It’s their time to shine. May 26 is human being Redhead Day, however we think ginger-haired human being deserve come be celebrated year-round and decided to put together a gallery of a bunch that stars who have actually red hair naturally. You may be surprised to see few of the names that made it on the perform — as well as those that don’t do the cut!

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For instance, did you know that Emma Stone is not a organic redhead? the true! She actually has blonde hair, although she been recognized to dye it because that roles. As soon as she make an appearance at 2012’s WonderCon to talk about her role together Gwen Stacy in The impressive Spider-Man, she said MTV of her hair do-over because that the film, “My herbal hair is blonde, for this reason it’s kind of nice. I looked in the mirror and also said, ‘Oh my god, the me again! It’s to be so long!"”

And when Christina Hendricks may seem prefer a redhead, she, too, is a natural blonde. She initially changed her hair to red indigenous blonde for a shoot before she go Mad Men, according to Vogue UK. “People never think that I perform my hair color myself at home,” she said. “They say, ‘You don’t execute your hair at home by yourself, carry out you?’ and also I constantly reply and also say ‘I open minded do!"” She added that the fictitious character ann Shirley — that L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of eco-friendly Gables book series — was she red hair inspiration. (Understandable!)


Meanwhile, go you understand Benedict Cumberbatch is in reality a redhead? His hair to be dyed dark because that his role in the BBC’s Sherlock and he typically has black or brown hair because that roles, however he is normally ginger — return he would certainly tell you otherwise.

“I’m auburn and there is a difference,” the told a Toronto Star reporter in September 2013. “I’ve acquired very an excellent friends and relatives who are ginger and also trust me, there’s a difference. And also they ain’t ever gonna view the proof! … I have actually hair that is auburn. It’s got streaks that red in it, definitely. It’s additionally got streaks of bronze and also lighter colors and also darker brown colors.” Hey, whatever works for him!

See our collection of several celebrities who have naturally red hair, below!

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Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender told an interviewer in 2011, “I’m a ginger. And also you recognize … there’s no much an ext fun friend can acquire as a ginger. Ns think it is why yes a lot of resentment toward the ginger community.”