This main we shed a member the the TOH family

photo by Kevin O"Connor January 12, 2018

Austin Wilson, ours youngest apprentice and one of the dearest members of our team, passed far in his sleep when traveling v us in ~ The International contractors Show. Austin was simply 18 year old. His passing has actually left our hearts broken. Our love goes the end to his family.

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Austin"s Promise

photo by Kevin O"Connor critical April, Austin it is registered his applications to be an apprentice on ours crew and also we eagerly welcomed him native a pool of hundreds. In his application, Austin spoke around finding a pathway v childhood adversity by working v his hands. It to be music to our ears. Austin also spoke about a promise he had actually made to his five siblings — and also one that they made back to him. The nothing would organize them back. And nothing but death itself, that seemed, can hold Austin back.

Starting a brand-new Journey

picture by Kevin O"Connor simply one day after his high school graduation he boarded a plane for the first time, left his family members behind and also joined the This Old residence crew, a little and tight-knit family members that has actually been together for an ext than double Austin’s 18 years. Newcomer standing didn’t faze Austin; the seemed only to make him work-related harder, to desire more. He operated and adopted this possibility as if he were in hurry, together if he knew the time to be short.

He was passionate to drive the brand-new truck, come wear his new tool belt and also to explore his brand-new city that Boston, regardless of long days and also tired hands. The did whatever Charlie Silva asked, took every little thing Tommy Silva gave, learned every little thing Norm Abram taught. However most crucial he befriended his two apprentice colleagues, Nathan and also Bailey, and also with nothing much more than his heart and hard work, that earned your respect and their love.

Destined because that Success

picture by Kevin O"Connor on Monday night, Austin’s last, the ate supper in ~ a long table v his extended This Old home family. The following morning, the was booked to was standing on a stage and also be introduced to a crowd of 5 thousand as part of the next generation of craftsmen and women. In spite of the huge moment awaiting the Austin wore a content smile and carried on an easy conversation at supper, together if Tuesday would certainly be just another day. And although Tuesday never ever came for Austin, I doubt for a young man of such remarkable promise the would have actually been just one more day, in a life destined because that success.

Thank You, Austin

photograph by Kevin O"Connor Austin, your work-related is done. Rest your hands now, and let our hand bear you increase so that you will not strike her foot against a rock and so the He may host you in the palm the His hand.

Godspeed, Austin.

- TOH host Kevin O"Connor

A few Words from Nate

photo by Kevin O"Connor I think about myself happy to have actually met Austin Wilson. It didn"t take long for me to uncover out why people used words favor “leader,” “role model,” and “inspiration” as soon as they talked about him. Because that ten weeks I had actually the chance to be able to work together Austin ~ above the This Old house job site. Over that time Austin talked often about his family ago in Wilmington and the children Making it woodworking program that he was a part of. Mainly in and also week out Austin represented the appropriate apprentice, motivated and eager to learn. He will certainly forever it is in remembered because that his optimistic attitude, his lightheartedness, his headbands at the project site, and also his dedication together a friend. Without a doubt, Austin has actually left his mark on this world and also will be significantly missed.

- TOH Apprentice Nate Gilbert

We"ll miss You, Austin

you re welcome visit to learn an ext about Austin"s beloved after-school program, where he acquired his begin in woodworking. Gain in touch with children Making It straight to learn an ext about the Austin Wilson Memorial Fund.

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In storage of Austin Wilson, 1999-2018

Please sign up with us in psychic Austin. Here are a few of our favorite moments v this remarkable young man.