Imagine you are starting a business. What is the best way to attract new clients and customers?

Well, the simplest method to perform this is by make a stylish organization card the embodies the solutions that you offer. However printing a company card is not as simple as it may sound.

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We will be pack up this perform of ideal printer because that printing service cards with one more excellent photo printer, however this time by the brand Canon.

The IP8720 is the unit of choice by plenty of photo enthusiasts due to the fact that of the affordable price and great performance because that the cost.

On height of that, the expense per publish is additionally quite low, making that a true spending plan king. The style of the press is pretty straightforward and straightforward.

You get a an easy 150-sheet file tray. If girlfriend would fairly use photo papers, friend should be able to fit at least 20 papers in the tray.

Because of the large design of the tray, you deserve to use 13 through 19 customs sized record with it. The rate of the unit is somewhat slow, clocking in at around 2.7 pages per minute.

However, the output top quality of both text and graphics is superb, do it great candidate because that printing organization cards.

You deserve to get an innovative with your cards there is no worrying about any resolution or color issues. Store in mind, this is no a unit aimed in ~ professionals and also works far better as a secondary printer.

It offers basic connectivity options and features a compact design that goes fine on a cramped desk.

Overall, the price the the unit and also the power it uses are quite appealing if you do not have actually a hefty requirement.

Highlighted Features

Compact design.Highly affordable price tag.Excellent shade output.Can publish media of as much as 13 through 19 inches size.
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Printer for business Cards buying Guide

When you space buying a printer that can print organization cards, you must know about a pair of factors.

For cardstock or service card printing, the printer requirements to feature some specific functions. Options like automatically duplexing deserve to make points go a lot of smoother if the is your primary reason for buying the unit.

For a beginner, a printer deserve to be a complex machine. There room so many little bits and also pieces to consider that the can end up being overwhelming come cover it all. However, with our help, girlfriend will be able to develop a great understanding the the aspects that you require to emphasis on.

In the following section that the article, we will take a look at several of the elements you desire to consider when to buy the finest business card printer.

Laser Vs. Inkjet

The an initial thing you need to understand around printers is there space two major variants based upon how lock operate, laser and also inkjet. If you are printing company cards, most civilization would advise you to walk for inkjet printers.

However, the is not absolutely vital as laser printers can likewise serve well because that this form of task.

The main advantage of inkjet printers is the they have the right to print with thicker documents like cardstock.

However, some high-quality laser printers can also handle thick papers, and also since laser printer inks are waterproof, they might even offer you a much better result.

Image Resolution & Quality

If you want your service cards to attribute nice graphics and texture, you need a printer through high output resolution and image quality.

The resolution the a printer is measure up in dpi or dots every inch. As a an easy rule that thumb, the higher the dpi value, the far better the output resolution.

However, the resolution is not the just thing that is important. If the printer does not handle colors well, the print might look to wash up.

Color fidelity is miscellaneous you need to check prior to you purchase the printer. In instance of resolution, you must opt because that at least 600 dpi because that decent performance.

Print Media Size

Will you it is in strictly printing business cards, or you want to usage the printer for various other works too? If you are exclusively focused on service card printing, almost any printer can handle it.

However, because that a functional performance, you must look right into the media size that the printer have the right to handle.

Most printers can work through standard A4 size file or other straightforward sizes. However, if you desire a printer that can print practice sizes, you need to take into consideration the choices that you get with the printer. No all printers offer you this feature, therefore you should pay attention prior to investing her money.

Cost per Print

An often-overlooked aspect while purchase a printer is the price per print. If your think the buying a press is the only price you have to problem about, then you space wrong. Each page you publish using the printer has actually a expense of ink the is spend while printing.

There are many alternatives in the industry that have a high upfront cost, but the low price per print makes the a better investment in the lengthy run.

You want to discover a unit that uses a great balance of both will certainly ensure you room not drowning in upkeep costs. Overlooking this feature will weigh hefty on her wallet.

Printing Speed

Another crucial aspect you want to consider prior to buying a press is its printing speed. Nobody likes come wait approximately waiting for their business cards come print.

With a fast, high-speed printer, girlfriend will be able to print a huge stack that cards within a brief period.

The printing speed of a printer is measure up in ppm, which means pages every minute. You desire a high ppm for your printer if you want quick performance.

For duplex printing, you could find a term referred to as images every minute. This describes the time that takes for two-sided printing.

Paper Thickness

Since you space printing business cards, the documents you will certainly be using are thicker. This way you need a press that is capable of working through thick paper. Unfortunately, no every printer, particularly low-priced models, can handle more thick papers.

You should go through the product specifications that the press you want to buy and also look for the maximum thickness of record it have the right to handle.

Unless it can print the thickness of your choice, you will not be able to get the full performance out of it. This is another factor that many amateurs have tendency to overlook.

Printing Volume

People regularly confuse printing rate with printing volume. Through a fast printer, friend will be able to print papers fast, but with a large volume printer, you will be able to collection up a large project without having to micro-manage. This is particularly useful; you desire to print bulk volumes of company cards.

Before you do your choice consider your needs carefully. A high-volume printer have the right to be quite expensive, and if you do not require it, acquiring it can be a waste.

However, if you know you will be print thousands of duplicates every month, the is precious the added cost.

Ink Configuration

Ink construction of the printer plays a part in that upkeep cost. You desire a unit that makes use of the cartridges efficiently, enabling you to use them for a longer period without having to change them.

