While there's no denying the allure that DNCE's "Toothbrush" video, here's one thing we had actually to obtain an opinion on: What room Joe's and also Ashley's views on the ideal time to leaving a toothbrush behind? That's kind of big, right? They weigh in.

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Have you viewed the sexy brand-new video because that "Toothbrush," the latest hit native DNCE yet?

If not, check it out here:

No, ladies, you did not miss the casting call. "To be honest, we really only had one girl in mind," Joe Jonas told us from "somewhere in Canada" while on a three-way call yesterday. "I just find Ashley Graham therefore beautiful." "How might I speak no?" Graham chimed in native her vacation in Florida. "We met in the trailer, and also our first scene remained in the bed," Joe added. "We hit that off, simply walked right into it. This video was a dream come true."

Really, Graham and Jonas just met prior to filming? It certainly didn't look that way in the video; the chemistry in between them is the steamiest thing we've seen on screen since Olivia Wilde took every one of her garments off on Vinyl. Those stairwell kisses, backseat glances, bedroom caresses? Damn. DNCE lugged a much an ext intimate smell this time around, considering this video clip is the follow-up to DNCE's first, "Cake by the Ocean," which functions the band—longtime friend Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and also JinJoo—in a beach dance-off against the Fat Jew.

So, here's one point we had to gain an opinion on: What space Jonas' and Graham's see on the appropriate time to leaving a toothbrush behind? That's sort of a huge moment in a relationship, right? They weigh in:

"I think it's a pretty large step," Jonas shares. "Leaving a sweatshirt is understandable, yet a toothbrush is a statement. And that's type of why we wrote the song. If you yes, really think about it, no one desires morning breath. And also you're obviously staying over fairly a bit—I mean, nobody has much more than one toothbrush, right? I would certainly say it's gotta be a few visits prior to that conversation happens."

"Only a few?" Graham chimes in.

"OK, what, a hundred?" Jonas asks.

"Leaving a toothbrush is a commitment," Graham responds. "That's like, we've already had the BF/GF discussion, we're going in!"

"But over there is a conversation that pre-meditates the leaving of the toothbrush?" we ask.

"You should certainly have a conversation before you leave a toothbrush," Jonas answers. "I'd be freaked the end if girlfriend didn't."

"Yes, there's absolutely a discussion," Graham concludes. "I think if a woman pipeline a toothbrush at a guy's house, she's letting him understand that he's walk to need to commit soon or there's a problem."


PS: for more, see exactly how three ladies look in Graham's brand-new swimwear collection.

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