Over 100,000 full karma, yet 100,000 in either link/comment karma is more impressive and is mainly minimum to be considered "high" and also inevitably a "power user".

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I think what's essential to take in consideration is the age of the account. A 2 week old account via 15,000 karma total would certainly be exceptional. But a 5 year old account with the exact same would certainly be very mediocre. That being sassist I would say any account less than 3 years old through over 100,000 unified karma would be doing pretty good.

Integrated karma per day (CKPD) average over the life time of the account is what we really have to be looking at. An account that is 1 year old and also has actually 5,000 link karma and also 10,000 comment karma has a 41 CKPD average. An account that is 19 days old with the very same amount has actually 790 CKPD. And an account that is 5 years old would have 8 KCPD.


One of my greatest comment karmas was 170 or so. But that was 6 years ago, and also there are 1000 times even more couchsurfingcook.comors currently.

If couchsurfingcook.com ever before stores our passwords in plaintext aacquire, and gets them stolen aobtain, I have a snarky comment to reuse for good karma.

I'd say anypoint over ~5000 in connect and also ~10000 comment.


The peak 1000 commenters have a minimum karma score of 17,300

The height 1000 posters have a minimum karma score of 5,400

The the top twenty in comment karma are all over 500,000

The height twenty in attach karma are everywhere 550,000

I would certainly need to argue for a lot higher numbers. I have over that and I wouldn't consider myself as energetic contributor. I'm by no indicates a lurker either yet I wouldn't think about my karma to be above average.

Tright here is no collection number. My opinion is an average of at least 41 merged karma per day over the course of the account to be thought about a lot, and an average of 2,000 karma per day to be a power user.

An account that is 1 year old (365 days) and has actually 5,000 connect karma and also 10,000 comment karma would certainly have actually 41 combined karma per day.

It's incredibly variable, and also you're going to get various answers from different world. I'd say approximately 5000 in link and also 10000 in comment. Still taken into consideration high if you just satisfy one requirement.

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I wish we could average out all the karma from eexceptionally couchsurfingcook.com user. I number anypoint over that is high.