4. What Is The fact Behind Blackstar?

Arrow season 7"s midseason finale revealed Katherine McNamara"s an enig character to it is in Blackstar. A scrappy street fighter and thief that runs an underground fight society in Star City 2038, Blackstar is also revealed to it is in a broker that procures items for civilization for the right price. When challenged on she being the last person Felicity Smoak speak to prior to her death, Blackstar claimed that she dealings through Felicity were minimal to offering her v bomb parts. It to be later found that Blackstar to be lying and that she was involved in the same bombing plot together Felicity. The is quiet unclear, however, if Felicity was killed because she was trying to earlier out that the plot or if Blackstar had anything to perform with Felicity"s death.

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Arrow Rene Ramirez stack Gonzales
little has to be said around Rene Ramirez later of Star City 2038. Zoe Ramirez made recommendation to she father not being recorded dead in the slums of Star City in "Level 2." The future scene in the Arrow midseason finale ended v Zoe reluctantly agreeing to go to The Glades, together her father to be the only person they knew who had the sources to perform something around the battle plot aimed at destroying Star City.

While it"s clear the Rene Ramirez has actually apparently placed his vigilante previous behind that to end up being a power in the gated ar that The Glades i do not care in the future, the nature of the power remains unclear. It may be hinted at, however, by a scene in the present, wherein Dinah asks Rene if that ever thought about running for office as Rene rants about the require for the well-off and an effective of Star City"s elite to help the common world in The Glades.

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2. Who Else has actually The mark Of Four?

Arrow The note Of Four
It to be revealed in "Due Process" that the only reason Roy Harper i agree to aid William Clayton was due to the fact that he observed something referred to as The mark Of 4 hidden in a an enig compartment in Oliver Queen"s bow, i m sorry was hidden on Lian Yu. Dinah Drake reveals The note of 4 to wilhelm in "Unmasked" showing it tattooed ~ above inner ideal arm. The symbol, which each other an archery target pierced by 4 arrows, was developed by Oliver Queen together a symbol of what he dubbed the four Pillars of Heroism - Courage, Compassion, Selflessness and Loyalty. Dinah states that all of Oliver"s most trusted allies obtained The mark of 4 tattooed ~ above them quickly after wilhelm was sent away through Felicity in 2018, together a reminder that they have to stand with each other and aid each other no issue what. Apart from Roy, it is unclear that else could have The Mark, but there"s evidently a greater definition than has been revealed so far.

Elseworlds Teaser Supergirl 1990s flash Barry Allen Earth-90 Monitor
after the Arrow logo design stinger that commonly concludes the show before the closing credits, "Unmasked" rather featured a scene setting up following week"s Elseworlds event. This step was identical to the one that adhered to Supergirl"s mid-season finale episode, "Bunker Hill." when Arrowverse fans might feel cheated the each present won"t have their own distinctive tie-in sequences come the crossover, the is worth noting that every one of these mid-season finale episodes had a lot of to set up. As such, time might not have permitted the main actors to have actually filmed distinct scenes because that each series. Additionally, there space some viewers who carry out not watch all of the Arrowverse shows and The CW may have actually wanted come make certain everyone observed the short but fantastic sequence starring john Wesley Shipp"s Barry Allen from the 1990"s The Flash series.

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Arrowverse"s "Elseworlds" event starts with The Flash on Sunday, December 9 at 8pm ET, and also continues with Arrow on Monday at 8pm ET and concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday in ~ 8pm ET.