Ashley Greene easily could have to be typecast after obtaining her begin in the Twilight series. But that doesn’t typical she’s going come take simply any role now.

“Listen, never ever say never, however I think in basic college film—playing the, like, warm cheerleader—you’re more than likely not walk to watch me do that,” she told NBC brand-new York. “I think I’ve been really lucky being able come bypass typecasting. Once I was actors as Alice Twilight>, among the really brilliant things around it is that she’s the girl following door. She everyone’s finest friend. She’s sweet and charismatic, and so ns think I gained to bypass that entirety kind of typecasting, saying, ‘This is what we check out you as and also what you going come play.’ So ns don’t think I would certainly backtrack in that sense.”

The 25-year-old went on to rule out “horror films and also slasher films, 99 percent of the moment I will probably shy away from Thrillers i enjoy—there’s a an extremely fine line. Except that, right now I’m just looking for movies that inspire me, because that’s what it’s around for me. I just enjoy doing mine job and also I enjoy doing various things and also diving into various characters. I think play a villain would certainly be yes, really interesting since psychologically there space so countless different means you have the right to go with villains, and their reasoning for doing things sort of dives deep right into the psyche. Top top the polar opposite next of the spectrum, doing a Victorian sort of film would be ideal. It’s very hard to acquire those made, however that would certainly be an extremely fun.”

Greene’s current function in the film Butter permitted her to try using her comedy chops. “I think the training was just, like, sink or swim,” she said. “I went in and watched and learned and also just allowed myself come let go of it. Ns think because that comedy that’s one of the an ext important things, to allow yourself come go exterior the box. You go external your comfort zone and also you really just need to kind of permit it all hang out and go because that it—and periodically it works and also sometimes it doesn’t. Yet when the does, they record it and also that’s what go onscreen.”

The movie is currently drawing fist for a much buzzed about love scene v Olivia Wilde. Greene recalled the sexy scene, saying, “We didn’t yes, really talk around it until we got to set, yet luckily she and I to be friendly, and also we both had that personality where we simply said, ‘You understand what? Let’s simply do it!’ us didn’t make a large deal the end of it.

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Personal from she being a girl, that the exact same thing that i go with kissing any male onscreen, and it’s type of a component of the job. There space so many crazy moments in the film that it just kind of fit, and also so we acquired there.”