you want to more enhance the ride.

Source: Collins Dictionary

Choosing the Dodge ram Shock by control Style

Determining the finest Ram 1500 suspension upgrade relies on identify what your driving format is. While there is some adaptability with this suggestions, this is a handy guide to remember.

Lifted Trucks: Monotube shocks market the best support.Towing/Hauling: Coilover shocks have the right to handle the extr weight and also pressure.Trail/Off-Road Driving: v monotube shocks, friend get much better heat dissipation.Highway Travel: Twin-tube shocks room the most inexpensive option for this type of driving.

If you participate in many activities, such together commuting and also off-roading, girlfriend will want to pick the ram shocks that you need most often.

7 best Shocks because that Dodge lamb 1500 2WD: buying Guide

Vehicle Compatibility

It would make no sense for you to look at 2007 Dodge ram 1500 lifted shocks if you have a 2019 ram stock truck. You must pick the suitable replacement based upon the year, make and also model you drive. Plus, you will require different shocks for her 2WD ram versus the 4WD models.

Lifted Requirements

Your 2013 ram 1500 lifted truck requires various shocks 보다 the stock model. If you add any elevation to the truck, you want to determine which model is going to fit the elevation the best. Only pick shocks that occupational with your suspension.

Shock Type/Diameter

You have a selection of shock species to choose from. We will look closer at these later, but it’s additionally important to advice the diameter. If girlfriend choose huge shocks, you get a pair with an ext fluid or gas within the tube. This architecture keeps the shocks cooler, which rises performance.


Will you be able to install the new Ram shocks, or will certainly you should hire a professional? read through the customer reviews to recognize if replacement is a DIY job.

Durable Construction

You can pick cheap lamb shocks, however you won’t gain a quality pair. Instead, you want something that’s going to be long lasting to avoid on-road difficulties later. Don’t ever sacrifice top quality to conserve a buck. It’s just not precious it.

Best Dodge ram 1500 Shocks Reviews

1. KYB KG54342 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock Review


This behind monotube shock absorber fits a range of Dodge ram trucks. It’s considered an OEM replacement, i m sorry is what keeps the expense down. While you no going to accomplish much much more performance than with your share shocks, these space a great replacement as soon as your currently suspension is beat.

The monotube shock comes through two working chambers. The first one hold an air-free hydraulic piston combined with a valve for finish control and also responsiveness. Within the second chamber, over there is a floating piston and high-pressure nitrogen gas. With the 2 chambers functioning together, all road trips become an ext comfortable.

Your pickup requires a shock it is going to take care of the little and large jobs. Thankfully, this monotube shock has actually your back, even if that doesn’t offer an upgraded performance. We recommend this choice for truck owner that desire a hard replacement without breaking the bank.


Fits 2002-2019 lamb 1500MonotubeStroke Length: 9.84”Compressed Length: 15.94”Extended Length: 25.78”Includes incorporated extended bumper stopOEM replacement
OEM replacementDoesn’t upgrade performance over factory
Reasonable price
Unique construction for a smooth ride
Highly rated

2. Bilstein 24-186087 4600 collection Shock absorber Review


You probably recognize the Bilstein name. This firm is among the top choices when it pertains to shocks, suspension parts, brakes and also more. Due to the fact that of that alone, you know you have the right to trust these ram shocks to provide the performance you seek.

These rear Dodge ram shocks provide the mono-tube gas pressure modern technology that keeps your truck driving its best. The oil continues to be in the absorber, even under pressure, come ensure there is no foaming activity when the temperature rises. Even when you are towing or hauling hefty equipment, these lamb shocks offer you the damping strength you crave.

While that fits a variety of trucks, girlfriend can’t usage this for her 2006 Dodge ram 1500 lifted pickup due to the fact that it is just meant because that stock heights. However, the Bilstein name will never ever let you down. Just look at the impressive customer reviews. V that in mind, you will spend much more to gain anything with Bilstein top top it, and also these shocks room no exception.


