On the males Tell all special, Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe opened up up about receiving death threats after having actually sex through Nick Viall.ABC/Rick Rowell; Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Talk around drama! prior to Kaitlyn Bristowe renders her choice on The Bachelorette, her suitors had their opportunity to dish on the season in the yearly Men Tell all special. From Nick Viall’s controversial arrival to Ian’s dramatic departure, the men shared their gripes, favourite moments, and also regrets native a very memorable Bachelorette season.

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Here’s how it every went down!

Ian vs. Everyone

Ian’s dramatic departure from the show — aka the Princeton grad’s blowup ~ a confrontation with Kaitlyn around making out v other males — moved him away from the rest of the cast. Tanner noted that Ian’s leave was the most disappointing component of this season, lamenting, “I would call the rest of these men friends because that the rest of mine life but I didn’t obtain the possibility to contact you that.”

Ian, who’d insisted that he was punished because that “being an intellectual,” then determined to take turn off his fit jacket (because that course) and also apologize come Kaitlyn and the men. The corporate recruiter obtained down ~ above one knee to say his piece. “I’m obtaining down top top my knee to say i’m sorry; ns sorry come Kaitlyn, ns sorry to her family and sorry to she mother,” he said of his explosive remarks. But did everyone buy it?

Clint vs. Everyone

Much prefer Ian, Clint no get together with the majority of the other males in the house. His arrogance seems to have been a factor, but the men alluded come more. The confessed the he came onto the present to truly uncover love, and his bromance with JJ was not sex-related at all. Hear that? no he nor JJ space gay — it to be purely bromantic. JJ concerned Clint’s defense, saying, “The villain stuff to be tongue in cheek,” and also confirming that they important bonded together friends.

We need to Talk around Nick

Former Bachelorette contestant Nick upset the group dynamic when he come on come the display several episodes right into its run. Having actually previously texted and flirted through Kaitlyn, he want to check out if there was anything lingering between them. Few of the other guys thought it to be unfair, but JJ, in a moment of invited generosity, admitted that Kaitlyn owed it to it s her to revolve over every stone. Kupah said that if Kaitlyn was unsure, she should have left the show and dealt v Nick in her actual life. But since Nick is among the final two males remaining, probably it to be a smart relocate after all…

The warm Seat

How did several of the other guys fare as they opened up up about their experience?

JJ: Kaitlyn admitted the the former investment banker stood the end to she at first and she can see herself ending up through him. But as Clint and JJ’s connection grew, lock alienated us from the rest of the house. JJ admitted just how ashamed that was about crying, and also how regretful the was about what his relationship with Clint turn into. The regretted every second of his last moments, and also was upset the he dropped behind as the various other guys got momentum.

Ben Z.: after ~ the females in the audience stopped shedding their minds over Ben Z., he debated his partnership with Kaitlyn and also opening approximately her about the death of his mother. The night in Ireland blindsided him; it was the an initial time — no receiving the increased that night — the there was any kind of indication Kaitlyn didn’t feel the same method about him the he felt around her, but it was also late. Admittedly, the group date in Ireland required him to close increase a small bit, yet Ben believed his guardedness to be his downfall and also he’s functioning on himself.

Jared: Of all the guys, that was obvious Jared had actually genuine feelings because that Kaitlyn. In city hall the show back, Jared continued to be confused around why he didn’t obtain a rose and also he admitted he’s slowly trying to move on indigenous her. But his greatest mistake can have to be admitting — on nationwide television — to watching the movie Click.

Ben H.: The front-runner for the following Bachelor disputed what he thinks went wrong through Kaitlyn. Their connection was prompt (“Ben’s the type of guy that constantly makes me smile and also makes me feeling good,” Kaitlyn said at an early stage on), and he was falling in love through her. That admitted the it was tough to watch the show back because the re-lived the feelings the were so real (awww) and there was no closure. He additionally touched top top the occurrence in san Antonio as soon as he and Shawn to be roommates — Ben was in a cot and also Top 2 critical Shawn was in the bed. Kaitlyn proved up to their room, sans camera and microphones, hoped into bed v Shawn and also they every hung out for few hours. Ben left them come shower, and also came ago noting the something had happened when he was gone that adjusted everything. We now understand that she said Shawn he to be the one! It’s okay Ben, probably you’ll have actually your 2nd chance at love quickly enough.


on the males Tell all special, Ian apologized come Kaitlyn Bristowe because that his explosive exit. ABC/Rick Rowell

Kaitlyn Speaks

Right the end of the gate, hold Chris Harrison handle the most controversial moments from this season as he satellite down through star Bristowe. About having sex with Nick at an early stage on and the ridiculous backlash she received, Kaitlyn opined, “I prefer to think the myself as a hard person … however spreading dislike the method people have been is no okay and also it’s been hard.”

After revealing the Kaitlyn had actually received fatality threats, Harrison went on to check out some of the note the Bachelorette to be sent. The tweets and e-mails read during the special were vulgar and also unfortunate, slut-shaming she for she actions. The audience stood beside Kaitlyn, offering her a was standing ovation in support.

Kaitlyn likewise addressed her fallout with Jared and her partnership with Nick. Because that the former, she admitted the nothing really could have do a distinction — yet how sweet he was once she stated goodbye come him damaged her heart. Together for the latter, she feelings towards Nick are honest. She had the starts of a partnership with that in the past and maybe pass him right into the show in the center of the season wasn’t great, however she couldn’t happen up the opportunity at experimenting their connection.

Finally, it was time because that Kaitlyn to grill the guys. She went best for Clint, asking, “Why didn’t you treat me and you cure JJ?!” Clint did no take the question well. Then she permitted Ian come to give her a final note with his apology. Alright Ian, that’s rather enough.

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The special finished with a blooper reel of Kaitlyn, showing that v it all, she really had such a an excellent spirit, was able to goof off, and also be one of the brightest Bachelorettes the show has seen.

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