Donald McKinley Glover Jr. That goes by Childish Gambino is multi-talented. He’s an actor, comedian, singer, rapper, writer, and much more.

His music genre is a blend of Hip-hop, rap, funk, R&B, and also soul and also he’s explored many styles and also aces them all.

In this article, I will certainly be exploring some the the finest Childish Gambino songs that you have to listen to!

Let’s obtain to it.

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List that the finest Childish Gambino Songs

1. Redbone (2016)

Redbone is undeniably among his ideal songs. The beat and also unique sound space unforgettable. The means he sings is interesting, in ~ a slightly greater pitch than normal.

The tune is catchy and chill, with good vibes all around. The song’s definition is around being aware and also paranoid that adultery. Redbone the word derives indigenous the term an interpretation light-skinned black woman.

Personally, the song’s meaning doesn’t resonate much with me. It has a simple meaning, and also the track is just an excellent for what the is.

Also, the monitor was supplied in the struggle movie ‘Get Out’ – i beg your pardon is one more piece the art ns love, wherein the tune is supplied to convey the definition of being ‘woke’ come racism instead.

2. Heartbeat (2011)

Heartbeat is a mix of house and rap indigenous Childish Gambino’s album Camp. It’s about the love of her life and dealing through the complex emotions about relationships.

It’s a song around messy relationships, something the is relatable to many. The text tell a story.

I love the digital sounds and also the hook is on fire. It’s among those songs you instantly want to sign up with in on and also sing follow me to.

3. 3005 (2013)

3005 is an iconic monitor from Childish Gambino from the album “Because the Internet.”

It’s catchy and has a fantastic beat. To me, the monitor is about his existential thoughts and friendship, and also people. That a nostalgic song and can be understood further after ~ watching the music video as well.

The bear in the music video could it is in referencing childhood and also innocence. 3005 has acquired a bittersweet undertone and is full of meaning.

4. L.E.S. (2011)

Les is one of those standard Gambino monitor from earlier in 2011. From his album Camp, this tune is simply around trying to obtain laid in brand-new York.

You don’t require a deep definition for a fire song. The L.E.S represents the Lower eastern Side of brand-new York. The manufacturing of the song and also vocals are incredible.

It’s a classic rap beat with smooth sounds and incorporates string tools artfully.

5. Bonfire (2011)

Bonfire is a borderline meme tune from his album Camp. This track has some hilarious and also memorable lyrics. The lyrics he raps space a stroke of genius and also outrageous.

This track is much from few of his more romantic, smooth, and slow songs choose Redbone. This song feels choose a lyrical flex around his songwriting abilities.

It’s among those songs where I remember all the lyrics and also wish that ns knew just how to rap fifty percent as well together he does so I have the right to spit this fire text too.

6. Sweatpants (2013)

Sweatpants is a trap and rap track from the album “Because the Internet.” It to be what Donald Glover left ar to do. Can’t even be mad around it due to the fact that the song is fire.

The tune is about rich people, and how if friend had sufficient money – you might do every little thing you wanted and also wore whatever and also no one would certainly say anything. Over there are recommendations to money in the track throughout choose “silver spoon” which method being spoon-fed or privileged.

I think there room connotations relating to the reality that Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) is a black guy in America, who had actually to job-related his method to the point he is at.

My favourite line is ‘You gained some silverware but really are you eating though?’ The means this component sounds is why this tune is high increase on mine list.

7. Freaks and Geeks (2011)

Freaks and also Geeks is just one of the most loved song from Childish Gambino, among the originals indigenous his debut EP. The begin of the song had me hooked ‘now it is poetry in motion’, and the lyrics room iconic transparent the song.

He reflects off his talented flow and songwriting abilities in this song. While this song is among the originals, i feel prefer it’s underrated overall and deserves much more attention.

8. Feels choose Summer (2018)

Feels prefer Summer is a masterpiece. The definition is exceptionally important. The song is around worldly issues, specifically climate readjust and environmental issues, including water scarcity, waiting pollution, and also deforestation.

The man music video is the perfect accompaniment to the song, featuring an animated variation of Gambino walking under a street. Although there are multiple celebrity cameos in the song, the most notable part of the music video clip to me is the glaringly heat colors showing the issues the tune is about.

The characters in the video clip move slowly, showing the slow and also burning warm of the song. That absolutely a sad tune presented in a vibey aesthetic sound.

An pure cinematic and also lyrical masterpiece.

9. Sober (2014)

Sober is an R & B song, through silky smooth melodies and Childish Gambino’s an excellent voice. The song addresses his an individual experiences v his ex and dealing with emotional wounds.

Obviously, the song has actually heavy drug references, even if it is alcohol or other drugs. These drugs are offered to cope v the pain, and also the text ‘now the it’s over, I’ll never ever be sober’ room saying now that he has actually lost the relationship, that will constantly be high on something to transaction with.

It’s not literal, but deeply personal. Sober is a struggle with many fans, and it’s definitely worth watching the music video clip as well.

