Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is known and loved throughout The Church the Jesus Christ that Latter-day Saints together a master teacher and a powerful speaker. “Elder Holland could read a grain box” is exactly how a friend of mine once expressed his love because that anything Elder Holland teaches.

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It’s complicated to placed a finger on specifically why so numerous of Elder Holland’s speak resonate through so plenty of of us. However I believe his command of the English language an unified with the strength of his an individual witness and also the sincerity that his love for members creates a distinct style that renders each of his sermons moving and memorable. Standard talks like, “An High priest of good Things to Come,” “Safety for the Soul,” and “The various other Prodigal” are difficult to forget.

Elder Holland has actually now offered as a general authority for more than 25 years, and his service as a leader in various capacities within the Church Educational device extends for more than two years prior come that. Thus, he has offered dozens and also dozens of speak in settings like general conference, CES firesides, and also devotionals in ~ Church universities. While plenty of of his talks space well-known and also frequently quoted, below are 5 of the finest talks you’ve never ever heard through Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:

Given not lengthy after a visit Elder Holland made to the Utah State Prison, this speak is about God’s justice and mercy and also the different forms of spiritual bondage us sometimes bring upon ourselves.

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“Now, this book of Mormon is part book! i have wandered turn off to a college or two and also read books—both in and out of libraries. I didn’t think over there was any kind of other world however the inside of a carrel—not come be puzzled with that place where you placed cows and horses. Yet I’ve never recognized a book, in all the searching that I’ve excellent and every one of the analysis that i’ve done, which was purported to have been carried by one angel and translated by the gift and also power that God—except the publication of Mormon.

Can we also be accused of acquisition this publication lightly? several of us treat that like almost any various other book: let it gather a little dust or press the increased from mary Jane’s wedding, usage it as a doorstop in the hallway, do practically anything with it yet read it. I believe that we will certainly be indicted for the result bondage that us incur and also that we will serve some sentence in this life or the following for the which us fail come learn. Ns can’t invest all night on that, yet please remember, from the fifteenth thing of John, ‘If ye abide in me, and also my words abide in you, ye chandelier ask what ye will, and it shall be done depend you’ (John 15:7).”

This talk explores the demands of discipleship and uses examples from the Savior’s life come encourage united state to reject the adversary’s market of “convenient Christianity.”

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“I ask you to be patience in points of the spirit. Possibly your life has been various from mine, however I doubt it. Ns have had to struggle to understand my standing prior to God. Together a teenager I discovered it hard to pray and also harder to fast. Mine mission was not easy. Ns struggled together a student just to discover that I had to struggle afterwards, too. In this present assignment I have wept and also ached because that guidance. It appears no worthy success has ever before come conveniently for me, and maybe it won’t for you—but ns living long enough to be thankful for that.

It is ordained that we come to know our worth as kids of God without something as dramatic together a leap indigenous the pinnacle that the temple. All but a prophetic few must go about God’s job-related in an extremely quiet, really unspectacular ways. And as you job to know him, and to recognize that he knows you; as you invest your time—and her convenience—in quiet, unassuming service, you will certainly indeed uncover that ‘he shall give his angels charge worrying thee: and also in your hands castle shall be afflicted with thee up’ (Matthew 4:6). It might not come quickly. It probably won’t come quickly, yet there is purpose in the time it takes. Cherish her spiritual burdens due to the fact that God will certainly converse v you v them and will use you to carry out his job-related if you carry them well.”


"If you require a burden lifted, I desire you to imagine i am in a personal, private, closed-door chat with you. I desire to help you if i can." through those words, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland invites every readerof his latest book to become a friend, to get instruction and also encouragement, counsel and comfort, in any kind of circumstance.

April 2, 1983 – general conference

In this talk, Elder Holland uses a powerful an individual experience he had actually as a young father to illustrate the need for every fathers to continue to be close to their children.