That way, you will certainly not have to worry about buying new ink cartridges or toners every couple of months.

Ideally, the more cartridges the printer uses, the much longer the squid lasts. Many printers that us reviewed on our list use at least four cartridges.

With this configuration, girlfriend should be able to get at the very least a year the heavy consumption out the the press without any issues.


When printers very first came into existence, they go not have actually too plenty of connectivity options. Ethernet, wireless connection, etc., were just a point of imagination. However, these days, you will certainly hardly discover a unit without at least a few different connectivity options.

To acquire the many out of your budget, you desire a unit that offers you the connections that you can want come use.

If you want to work using your smartphone, part models feature robust smartphone connectivity via wireless, wait Print, or similar cloud-based programs.

Printer Size

Lastly, you likewise want to think about the size and structure the the printer. Not everyone has actually the high-end of having actually a big workspace.

Some civilization only have a cramped desk where they need to ar their machine. If you have actually a comparable situation, take into consideration getting a compact printer.

However, if you carry out not have to worry about space, friend might as well get a larger unit with more file handling capacity.

It is strictly a issue of personal preference and situation. So, make her choice, relying on your job-related conditions and requirements.

Brand Value and also Price

When it pertains to printers, you desire to avoid going v knock-off brands and also stick to deemed ones. Since it is a complicated machine, you desire a dependable name behind your press that has a call for delivering high quality products. Besides, a popular brand likewise cares because that its customers.

You likewise want to think about your spending plan when you space making her decision. These days, printers come at every sorts that prices, and even if you have actually a low budget, you can find fantastic product. Make certain you examine all the features we mentioned over for the product you desire in your price range.

Tips to print the Perfect service Card

Now that you recognize all around the printer you desire to gain let united state talk about how you can obtain the perfect organization card.

A business card is all around making one impression, and also you execute not desire to give off any type of unwanted vibes.

The following few tips will certainly greatly assist you out if you room making a business card for your organization.

Target Audience

The very first thing you want to think around is that will read the card. Her audience and how castle think need to be your priority when you space making a card that is intended to tempt them.

For instance, if you room making a card for designers, you want to use colorful graphics that display off her creativity. But bankers have actually no require for your creativity and might respond much better to your feeling of professionalism.

Use suitable Fonts

Choosing the right font can make a world of distinction when you room printing your service card. Before settling on a straightforward font, shot experimenting v different options to see what goes better.

We space not telling you to use Comic Sans or Goth, yet Times brand-new Roman is no the only font out there the is worth making use of for business. Furthermore, make sure the font is legible once you print it on her card.

Honor an adverse Spaces

Cramming every the information you deserve to in a service card is a typical pitfall for numerous people. However, the is not the best means to walk if you room trying to do an attractive first impression.

You should never shot to fill the entirety of your card and choose just the most crucial information. Maintaining some empty room in her card allows it to acquire a cleaner look. The saying “Less is more” is true for organization cards.

Study The Competition

Taking a watch at few of your competitor’s business card is a good way to gain an idea around how yours have to look like. However that walk not typical you should steal the idea of one more organization.

However, getting inspiration from different sources is totally fine, and also as lengthy as you perform not rip off the architecture completely, you are doing naught wrong. Besides, girlfriend can gain some innovative ideas by looking at other business cards.

Simple Is Good

Sometimes a an easy logo and basic information room all you have to make a great business card. Perform not feel pressured right into going overboard top top graphics and designs through your map just because others room doing it.

There are countless successful businesses out there that have actually a basic card. Overdoing a service card can not it is in the best method to go, specifically if you space not totally sure about it yourself.

Proofread Carefully

Just since you have actually your designs and also information walk not median you should start mass printing it. It is a an excellent idea to print simply one or two duplicates for the first time to check for errors.

The last point you desire is to publish hundreds of company cards v a typo or graphical glitch. So, take part time to proofread your card and also see if everything is together it should be prior to finalizing it.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Can I print business cards with any kind of printer?

No. Organization card printing requires you to work-related with more thickness paper, and also that is not feasible for any kind of printer ~ above the market. Uneven your printer is fitted to manage thick cards, you will certainly not have the ability to use it because that printing service cards.

In addition, if you want to print both political parties of the card, you want a printer qualified of two-sided printing.

2. Which software application is best for designing service cards?

There is no critical “best” software program for designing your organization card. It depends on what you room comfortable with.

Whether you room working on Mac OS or Windows also plays a part in your selection of software. Some of the commonly used software program are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Microsoft Word and Google Chrome company Card Manager.

Also, if you carry out not want to style card yourself then you have the right to search great designer at freelance marketplace favor Upwork, Fiverr etc. There have lots the talented developers who can fulfill your architecture requirements and you will obtain sunning service card.

3. Must I buy one inkjet press or laser press for business card printing?

It completely depends on her preference. Both variants can work fine for company card printing as lengthy as the other determinants are covered.

Inkjet printers space traditionally cheaper than laser printers, however the lower cost per publish of laser printers makes up for the high upfront price.

Final Thoughts

Starting a service without a business card is not a good idea together you will not attract brand-new clients for her projects.

With the best printer for service cards, you can make smart and stylish cards that will certainly make a lasting impression in the psychic of her potential clients.

Our detailed review of the finest ones accessible in the industry should give you every the info you have to make the best choice.

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We expect you delighted in our article and wish you all the success with gaining the perfect press for your needs.