Barbara Palvin pole dances in polka dots on day 12 that 'Love' AdventOn job 12 of Love's development Calendar, Barbara Palvin shows off she pole dancing and hair whipping skills, which you have the right to watch above. Pull on in skintight boy shorts and also a cropped polka period shirt left unbuttoned to disclose her bra, the Hungarian design keeps she sultry moves approximately the metal pillar rather straightforward – no upside down splits, twists and also turns here. {

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Patagonia sees significant increase in sales after suing the White House Last week, Patagonia made nationwide headlines because that suing the Trump management for to reduce the dimension of two nationwide monuments in Utah. Clearly, the out brand was backed by prevalent support since the following day, its net sales on non-Patagonia retailers were 6 times greater than top top most average days. And also throughout the week, sales remained specifically strong: according to GQ, overall sales to be 7 percent stronger the main of the lawsuit than they to be the previous main — which consisted of Cyber Monday. GQ

Kith enraged an upcoming "SpongeBob Squarepants" repertoire On Dec. 15, Kith will join SpongeBob Squarepants in a pineapple under the sea — or more fittingly, SpongeBob will sign up with Kith in that Manhattan megastore. The brand-new York-based streetwear brand took to Twitter ~ above Monday come tease that is upcoming "SpongeBob Squarepants"-themed collection, and also while the notorious absorbent, yellow sponge was i do not have anything to it is in found, the clip did display Kith's logo design stylized in "SpongeBob Squarepants"'s signature Krabby Patty font. {
French mall large acquires Westfield Corporation because that $24.7 billionA French commercial genuine estate developer Unibail-Rodamco has shelled the end $24.7 billion to buy Westfield Corporation, one Australian-based to buy center agency with sleeve destinations anywhere the U.S. And U.K. In a statement obtained by The Guardian, Christophe Cuvillier, chief executive, management of Unibail, said the acquisition "adds a number of brand-new attractive retail industries in London and the wealthiest catchment areas in the unified States." The Guardian


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Luxury rental organization Armarium partners v indie boutiques to coordinate in-store rentalsAmarium, a relatively brand-new luxury rental service, is partnering with various indie boutiques to coordinate in-store rentals and also facilitate distinct styling opportunities with retail associates. Now, shoppers have the right to walk into a physics store and sales associates will be able to style them based on knowledge of their preferences, also matching rentals with suggested inventory available to buy indigenous the retailer to end up the look. This service will likewise be available online via e-tailers like Net-a-Porter.Business of Fashion

Dr. Martens unveils ambitious development plans Dr. Martens boots haven't always shone together bright together their distinctive yellow stitching; in fact, the footwear firm — lover by rebels and punk goddesses alike — struggle a an extremely rough spot in the mid-'90s, native which it has actually only recently recovered thanks to exclusive equity firm Permira, which snapped up and also saved the organization in 2014. The now-thriving British shoes label has just announced its present growth plans, which include: opened up to 20 stores per year, expanding and also diversifying the product range to very nice one to brand-new and younger audiences and also giving that OG 1460 boots a fresh, streetwear-inspired update. Business the Fashion

Inside southeast Asia's booming net economy According come a joint research study report by Google and Temasek Holdings, Southeast Asia's internet economic climate reached $50 exchange rate this year and is meant to quadruple through 2025. The development is largely due to a spike in smartphone users, which has actually caused activity on travel, media, ride-hailing and also e-commerce sectors to vastly increase. The report additionally stated that e-commerce sales of brand-new goods will reach $10.9 exchange rate in gun merchandise value in 2017, almost twice as lot as in 2015. Business that Fashion

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Richie well-off returns come the club Former Heatherette designer Richie well-off is revisiting his glory club days v the "Richie wealthy Holidaze Spectacular & Fashion Show" at brand-new York City's Freq nightclub, booked for Friday night. If the evening already promises to it is in a flashy, flamboyant affair v Rich designs, the party will likewise serve together a send-off come writer Victor Corona, who is fleeing to the sunshine state to work on the movie adaptation of "Elle of Earth" — the now-famous Observer article that assaulted former Elle news director ann Slowey. Page Six

ThredUp launches new Goody crate serviceOn Tuesday morning, virtual resale website ThredUp launched a brand-new "try-before-you-buy" Goody Box business aimed at simplifying thrifting. The service requires its users to take a brief quiz about their style preferences, i m sorry is climate processed with an algorithm that scans over 35,000 brands and also two million item to enhance customers with brand-new arrivals. The shoppers then choose 10-20 items — i m sorry can incorporate everything from gap to Gucci — to include in the $20 box, through which they have seven job to decide what products to store or return. inbox 

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