The piano and also the pipe organ have/are to be tuned for the show.Here both seems fine to me however the an option question wants me to select one. Is there any prominence because that one answer. Please help.



Given the it is a necessity that both instruments sound true during the show, we could say the the sentence is trying to express the urgency that tuning the instruments. Therefore, it have the right to be that "have to be" is most suitable in this context, return both versions are grammatically acceptable. Together Dan added, context is doing not have to specifically pin down the exactly one.

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Looking at distinction in definition between have to be and are come be:



In mine mind, the expression "are come be" conveys the feeling that actual arrangements have been make to track the piano and also organ. The phrase "have come be" conveys just the necessity of tuning lock without any indication the actual arrangements have been made.


"are come be" is typically pointing to the nature that the thing.for example: job is a piece of work-related to it is in done. Which means that job in regards to being task has to be done.while "has come be" is more general.- so i think you should use "have to" in her example.

Are to be expresses the idea that something the is an alleged to be, meant to be choose that. Example: If endangered species are to be conserved rain woodlands must it is in protected.

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