Fits 2003-2012 ram 1500MonotubeStroke Length: 9.84”Compressed Length: 16.96”Extended Length: 27.48”Velocity perceptible digressive pistonLifetime warranty
Well-known brandNot meant for lifted trucks
Includes life time warrantyHigher price
Specially created for performance
Superior damping under loads


Fox is one more trusted name for shocks, mainly concentrated on racing performance. This performance set of rear shocks doesn’t just work on more recent Ram models but also the previously generations. It can additionally be used as a set of 1998 Dodge lamb 1500 lifted shocks due to the fact that it works v vehicles comprise a 0-1.5” lift.

Most enthusiasts usage these shocks as a means to enhance performance. Probably it’s since of the smooth driving the offers and complete control. The 2-inch diameter an unified with a long lasting aluminum body renders this a top choice for heavy-duty applications. It likewise comes v a chrome-plated heat-treated alloy column for durability.

The interior floating pistons help dissipate heat rapid for much better performance. The valving additionally ensures the finest on- or off-road performance. Through the redundant three-seal fill system, you recognize that every one of the seals are secure, including the scraper seal, wiper seal and main seal.

While the surroundings of these shocks is simple, there is a significant downfall. The price is far above most other shocks, resulting in you to spend an ext than you would have thought. However, as soon as you want the best, yes no price you can put ~ above that.


Fits 1994-2019 lamb 1500MonotubeStroke Length: 9.60”Compressed Length: 16.25”Extended Length: 25.85”Internal Floating PistonVehicle-specific valving
Meant for extreme performanceExpensive
Works with a tiny lift kit
Increased on- and also off-road handling
Solid construction

4. Monroe 58637 Load change Shock absorb Review


Monroe is one more trusted brand for ram suspension parts. These gas-generated shocks are an excellent in all weather conditions. V the finish valving and also fluon-banded piston, you space going come get far better performance than you expected.

Plus, the heavy gauge feather helps girlfriend maintain much more control, also when the terrain it s okay rough. If you take her truck off-road, girlfriend won’t have to worry around damage due to the fact that Monroe shocks space meant to last.

What’s most necessary is the an easy installation. The won’t take much initiative to acquire these shocks put on your lamb truck. If you placed these shocks top top yourself, you can save you yourself a many money. However, some users have complained around road noise. While it doesn’t seem to be overwhelmingly loud, that something to keep in mind.


Fits 2002-2019 ram 1500MonotubeStroke Length: 8.875”Compressed Length: 16.875”Extended Length: 25.750”Load-adjustingFull displaced valving
High-performanceIncreases roadway noise
Durable construction
Smooth function
Offers finish control

reduce SAG UNDER pack -- appropriate for periodically hauling or towing varying loads; heavy gauge, calibrated coil spring reduces sag as soon as loaded approximately 1,200 lbs. (capacity minimal by suspension, tires and transmission; see owner\"s manual)EXCEPTIONAL taking care of -- Tuned particularly for every application, full-displaced valving immediately adjusts to roadway extremes to carry out ride consistencyCONSISTENT drive -- OE all-weather fluid contains special modifiers to handle too much temperatures and also PTFE-banded piston helps reduce friction between the piston and also pressure pipe to boost responsiveness to an altering road surfacesLONGER organization LIFE -- Self-lubricating fluid seal retains gas and also reduces too much friction against the piston rod to aid reduce premature wear if heavy-duty nitrocarburized stick delivers long lifeIMPROVES power -- Nitrogen gas-charge maintains tire-to-road contact for boosted ride and also handling by to reduce aeration and also shock fade

5. SENSEN 5010 Review


You can acquire a complete set of Dodge ram shocks for less than you meant with this option from SENSEN. Even though the price is minimal, you are still getting shocks that room made from premium materials for a long life. They are even rust-resistant, so you don’t need to worry around going v the mud and water.

The lightweight shocks are part of a complete installation kit. The company also ensures that these shocks room safe and also offer plenty of power for the daily driver in spite of saving money ~ above the cost. As soon as you replace your worn-out shocks v this batch, you deserve to expect amplified control and comfort.

Additionally, customers haven’t noticed any type of road noise indigenous the shocks, i beg your pardon is a common complaint even with luxury shocks. Together an OEM-replacement, friend can’t discover anything better. Simply do yourself a favor and read with the client reviews and also compatibility carefully. Some users discovered that they weren’t a perfect fit, which have the right to be avoided if you do a little more research.


