Like many kind of household members throughout the pandemic, twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry still haven't associated in perchild.Chelsea Lauren / WireImage
The COVID-19 pandemic has retained many family members members acomponent amid quarantine orders and also social distancing, and also twin sisters Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley are among them.

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In a current intercheck out with "Entertainment Tonight," Tamera, that resides in California"s Napa Valley, spoke around being separated from Tia for six months and also counting.

"I still haven"t viewed her, physically," she sassist of her the same twin. "I live in Napa, and also appropriate once we were actually going to head up tright here, tright here was a surge (in coronavirus cases) in L.A. and also it wasn"t wise for all of us to go tbelow.

Recently we were going to fulfill up — (Tia’s) working on "Family Reunion" — and also the moment, it didn"t occupational. But I know for a fact once we view each other we"re just, we"re gonna cry."


She included that, like many type of civilization distanced amid the pandemic, they contact each other on video chat regularly and also have actually digital happy hrs.

"We have actually a glass of wine, we talk about what"s been happening," she sassist. "We message almost every various other day. But there"s something about visually seeing your loved one, however there"s somepoint even much better, obviously, just the huguy connection and (to) touch and hug, and also I simply, I can"t wait to perform that."

This half-year duration is the longest the twins have actually ever before gone without seeing each various other in perboy, Tamera added.

The former "Sister, Sister" stars have actually been sure to share their love for each various other on social media throughout the pandemic, including heartwarming messeras celebrating their 4second birthdays on July 6.

“Sissy!!!! My twinie twin twin,” Tamera created to Tia on Instagram, in addition to a fun throwback photo. “Ride or die since birth. Happy birthday!!!! When we are together I can’t wait to wrap my arms approximately you, sniff you favor we always perform (ta hee-hee) and giggle till the sun comes dvery own. I love you very much TT!”

Tia wiburned her sister a happy birthday via a sweet slideshow of the twins together over the years, ending via a photo of them through their own children.

"Being a #twin is a #blessing," Tia wrote on Instagram. "We have skilled so many type of #milestones together. Just to name a couple of. We booked #Sister,Sister together, we won our initially #nickelodeon #kidschoiceawards together, we #graduated from #college together.

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"We traveled the people to together and also unfortunately we additionally knowledgeable #grief together. When our #grandmom passed away, I will never forget us resting together in the same hotel bed to comfort each other. #God blessed us to come into this #world together bereason he knew we couldn’t carry out it alone. Love you sis! Love you my #twin."

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