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The Vandoren Artist family members is comprised of few of the ideal woodwind performers and also educators from around the world. Vandoren Artists deserve to be heard through world-class orchestras and chamber groups, in jazz clubs and also theaters, on award winning recordings, or uncovered at colleges educating the following wave of promising musicians. The is the ideology of Vandoren to stay close the musician for new product design, repertoire development, and other contributions to your art. See all Vandoren Artists.

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Vandoren Artist-Clinicians

The goal for the Vandoren Artist-Clinicians regime is to improve the top quality of the music experience through education and the aid of Vandoren. These extremely trained experienced educators and also performers will connect your students with educational and fun sessions. The clinics they command cover a broad spectrum of subject and, based upon your input, have the right to be customized to fit the demands of her students. Watch all Vandoren Artist-Clinicians.

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Denis Wick artists

The Denis Wick Artist roster is made up of world-class experienced performers, educators, and clinicians, showcasing some of the really best talents from all across the unified States. Artist proudly use Denis Wick commodities exclusively in their daily performance and also teaching. View all Denis Wick Artists.

Denis Wick Ambassadors

The Denis Wick Ambassador roster is consisted of of world-class skilled performers, educators, and also clinicians, showcasing some of the very best talent from all across the joined States. Ambassadors proudly usage a wide range of Denis Wick commodities in their everyday performance teaching. Watch all Denis Wick Ambassadors.

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What is Be component of the Music (BPOTM) every about, and also how that can benefit music teachers?

Be component of the Music is a recruitment, retention, and advocacy source used by over 16,000 music educators all across the country. Our huge and growing set of tools help music educators at every level get and also keep an ext students associated in music. Our totally free offerings incorporate parent newsletters, website builders, videos, documents and our recruitment blueprint.

Programs that usage Be part of the Music see an average annual increase the 18 new students included to your ensembles. We’ve placed together a collection of recruitment videos, customizable documents, automatic engagement tools, and other useful resources to aid simplify the recruitment procedure and save you an useful time. Five yeah, go we mention it to be free?

How did BPOTM concerned be? wherein did it all start and also what brought about its creation?

I to be a tape director for 15 years. Ns taught in eastern LA and Phoenix and also I love every second of it. Basically, I spent 10 years together a classroom teacher, 1 year in administration, and another 4 years as a teacher prior to I left to execute Scott Lang Leadership.

After around 5 years of doing management work, i realized music teachers could use some help marketing themselves and their programs. Also if they room naturally an excellent marketers, they execute not have the time, finances, and also resources to create good marketing collateral. So, I saw it together an opportunity to build a product. I developed a product dubbed Be component of the tape and it was expected to bridge middle school children to high school. The herbal question that followed was “when are you walk to execute something for elementary school?” My very first reaction was, “You know, it’s just not mine area that expertise.”

And climate a colleague i admired considerably asked me, “In a dream civilization what would you execute to readjust music education?” ns said, “I would produce Be component of the Music and its emphasis would be K-12 recruitment and also retention services for every area of music.” the said, “Well, why nothing you?” i told him ns don’t have the sources or time come which he responded, “Listen. Placed up or close up door up. If you room not walking to perform it then who is?”

So, i thought around it all night and I dubbed my team the following morning. Ns told them, “We room going to perform this, and it needs to be for free.” I could not view this functioning as a paid product. It just would not carry out the great we would desire it to do. So, us pulled ours high institution version off the market and we checked out work. We invested the following 5 years building the program you view now, i beg your pardon is: Be component of the Music K-12 Recruitment and also retention solutions for Band, Choir, and also Orchestra.

What makes BPOTM unique?

There are some phenomenal advocacy sources that some really wonderful civilization have placed together over the years. Yet here space a pair of locations in i m sorry I think we’re different:

1.Ever-evolving Content - we’re continually revisiting and updating ours content. So lot advocacy contents on the internet has remained revolution – the same – for years. Us make sure we’re approximately date and also offering content that is useful and relevant to teachers because that today and tomorrow.

2.We involved You – we want to do an ext than simply preach to the choir. Ours mission is to assist you “convert the non-converted” by providing you tools to help educate those human being on the value of music education. We carry out that through offering totally free and distinct “outbound” content. Us don’t want you to have to skim through 150 YouTube videos in stimulate to find one the suits your distinctive needs. As our subscriber, us actually bring that video clip and various other ever-evolving dynamic content and tools straight TO friend in a usable format, once you need it, all based on a timeline friend provide.

Could you sophisticated on what you typical when you to speak “non-converted?”

Sure. If 93% the America does not play a band-related instrument together an adult, your sector place is pretty lot 93% the America. Many of them just don’t have the exposure to music to know any type of different. So, our task as music supporters is to interact with that parental of the son in the elementary, middle, and also high college who has actually no musical experience. This is a rapid anecdote:

My next-door neighbor, who likewise has 2 kids but never played in band or choir or orchestra, had actually no idea the worth of music. One day, he asked why both of my sons played piano. Therefore I started talking come him and also soon-after that started getting his youngsters into piano. 2 years later we’re law recitals at my house! It’s to be so much fun and also now he’s saying “I’m so glad you opened my eyes to this world. I never ever knew it existed!” He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met, yet he had actually no exposure to the world of music and also needed me to teach him and also prove to him the value. Those space the human being we want to reach the most.