10. This is America (2018)

The release of This is America made waves across the world. Released in 2018, this song commentates deeply on American issues. The sounds of the gospel-style choir, hip-hop, catch sounds, and rumbling bass provides this one of those songs the have many layers.

One the the best reasons for this song’s success is the music video clip that is filled v symbolism.

In one take, the music video depicts graphic violence come convey the message around guns and also violence in America.

This is America recommendations money, racism, slavery, guns, shootings, and how America likes to protect against the issues with frivolous distractions. While several of the symbolism is in prior of your challenge in the video, many are likewise hidden.

This is just one the those songs through a lot to unpack.

It’s a piece of art.

11. Summertime Magic (2018)

Summertime Magic is a beautiful romantic song relating come summer, together Feels prefer Summer. Exit in 2018 as a component of the album Guava Island, the track perfectly represents the essence and feeling that summertime.

Fun fact, he apparently wrote the text while on shrooms! The sound is soulful, tropic, and bouncy. The a wonderful, heat romantic song that conjures up feelings of extreme love.

It has actually a emotion of nostalgia the will grow with time.

12. Ns The Worst men (Feat. Possibility the Rapper) (2013) 

The Worst males is the third collaboration between Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper and component of the album “Because the Internet.”

It’s a simple rap, the lyrics room not together genius as some of his various other songs. Though the beat and also rhythm do the tune a banger still.

Sometimes simple songs room still great.

13. Retro (Rough) (2014)

Retro is a surprise gem that a song. Plenty of of the songs more down top top this perform are. Retro is a work again, please again of his very own song ‘Love is Crazy’ and also appeared top top his first-ever mixtape.

The beat is the best part of Retro. The flow is smooth, and also the song has a summer beat. The hook and also verse space fantastic.

14. Telegraph Ave. (2013)

Telegraph Ave. Is the seventh monitor from his album “Because the Internet.” The 3rd verse in this tune is fire. This track to me is an embodiment that his creativity and also originality.

The song and video go hand in hand and also bring the song to an additional level. The track is around the take trip Gambino does to see a girl in Oakland.

15. Algorhythm (2020)

Algorhythm is one of those songs the is a tiny controversial since it’s different. That a much cry from his normal style and genre. The song is just one of the newer ones, indigenous his album 3.15.20 and also a strange and also unique mix of experimental sounds.

The song gives me major sci-fi dystopian and also cyberpunk vibes. The track is a comment on materialism and how human beings chase meaningless things and also lose their person values. “You sell your daughter on that data stream” is the most powerful lyric to median that conveys a lot of meaning.

The location of the track is a musical play on words ‘algorithm’, which is something many civilization chase in wishes of getting picked up by the algorithm to acquire the money or fame castle desire.

It’s really relevant tune with society commentary the is now.

16. Zealots that Stockholm (2013)

Zealots that Stockholm is a sad and somber song. It’s around loss and also reflection. The track genre is rap through some synth sounds. It explores the relationship in between his parents and also familial figures.

Parts of the song sound nearly like static-like relief which recommendation a emotion of being broken. There is a template of life and also death.

It is a dark song. The beat drop is stunner though.

17. Do or dice (Feat. Flux Pavilion) (2013)

Do or die is indigenous his album blow the Roof. That reminds me greatly of dubstep. It is a cooperation with artist Flux Pavilion. Ns feel like genre changes that deviate from his norm can gain slept on.

The win is awesome, and also the two artists blend together their sounds yes, really well. The music video leaves something to be preferred though.

18. Me and also Your Mama (2016)

Me and your Mama is an experimental piece. It has a dreamy sound that blends in funk and also rock with some psychedelic elements. There room some female vocals in this song too which add a lot of depth come the sound.

The guitars at the end of the song and the bass drop do this tune awesome. The song sounds an extremely organic and also has some of Gambino’s best vocals.

It sent out chills under my spine. The screaming in the song makes the track so emotional and also compelling.

19. Trip of the Navigator (2013)

Flight that the Navigator is another dark song, motivated by a death that influenced Donald Glover. The track is from his album “Because the Internet.” that is one ambient lab song; it provides me feeling lonely and also existential.

It is an effective and not as jammy as several of his various other songs however that doesn’t make it worse. It is beautiful and also dark and gives me chills.

I think you must be in a details mood to listen to this one and completely appreciate it for the masterpiece that is.

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20. To crawl (2013)

Crawl is one more track from his album “Because the Internet.” that is component one that a series of tracks that is component of his unproduced screenplay. This track didn’t obtain excellent reception, while hopeful – it wasn’t the most popular song.

It’s an alternate hip-hop tune with one energetic vibe and also lots of referrals to web memes. 

21. Worldstar (2013)

Worldstar is the third song in Gambino’s album “Because the Internet.” I admit this album isn’t among my favorites. Worldstar is a rap song commentating on the poor parts the the internet.

It describes that many people feel press to fit in many thanks to the internet, it’s about the ability to publicly humiliate online. It’s basic to garner attention on the internet for law something stupid but I think Gambino is saying he desires to be noticed together something great.

The theme of the entirety album is much more relevant than ever before now in existing times.

It’s quiet a an excellent rap song.


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