Get it, Ashley Tisdale! ~ above Wednesday, April 17, the Disney Channel alum, 33, required to Instagram to present off she killer body. “Motivating myself to work-related out today,” Ashley captioned a picture of it s her wearing a tiny, pink bikini. For part crazy reason, the blonde beauty also included a laughing emoji to the post. Girl, was the a typo? The only emoji that must be accompanying this mirror selfie is a flame.

Unsurprisingly, Ashley’s 11 million followers occurred to agree. “F–king love this! A real, beautiful belt on Instagram. No unedited bulls–t,” one user commented.

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“You’re death me! friend look gorgeous,” included another. Of course, because millennials room still obsessed v the High school Musical franchise — with an excellent reason — a ton the Ashley’s followers stated her swimsuit was serving significant Sharpay Evans vibes.

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motivating myself to work-related out today