My allude is the it isn’t tough to to convince someone prefer me – an ex-band manager parent through two youngsters – the prestige of music. Yet how perform you to convince the parent v no music background the value of music education? That’s wherein we in ~ BPOTM want to help.

So what space the major road blocks that teachers face and also how deserve to BPOTM help?

Time, time, and also time. Did I point out time? developing high-quality material is a time-consuming process. Not just in the writing, editing, layout, copying, but likewise the budget. It no cheap to do this stuff. And so, time and also money space the nemesis that every organization whether you are Walmart, or BPOTM. So, what we try to do, with generous sponsors such as and also Vandoren, we try to use our time and financial resources to create content so the you, the educator, don’t have to worry around either of those things. The mantra we use is “Let us do what we do best so you deserve to do what you carry out best!”

What sources are available on the site for educators and how have to they it is in used?

What i recommend very first is going come and registering together a music educator. That will give you access to every our resources. After that there room really 3 crucial components:

Video Content: we have roughly 57 major blocks of video that you have the right to use, depending on whether you space band, choir, orchestra, elementary, center or high school. Written Content: We have actually 40 papers that are in English and also Spanish the you deserve to use. These records include letter to parents, advocacy statistics and also quotes, welcome letters, admin letters, recruiting ideas and also more. You can copy and also paste and also put castle on your very own letter head or just print them as they are and also send lock out! We even highlight the area “sign here, insert name of college here.” Software Content: We have a recruitment blueprint that you deserve to sign up because that that enables us to deliver relevant content to friend on your timeline. What you carry out is you speak “I to be going to recruit on January 2nd,” and we backdate that 6 months and also deliver every little thing you need at the moment you require it depending upon the job you need it.

It’s favor a menu. You choose an appetizer, key course, and also dessert. So, take it a look in ~ the content and also pick one appetizer - something native the composed content. Even if that is simply our posters. Then pick a main course - video content the you want to us. And lastly, choose a dessert - a software application suite that will help you complete it off and also deliver it all on time. You perform it in a method that is meaningful for you and your community.

And I know you have actually a couple new attributes for directors to inspect out together well?

Yes! I have actually a couple things that are specifically relevant this time that year:

1.Customized Recruitment and also Retention Website Creator

This is among the coolest things we have ever before done! This goes earlier to our commitment come “outbound” content. A director can simply walk in, put your name, surname of school, school colors, create a small intro paragraph, tell us where you want all the emails come go, and also hit submit. Within seconds you have actually a customized webpage for recruiting and also retention that has all the videos, all the exactly documents, branded v your college name, has your personal message, and when parents connect with girlfriend it goes directly to her inbox. Us don’t also see it. Us don’t care, us don’t directory it, us don’t save emails, we don’t carry out anything.

So, it is literally like paying a tradition coder $5000 to construct your own elementary tape recruitment webpage - but it’s free! and by the means you don’t have actually to accomplish with anyone, and also you don’t have to construct your very own videos or documents. It is the slickest point we have ever before done! check it out and also create your very own website here:

2.Music Advocacy parent E-Newsletter

This is our brand-new Music Advocacy Initiative. With our new program, you can acquire personalized music advocacy emails sent out to you every month the helps keeps kids in your music program and also keeps parent associated along the way.

Our new format enables you come receive, curate, and customize the contents to ideal suit your needs.

The goal is toINCREASE your influence whileDECREASING your workload. Our personalized monthly emails save the prestige of her program optimal of mind for her parents. Sign up because that this free email series and you will certainly receive:

Engaging and also memorable content yielded monthly.Year-long, cross-curricular (band/orchestra) messaging.Separated content that is age centric (Elem/MS/HS) and also time appropriately to the calendar and what the parents room expecting.

We send content to you, the band director - you merely cut, paste, and send to your parents/community. You have the right to sign up here.

Anything else you’d choose to share through our readers?

In the end, it is no my task to phone call anyone how to recruit. My task is to carry out all the sources you (teachers) need. You know your community, you know your band, orchestra, and also choir, you recognize your schedule, you build your own recruitment tradition program. That’s to be the mission of BPOTM since the an extremely beginning. If anyone has any question because that us, you re welcome don’t hesitate to reach the end to united state below.

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For over a te Scott Lang has actually been educating and also entertaining audience of every ages. Together a nationally recognized leadership trainer, Scott conducts end 120 workshops annually and also works with few of our countries finest educational groups and also performing ensembles.

As a extremely decorated veteran teacher of sixteen years Scott"s bands have actually had numerous notable performances including the Pasadena competition of rose Parade, the Music Educators national Biennial Conference and for the president of the unified States, wilhelm Jefferson Clinton.

Scott is a fine regarded author with end ten publication to his credit including; Seriously?!, Leader the the Band, management Success, leadership Travel Guide, management Survival Guide, Sound Leadership and also is the creator the the very successful Be part of the Musicseries.

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Mr. Lang currently resides in Chandler, Arizona with his beautiful wife Leah and their sons, Brayden, Evan and their very irrational golden Retriever Rexie. He has actually breathed in and also out around 264 million times and also plans to save on doing so till he doubles the number.

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