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“I threw turn off the covers and ran come the small metal camp cot the was mine son’s bed. Over there on my knees and also through my tears ns cradled the in my arms and spoke come him while the slept. Ns told him the every dad provides mistakes but that they don’t average to. I told the it wasn’t his fault I had actually had a negative day. I told him that when boys are 5 or fifteen, dads occasionally forget and think they room fifty. I told him the I wanted him to it is in a small boy for a long, long time, since all too soon he would thrive up and also be a man and also wouldn’t be play on the floor v his toys as soon as I come home. Ns told that that i loved him and also his mother and his sister much more than something in the world and also that whatever difficulties we had actually in life us would challenge them together. I told that that never again would I withhold my affection or mine forgiveness native him, and also never, i prayed, would he withhold them from me. I told him i was honored to it is in his father and that i would try with all my love to be worthy of together a an excellent responsibility.

“Well, I have actually not proven to it is in the perfect father ns vowed come be the night and also a thousands nights before and also since. However I still want to be, and I think this way counsel from chairman Joseph F. Smith:

“‘Brethren, … If girlfriend will save your nearby to your heart, in ~ the clasp of your arms; if you will certainly make them … feel that you love lock … and keep them close to to you, they will certainly not go very far indigenous you, and they will certainly not commit any type of very great sin.’”

March 6, 1984 – Rick’s university devotional

In this talk, Elder Holland invites young adults who feel their testimonies room not however secure to skinny on his testimony till their own convictions become an ext certain.

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“I don’t recognize whether you space as sure as you desire to be around the truthfulness of the gospel. Ns not sure that you’re also sure you desire to it is in sure. Or that you have actually the certainty you watch in her neighbor ~ above your best hand or on your left. Maybe in a religion class or perhaps in church top top Sunday or maybe simply in table conversation. And also maybe girlfriend feel…that things are expected and also asked, and in a climate prefer we have actually at Rick’s university or BYU, that there are such visible expectations of her faithfulness and that in her heart of understanding you may not be sure.

“I nothing know specifically what your home experience has actually been or what your household has to be like, or what your own personal experience in the Church is. Even if it is you’re old-time, long-term, fifth-generation Latter-day Saint, or new-term, first-generation convert. All of those complexities come with each other at locations like Rick’s and also BYU, and also yet us make really real expectation of you; and we desire you to live a certain way and we desire you come believe certain things. And also yet in her heart, you may not it is in sure. And I simply ask girlfriend to cave in there. Come not give up if you’re not absolutely certain, if you can not say every one of the things with every one of the conviction that probably you hear someone else saying, or that possibly you hear her parents say and also you were raised in that sort of a home but you’re not there yet. Just hang on.

“You’re a portrait God is quiet painting. And also at this phase in your life, the is not finished v you. And also while some points are easily accessible to you, including these kinds of convictions, don’t kick over the teakettle when you’re waiting, if you’re progressing, when you’re growing.”

February 6, 2015 – CES Evening v a general Authority

In this talk, Elder Holland motivates teachers to help the youth the the Church replace doubt and also fear with belief and also optimism.

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“When obtained married, we were both still undergraduates in ~ BYU, through neither set of parental able to help us at every financially, no means to imagine all the graduate education and learning we had actually yet front of us, and this through $300 dollars between us on our wedding day! now that might not be the ideal way to start a marriage, yet what a marital relationship it has been and what us would have actually missed if we had waited also one day longer than we did as soon as we knew that that marriage was right. Sure, there to be sacrifice; definitely there were restless days and weeks and months; definitely there was part burning that the midnight oil. But I tremble to think what us would have lost if we had actually taken ‘counsel from our fears,’ as President James E. Faust would later tell me over and also over and also over the I and no one else should ever do. What if we had delayed inordinately? What would we have missed? i still think the best an interpretation of marital love is James Thurber’s, that said simply that love is what friend go with together. I will certainly be eternally thankful for what Pat to be willing to go through with me—that she did no feel I had to have my degree and also a car and a home and a career every in hand before we can marry.”

Nate spicy is an combine professor in the Mays business School at Texas A&M University and currently serves as bishop the the university Station 3rd ward the The Church that Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints. Read more from him at aggielandmormons.org.