This is a 3 inch thick block of gel infused storage foam. Most memory foam toppers obtainable these days room infused through gel come reduce heat retention. Having gel infused into the foam likewise offer other benefits like better support and longevity. This topper has actually a thickness of 3.1 pounds per cubic foot and also weighs approximately 25 pounds as soon as shipped (Queen size). The is obtainable standard size; Full, Twin, Queen, King and California King.

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Heating problem

Memory foam absorbs body heat but is no so good at dissipating the heat, so together a an outcome the topper gets hot. Beautyrest storage foam mattress topper is infused through gel to enhance its heat dissipation. When heated the gel product turns to liquid state, this transformation enables it to absorb big amounts of heat (‘large’ considering the quantity of human body heat took in by the topper which can be 2-5 degrees). Gelatin is also great at transporting that heat took in to the next layer of gel particles, this helps in the succeeding transfer of warmth from the top of the topper come its open textured sides and also finally to the atmosphere. Therefore unlike continuous memory foam this product by Beautyrest doesn’t have any type of heat retention problems.

Body support

This is a 3.1 pound dense memory foam and offers sufficient body support. You will certainly sink right into the foam but it will support all your body locations well.This topper is not too firm or soft, it supplies a tool level that comfort and also works well for a person of median build.

What does client say?

Beautyrest 3 customs memory foam mattress topper has actually received 180+ evaluate in till date. It has actually an mean rating of 4.2 and over 82% of the people give it 4+ stars.

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Packaging and also more

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Like all memory foam toppers this product too is compressed and also vacuum sealed. The company recommends that you unwrap it within 72 hrs to maximise foam expansion. It will take 48 hrs for the foam to complete expand, follow to the manual, yet most customers had it in complete size method before that time. The foam has actually a mild odor and will take it a couple of days that airing the end to totally get rid the it.

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It comes v a 5 year minimal warranty. A moisture proof cover additionally comes totally free with this product, it is not actually water proof yet ‘moisture proof’. It properly reduces pressure points, regular use of this topper reduces many back, neck and also shoulder pains.