The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released earlier in 2014. It’s a little bit old, yet it is still a great tool that enables you to perdevelop most of the everyday smartphone activities such as searching the Web, making use of social media, watching full-HD videos, and playing low-spec video games. The many common difficulty through the Keep in mind 4 is that its battery life degrades over time.

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10 Best Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 4 Replacement Batteries

Fortunately, the gadget has a removable ago cover and you can change out the battery yourself. Tbelow are many type of replacement phone batteries for the Keep in mind 4 from a number of various manufacturers, so we desire to assist you uncover the best ones. If your tool isn’t charging, ssuggest order a replacement to settle the problem!

Comparison tables for extended Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Batteries.

Name and FeaturesWhat is this item ideal for?WeightVoltageDepthCapacity
1. PowerBearBattery<24 Month Warranty>For Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 4 1.6 ounces3.85volts2.1 inches3220 mAh
2. AnkerBatteryGalaxy Note 4 N910, N910U 4G LTE, N910V(Verizon), N910T(T-Mobile), N910A(AT&T), N910P(Sprint)2.08ounces3.85 volts0.2 inches3220 mAh
3.OriginalSamsungBatteryFor BN910BB SM-N910 N910A N910T0.8 ounces3.85 volts1 inches3220 mAh
4. AcevanBattery<3 Year Warranty>For Galaxy Note 4 N910, Verizon N910V, at&T N910A, Sprint N910P, T-Mobile N910T, N910F, N910U LTE1.76 ounces3.85 volts0.2 inches3450 mAh
5. RAVPowerBatteryFor Samsung Note 4 N910, N910U 4G LTE, N910V(Verizon), N910T(T-Mobile), N910A(AT&T), N910P(Sprint)0.64 ounces3.85 volts1.6 inches3220 mAh
6. IBESTWINBatteryFor all Version of Galaxy Keep in mind 44.8 ounces3.85 volts0.5 inches10000 mAh
7. MAXBEARBatteryFor Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 4 N910, N910A(AT&T), N910T(T-Mobile), N910(Verizon), N910P(Sprint)3.68 ounces3.85 volts0.3 inches3600 mAh
8. JUBOTYBattery<24 Month Warranty>For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910 N910U N910V N910T N910A N910P1.92 ounces3.85 volts1.9 inches3220 mAh
9. JUBOTYBattery (7400 mAh)<24 Month Warranty>For all Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 46.4 ounces3.85 volts1 inches7400 mAh
10. YISHDABattery<18 Month Warranty>For Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 4 N910 N910U N910V N910T N910A N910P6.7 ounces3.85 volts0.7 inches7000 mAh

№ 1.

Galaxy Keep in mind 4 Battery from PowerBear (3220 mAh)

- Li-Ion Battery for the Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 4

This is among the the majority of renowned replacement batteries for the Galaxy Keep in mind 4 on Amazon. It is cheap, sturdy, and straightforward to use — what else carry out you require from an excellent replacement component for your old smartphone? This package consists of the PowerBear battery itself in addition to a vibrant user manual. There is nothing redundant here, so you’re not overpaying for such “bonus items” favor a low-top quality USB cable or an ugly cover. By the way, this replacement battery has actually a capacity of 3220 mAh. It means that it is the exact same size as the standard one and also you deserve to use it via the original back cover.

Over 500 full recharge cycles

The item is made from high-high quality Grade A battery cells that guarantee an effective and quick charge. Rest assured that this battery can endure over 500 full recharge cycles. You will have the ability to use your Galaxy Note 4 simply choose you did when you initially took it out of the box. Forgain around recharging it eextremely 2 hrs — enjoy the complete potential of your powerful portable device!

PowerBear is a well-known brand also among Samsung enthusiasts and also you have to not doubt the quality of their commodities. This battery has actually been tested according to the latest contemporary standards. It will never damages your Keep in mind 4 because it is CE and also RoHS certified. Moreover, it has a security microchip that stays clear of overheating, short circuits, and overcharging.

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If you’re trying to find a good and also cheap replacement battery for your Galaxy Note 4 then this is an excellent option that covers all your demands. However before, keep in mind that it is not officially compatible through NFC and also you may have problems using Google Wallet.

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