Fits 1994-2001 lamb 1500Twin-tubeComplete setLifetime warranty
OEM replacementDoesn’t rise performance
Low costMight not fit properly
Lifetime guarantee included

6. Bilstein 5100 collection Shock Kit Review


If friend are looking for a high-performance collection of shock absorbers from Bilstein, this kit i will not ~ disappoint. The height-adjustable cover provides the best an innovation for a smooth ride. The former coilover style fully supports your huge truck, also in extreme conditions.

Of course, Bilstein is ideal known for power parts, so you must expect to salary a premium price. However, client are rarely disappointed v what lock get, ensuring that the kit is worth every penny. Just look in ~ the progressed features this shocks have that rather don’t.

For example, the many snap ring grooves certain the shocks seat properly. You can also readjust the shocks to perfect fit the ride girlfriend desire. Usage these shocks top top lifted ram trucks as much as 2.75”. Plus, you can install the whole package on your own. The firm supplies a kit with every little thing you need. You won’t require any extr hardware to acquire the task done.


Fits 2009-2014 lamb 1500MonotubeAdjustableLifetime warranty
High-performance kitExpensive
Includes whatever needed for installationHeavy
Improves control

7. Rancho RS999297 RS9000XL collection Shock Review


At first, Rancho might not seem prefer a agency that can compete with the various other names, yet you do not do it overlook this shocks. When you emergence at the customer reviews, you check out that it is a stellar brand. However, you space going come pay for the quality, together you did with all the various other high-performance shocks.

The 2.75” diameter shock offers you the regulate you desire. Castle contain a larger 18mm nitro carb rod to ensure supreme durability. It also contains a metallic finish, safety boots, polyurethane bushings, an unified with the nitrogen gas design to ensure longevity.

You deserve to have this kit installed in a few short hours without a lot of hassle. That way more time enjoying the open up road or the dirt trails. V the lifetime restricted warranty, you won’t need to worry about defects either. What makes this collection even an ext special is the 90-Day totally free Ride Offer, which provides an ext peace that mind.


Fits 2002-2008 ram 1500MonotubeCompressed Length: 18.625”Extended Length: 30.50”Large human body diameterLifetime warranty
90-day guaranteeExpensive
Built because that longevity
Great for extremes
Simple installation

What varieties of Dodge ram 2WD Shocks Exist?

You have several ram shocks to select from, each v its very own benefit and purpose. Us will review the following options:

MonotubeTwin-tubeGas-charged twin-tubePSD (position perceptible damping) twin-tubeASD (Acceleration perceptible Damping) twin-tube

It’s necessary that you pick the type that not only matches her driving style but additionally your budget. While the monotube might be the ideal an option for what you are looking for, you could not be able to afford them best now and that’s okay. Simply do the best you can.

Monotube ram Shocks

This conventional shock type is constructed with one press tube. It has two pistons and is reversible, so you deserve to install them one of two people way. Monotube shocks support the weight of the vehicle, making it a far better choice for part trucks.

With monotube shocks, the oil inside releases warm as the temperature rises. These tend to remain cooler than other shocks. There’s also no restriction on the installation angle. Overall the monotube shocks often tend to walk the distance and are an excellent for heavy-duty applications.

Twin-tube ram Shocks

With a twin-tube shock, you acquire two cylinders instead of one. This doesn’t make it the far better option for every applications. One cylinder is situated in the shell, while the 2nd holds the piston valve. Overall, you have to worry less around damage to this type because impacting the shell won’t adjust the performance.

Twin-tube shocks are reasonably inexpensive, but they still market a totally comfortable ride. Friction in the shock is minimal and the punch is easily attained without a the majority of effort.

Gas-Charged Twin-Tube

These gas-charged shocks utilize nitrogen to reduce any kind of aeration the the hydraulic liquid inside the chamber. V this design, the air and oil nothing foam up when mixed. Together aeration is reduced, the shocks have the right to respond faster, which method the adjustments take place quickly. With this setup, you can ensure your wheels constantly remain top top the road.

