Ariel Winter is recognized for she body confident sense of style. And she embraced just that, together with the festival heart Friday as she attended Coachella in Indio, Calif., alongside boyfriend Levi Meaden.

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Winter sported a lacy bralet in white, i beg your pardon she paired with barely-there Daisy Dukes for a sultry look. She wore a pink bandana roughly her neck, prepared for the desert weather conditions.

The 20-year-old “Modern Family” actress completed her look through white combat boots the matched her bra top and also seemed choose the perfect choice for stomping around the dusty festival site.

Meanwhile, Meaden sported an olive-colored T-shirt with black shorts, perfect his straightforward outfit with high-top Converse sneakers. The 30-year-old Canadian gibbs accessorized through aviator sunglasses.

Meaden and also Winter attend Coachella 2017 with each other as well. Last year, Winter opted for a warm pink wig, slashed T-shirt and also Daisy Dukes, completing her ensemble through white sneakers. Meaden sported a blue tank top, gray shorts and Nike sneakers.


Ariel Winter and also Levi Meaden at Coachella 2017.
CREDIT: Splash News

Winter’s latest project, a film dubbed “The critical Movie Star,” released last month. While the star hasn’t announced her following steps, she is acquisition a rest from her researches at UCLA — she started attending the school in the autumn — to emphasis on her film career.

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