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Special Feeling (Japanese: 特別な気分, Tokubetsu na kibun), likewise referred to as "Special Mood", is a collection of illustrations parodying a Japanese couple who were interviewed ~ above TV throughout snowstorm in Tokyo in early January 2013. Upon its upload via Twitter in early on February 2014, the couple"s interview quickly ended up being a subject of digital mockeries top top the Japanese web, specifically about the man who was quoted as saying "being in the snow through my lover choose this immerses me in a unique feeling. I favor it."


On February 8th, 2014, Japan to be hit by among the most heavy snowfalls in decades, through Tokyo receiving 8.7 inches and also the city of Matsumoto seeing up to 19 inches of snow. Soon after that arrival, Japanese TV stations repeatedly aired emergency news programs around the blizzard in the Kantou and Touhoku regions. Amidst all the disruptions and media commotions, a Japanese TV crew interviewed a young pair in prior of Tokyo"s Shibuya station. Upon gift asked just how they feel, the young guy responded with an overly saccharine statement, which deserve to be interpreted as "being in the snow v my lover prefer this immerses me in a distinct feeling. I favor it" ("恋人といる時の雪って特別な気分に浸れて僕は好きです"). His response, i beg your pardon was watched by some viewers together laughably mawkish or sentimental, soon motivated an outpour of reactions on Twitter, particularly after
HOMOMANKO<1> tweeted a screenshot that the interview clip (shown below).

黙れクソメガネ pic.twitter.com/KXJ1kP8zNF

— そらまる兵長(´へωへ`*) (
HOMOMANKO) February 8, 2014 "Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I prefer it."SHUT UP, F**KING FOUR-EYES.

In the first couple of days, the tweet controlled to gain much more than 36,000 retweets and also 15,000 favorites. In the tweet,
HOMOMANKO also included an insulting comment calling the man “(Fucking) Four-Eyes,” to express a quote attributed come the character Levi indigenous the Japanese manga / anime series Attack ~ above Titan. Though the screenshot of the couple"s interview was originally thought have been taken throughout the news coverage the the blizzard in 2014, it to be eventually figured out as a date interview from another weather news report<2> in January 2013.

HOMOMANKO"s tweet, together with its stylish pop culture reference to Attack ~ above Titan, soon went viral as it win a chord with various other users top top Twitter, countless of whom assumed his romanticizing the a herbal disaster was inappropriate, linked with a emotion of intense jealousy often presented by internet users who stay single. Meanwhile, some began to scrutinize regarding why the woman in the interview to be seen v a ring and also had her confront covered the totality time, resulting in the unfounded rumors the the couple"s relationship may be one extramarital affair.

But much more significantly, the screenshot spawned numerous image parodies of the pair on the Japanese illustrators communities pixiv<5> and Nico Nico Seiga,<6> as well as on Twitter and also Tumblr<7>, under the tag "Special Feeling" (特別な気分), excerpted from the subtitle displayed in the screenshot of the interview. The explode of parody illustrations was consequently logged by Nico Nico Seiga and pixiv"s corresponding encyclopedic companions<10><11> and also it was likewise reported on by number of Japanese news portal sites, including Togetter<3> and Naver Matome<4>, and also online gossip blogs.

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On the English-speaking web, this fad top top the Japanese Twitter was automatically covered by object in 4chan"s /u/<14> (Yuri) and /a/<15> (anime & manga) boards and also a news write-up by Crunchyroll published on February 9th, 2014.<16>