Arianna isn’t into letting MTV come movie (or having actually hair that’s all one color, apparently. She looks like she flood Kool-Aid and Tang powder everywhere her cursed head.)


During she Skype interview, Arianna tells united state that her son’s father, Maurice, hasn’t been in the baby’s life since the infant was 3 months old. She’s single and ready to mingle, and is even on the birth regulate shot, simply in case.

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Arianna and also Maurice go back to 16 & Pregnant for the July 1 reunion special, and it is clean their connection is over because that good. Not just does Arianna phone call Dr. Attracted Pinsky that Maurice is a “deadbeat father,” she lets her ex-boyfriend recognize he will “never” have custody of their child so lengthy as she is alive.




’16 & Pregnant’: Arianna fear Her baby Will thrive Up without A FatherWhile Maurice speak Dr. Attracted that he does not have “rights” this son and is not enabled to view or have any contact with his son, Arianna repeatedly says the that is no true. According to Arianna, Maurice does no make any type of attempt to watch his son, regardless of the woe-is-me story he is telling in front of the cameras.

Things take a rotate for the dramatic once Arianna call Maurice a deadbeat, and his reaction to she claiming the he does not assist raise their kid at the finish is one for the document books.

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