when do you usage at the office? and when execute you usage in the office? What"s the difference in between the phrases?



"At the office" refers generally to the state the someone who works in an office of part kind being at work, e.g.

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"Where"s Bob?", claimed Jim. "At the office.", replied John

It can additionally refer to things being at said place of work:

"Where"s your briefcase?", claimed Jim. "I left it at the office.", said John.

"In the office" describes someone or miscellaneous physically gift in a details office, e.g.

"Where"s Bob?", claimed Jim. "In his office.", said John.

This would generally be offered when the office in concern was in nearby proximity to the speakers, for example if Jim and John were in an additional office in the same building as Bob.

"Where"s the telephone?", said Jim. "It"s in the office", stated John.

However, in and at are regularly interchangeable. Take the briefcase example. John can have said:

"I left that in my office."

To summarise, "at" is a much more general, vague term, whereas "in" usually describes a particular location.

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I suspect "at" is an ext often provided with structures or non-specific locations

John is at home.John is at work.John is in ~ the shops.John is at the office (meaning his office building).

I think "in" is much more often provided with particular rooms.

John is in the kitchen.John is in the meeting room.John is in his office.

This theory drops apart somewhat as soon as I consider

John is in France.
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You"re "in" the office if you typical to emphasise her physical location, within a room wherein one works. You"re "at" the office if you are at a place of work, but not emphasize a particular room.

So, "I need to have actually a printer in the office", however "I"m at the office, but I"ll come residence to view you soon."

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answered january 24 "11 at 15:23

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A close call. In mine opinion, "at" is offered when one is correcting an comprise absence

I shall be in ~ the office tomorrow

implies the visibility of doubt that ns would have been there. One of two people I had actually previously stated I would be away, or something led you to believe so and also I to be contradicting that belief.

I shall be in the office tomorrow

confirms mine presence, together was guess (probably by both that us).

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