I was pretty excited to learn Bravo renewed Below Deck Mediterranean ~ a jam pack season one. Possibly it’s the fighting and staff hook ups, maybe it’s the colorful, global cast, however mostly, it’s the backdrop of the gorgeous Mediterranean that i can’t get enough of. From my couch right here in the good ole U-S-of A, a yacht sailing around Croatia is simply what I have to remind myself that there is much more adventure in the civilization than do it out of Target there is no spending a week’s paycheck. Sigh.

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This season, the crew is sailing the seas top top the Sirocco and also Chief Steward Hannah Ferrier and also Deckhand/Horny Bro Bobby Giancola have returned, lot to mine delight. Bobby is new and enhanced after quitting his fire fighter job, shedding his point out on the shirtless fire hunks calendar, and getting part clear braces after all those fat tips from last season. What hasn’t improved is his high institution level the immaturity when it pertains to the ladies.


Before this season began, Bobby accidentally chose to sh*t whereby he was collection to eat and after summary dating former NFL Cheerleader Lauren Cohen, encourage she sign up with the crew. She did however alas, your budding hump sessions didn’t last and now they room stuck awkwardly functioning together. However that’s not going to prevent Bobby native drooling almost everywhere newbie Deckhand Malia White the 2nd she actions foot on board. Below we walk again…

Luckily, Hannah and Bobby have controlled to work out every one of their past differences and seem come be getting along well (for now). The remainder of the crew consists of Bosun Wesley Walton, that goes through Wes, or Wiz, if you’re Bobby and don’t know anyone’s accent. Come his credit, Bravo is making use of subtitles for Wes and additionally Deckhand Max Hagley. The crew is also joined by south African 2nd Steward, Christine “Bugsy” Drake, who spent her last year ~ above charter together a cook Stew but downgrade her place for this expedition so she can make a fast buck prior to her next charter starts. Hannah swears she isn’t threatened by this but I’m doubtful.


It’s time for the deckhands to bust out the water toys, blow up banana and also all. The inner crew busies themselves with setup up a coast picnic if Hannah gripes about Captain Sandy being as well hands on. Unfortunately for Hannah, Captain Sandy has no an option because she is handling a an extremely green staff. So lot so that Malia can’t even handle among the tiny rafts castle would use to take the guest to shore and Sandy jumps on to display her just how it’s done. When Hannah fumes around how it’s not the time or the place, The people looks increase from sunbathing to praise the Captain for being so involved.

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You would think Hannah would have the ability to sympathize through how difficult it have the right to be to be a mrs in a position of power and also managing her masculine crew, especially given what Hannah had to attend to last season but Hannah is offering no such breaks and it looks favor we space in for much more rough waters this season.


Photo Credit: Bravo