While “Treat You like Fire” is a an extremely appropriate surname for this song, ns doubt Lion Babe had actually anything to carry out with it. In fact, you would certainly think that Star Slinger was associated right indigenous the get-go. In common fashion, Williams brings the heat by slapping top top a club-oriented beat come the original, increasing the tempo, and—in the process—raising the roof. Native the beginning, it is an extremely apparent that this is the occupational of Darren Williams: the crackling that a record, the speedy bassline, and also the snapping the fingers. Hell, his surname is nearly plastered across this remix.

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2. Financial institutions – “Change (The Chainsmokers hot & Steamy Edit)”


Words can’t begin to define the sensation i felt once I first heard this remix… but let’s just say The Chainsmokers labeling it a “Hot & Steamy Edit” for a reason. By combine the warm and sultry vocals the BANKS, the steady development of a piano, and also the airy undertone of some residence beats, The Chainsmokers caught my heart v one clean sweep. And while lock may have actually made this remix v this intent of “sticking it” come a promoter, they finished up producing one of the best deep house tracks of the year in the process. Maybe it’s time to check these boys a little more often…

3. Raleigh Ritchie – “Stay inside (Bear//Face Remix)”


It’s very hard to do a solitary justice in 3 minutes, however even under this constraint Bear//Face controlled to push all our buttons. By stripping the initial down come its core, the irish producer left himself a gorgeous set of vocals to job-related with—and what the did v them is other special. Remixes don’t generally evoke emotion from the listener, however this is certainly an exception. Through Ritchie‘s luscious, heartfelt voice come front it, and also McDonald’s weightless production to backdrop, it’s the musical identical of a heat fireplace top top a cold winter’s night.

4. The 1975 – “Girls (The Knocks Remix)”


If The Knocks had actually to compress their whole music career into one song, the end result would most likely be very similar to their remix of “Girls.” by bringing together The 1975’s radio-ready single with a little of that nu-disco flavour, the duo have made one unbearably catchy remix the verges on the allude of excess. Contact it electronic or contact it pop, one of two people way, it’s still one big earworm in ~ the end of the day.

5. AlunaGeorge – “Outlines (Pat Lok ‘Crayola’ Edit)”


AlunaGeorge might really use some an ext “spunk”… stated no one. EVER. Seriously, of all the pop artists that blew up critical year, AlunaGeorge were much and over the best—god knows they had sufficient insatiable dance melody to go around. For this reason why would certainly Pat Lok offer “Outlines” a crafty electronic remix, friend ask? Well, I have the right to only assume it was for the funny of it. He has a nasty habit that whipping increase funky disco edits, and also of every those he made transparent 2013, this was certainly his best.

6. Atlas Genius – “If for this reason (Magic man Remix)”


Magic Man had actually no problem making a surname for us in the indie ar this year, however they had a little bit of trouble breaking right into the EDM scene. Through their sensationally attractive remix that Atlas Genius though, the team proved castle were more than a one-trick pony, snagging a very sought-after place on Sirius XM’s dance music channel, BPM. When there, your remix shoot off choose a rocket and also was soon detailed alongside the Tiëstos and Hardwells. The rest was history.

7. Panama – “Always (Wave Racer Remix)”


If girlfriend had any underlying heart problems that you didn’t know around going into 2013, climate you can be certain that Wave Racer‘s seizure-inducing remix the “Always” carried them the end by the finish of the year. Whether it to be the arpeggiated beats, glittering synths, or those chanting vocal samples, something around it was simply so irresistible. Certain it might not be because that everyone, but given sufficient time, also the haters need to agree: this is one energetic part of electro-pop.

8. Daft Punk – “Random accessibility Memories (Vanderway Edit)”


As you may recall, there to be a suggest in 2013 when Daft Punk was all the rage. They to be the talk of the town, and before castle had even released a full song, they had actually producers walking mad v anticipation. So lot so, some of them took it upon us to whip up their very own rendition based upon leaks. While there were countless top-notch productions favor this making the rounds in 2013, Vanderway‘s cool and also super sleek edit was an noticeable standout.

9. Jeremih – “Rated R (The Masterpiece)


If you don’t have actually the suitable equipment, then you have NO company listening come Bear//Face‘s monstrous remix the “Rated R (The Masterpiece).” Ok, probably that’s a little brash. But I’d it is in lying if I claimed it doesn’t need a beast that a speaker mechanism to get the full impact of this floor-shaking bootleg. It yes, really was the year that bass, and also Ciaran McDonald proved that with this hot-button remix.

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10. Le Youth – “C O O together (Henry Krinkle Remix)”


For Henry Krinkle, “Stay” has actually proved to be much more of a curse than a blessing. Coming right into 2013, it seemed as despite he would be haunted through the unanticipated success that the extremely immersive single. But with one sleek remix, Krinkle to be able to save himself prior to 2013 spend him whole—like that did to numerous of his counterparts. While it was still hot off the presses, Krinkle spiced increase Le Youth‘s cabana-ready solitary “C O O L” with an insatiable mixture of beats and also synths. It was smart, sophisticated, and also totally fresh—the perfect remix to assist us kick off our summer.

11. Rae Morris – “From above (Jack Steadman Remix)”

12. Bondax – “You’re for this reason (Star Slinger Remix)”

13. Cashmere Cat – “With Me (Stwo Remix)”

14. Cat strength – “Manhattan (Ryan Hemsworth Remix feat. Angel Haze)”

15. Drake – “Girls Love Beyonce (SBTRKT Edit)”

16. James Blake – “Voyeur (Bear//Face Remix)”

17. Phoenix – “Trying to it is in Cool (A-Trak Remix)”

18. Disclosure feat. Alunageorge – “White Noise (Hudson Mohawke Remix)”

19. The Hood internet – “Suit and also Commercial (Justin Timberlake x Daft Punk)”

20. Marvin Gaye – “Sexual heal (Kygo Remix)”

21. The Hood web – “Mirror Vibe (Kendrick Lamar x Cashmere Cat)”

22. Cassie – “Me & friend (Kappa Kavi Remix)”

23. Justin Timberlake – “Suit and Tie (KRANE Remix)”

24. Azealia banks – “ATM Jam feat. Pharrell (Kaytranada Edition)”

25. Rudimental feat. Angel Haze – “Hell could Freeze (Skream Remix)”