PSD Twin-Tube

Position perceptible Damping (PSD) uses a fluid velocity manage system that monitors the place of the valve in the press tube. The design leads to 2 zones, one which provides a lull zone used throughout regular, everyday driving and the various other for much more extreme conditions.

ASD Twin-Tube

Otherwise recognized as Reflex shocks, Acceleration sensitive Damping (ASD) kicks things up a notch by using an progressed compression valve design. The closed-loop system enables for fluid circulation to bypass roughly the compression valve because that a seamless operation.

Shocks vs. Struts: what’s the Difference

In the people of suspension systems, the state shocks and also struts are frequently used interchangeably, also though each is different from the other. The shock absorb keeps the automobile from bouncing the end of control when it access time a bump. In comparison, the strut is a significant structural part of a vehicle, directly mounted to the chassis.

The strut offers a location to mount the coil spring, which is responsible for preserving the journey height. A lot of the 4WD ram trucks come v struts instead of shock absorbers. Thankfully, the ram 2WD offers shocks all the means around since they are cheaper come install. Plus, shocks often tend to provide much better handling.

Signs that Failing & Worn-Out Dodge ram Shocks

To gain a smooth on- or off-road ride, you require high-quality shocks installed. However, the shocks aren’t bulletproof and they can malfunction. By knowledge the symptoms of failing shocks, you can replace them prior to further suspension damages occurs.

Watch because that these signs that that is time to readjust your dodge truck shocks.

RockingVeering the end of your laneUneven tires tread wearNosediving or dipping any type of time the brakes are appliedStrange vibrationsTruck human body rollLonger time to avoid the truck

For the most part, shocks will certainly last about 50,000 miles. Girlfriend can discover the recommended replacement time in her owner’s manual.

How to readjust Front Shocks on Dodge lamb 1500: complete Instructions

Changing the front shocks ~ above your lamb isn’t much various from the rear, but let’s take a look in ~ the measures you have to take. If friend don’t have experience working on your Dodge truck, you have to take it to a professional. However, if you room mechanically inclined and also have the tools needed, yes no factor you can’t carry out this yourself.

Park your auto on a surface ar that’s fully level.Use her floor jack to lift the truck. Place it ~ above jack represents support.Loosen the retaining nut on the lower shock, yet don’t remove it completely.Take off the mounting hardware found on the shock’s top.Carefully take off the remainder of the bolts.Remove the worn-out shocks and replace them v the brand-new Ram shock.At first, you should hand-tighten all of the bolts.Go ago and adjust the bolts to details torque specifications. Be cautious you don’t over-torque the bolts.Do this exact same procedure v every shock.Lower the truck and take it for a test drive.

If you room a intuitive learner, this is a YouTube video showing exactly how to replace the ram 1500 front shocks.


How lengthy do Dodge lamb shock absorbers last?

Most shocks must remain in good condition for as much as 50,000 miles. V that said, the method you drive deserve to have a profound effect on the health and wellness of her shocks. If you execute a many towing, off-roading or hauling, you could need to replace the lamb shocks an ext often.

How basic is the to readjust truck shocks?

If friend have an easy automotive knowledge, you should have the ability to replace your own Ram van shocks. There aren’t any kind of special tools needed and also you shouldn’t need an ext than a couple of hours.

Do I need to replace all four shocks in ~ the very same time?

There’s no reason to replace all 4 shocks in ~ the very same time unless every one of them are worn out. Instead, you should replace her shocks in pairs, one of two people both of the former or both rear, which ensures the safest ride.

Will far better Dodge lamb shocks boost the van ride?

If you aren’t happy through the journey of her Dodge ram 1500, upgrading the shocks is a good option. You can even think about paying a little much more for flexible shocks, which additional enhance the journey quality.

How lot does it price to change Dodge ram 1500 shocks?

The cost for instead of shocks will certainly be between $30 and also $300 per shock, depending upon the level of performance you desire. If you deserve to install castle yourself, you will save some money. Otherwise, expect the job to cost $150 to $300.

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Whether your ram shocks space worn-out or you merely want one upgraded performance, picking one of these options will enhance your journey quality. Look with the best shocks because that Dodge ram 1500 2WD models to uncover your perfect fit.