Ellen DeGeneres has actually fallen out of donate with few of her fans since staff from The Ellen DeGeneres Show came forward and also claimed manufacturing treated lock unfairly. And also now, we’re looking earlier at some old interviews.

We can’t forget how countless times both Zac Efron and Taylor Swift appeared on the speak show. And this resulted in rumors to run rampant concerning a possible relationship. Here’s how DeGeneres roasted them and what’s walking on now.

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Zac Efron has actually a rumored brand-new girlfriend in 2020

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Efron is acquiring quite a most attention in 2020 thanks to his Netflix series, Down come Earth. But now, it’s rumors of a brand-new girlfriend that are coming to light.

According to daily Mail, Efron’s been viewed out and around with Australian design Vanessa Valladares. The two have actually been spotted because September 2020 going the end for brunch too on a ski trip together.

Dail mail also listed that Valladares is 25 and was working as a food server prior to meeting Efron. In spite of her existing job, she appears to have actually big-time design aspirations.

The partnership with Efron appears brand new, therefore we’re betting the duo are just obtaining to recognize each other still. And also prior come Valladares, Efron was linked to Vanessa Hudgens, as the two met v High institution Musical and stayed together for four years. Then, in 2012, Efron to be rumored to be dating actress and also model Lily Collins. And after that, Efron had several various other relationships with renowned women he functioned with, yet they all appeared to fizzle out.

Ellen DeGeneres made several jokes about Efron and Taylor Swift being a couple

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So, to be Efron and also Swift ever before romantically entwined? follow to the actress and the singer, castle never had actually a thing. But when they appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier in February 2012, DeGeneres to be unconvinced.

“What walk ya’ll execute for Valetine’s day together?” DeGeneres inquiry Swift and Efron as soon as they both appeared on the speak show.

“Well, ns don’t know. He had plans top top Valentine’s Day,” Swift rebuked. And she then explained that she invested her one-of-a-kind day with her other solitary lady friends. And also Efron claimed he cooking dinner v “the friend” the Swift referred to in her statement — but it wasn’t her.

DeGeneres then adds that the just reason she’s “joking” around Swift and Efron having actually relationship potential is due to the fact that she’s heard the rumors. And she then presents the two v T-shirts that reflect the hearsay. One T-shirt claimed “lovers,” another said, “we’re just friends,” and the most shocking said, “we only hooked up once.” The last T-shirt read, “we broke up.”

“I expect this one doesn’t shrink as well much,” Efron joked about the “we just hooked up once” shirt.

“Because you’ll wear the a lot?” DeGeneres joked back.

DeGeneres lugged it increase again to Swift ~ above ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’


Zac Efron and also Taylor Swift come at the 2011 People’s an option Awards | Christopher Polk/Getty images for PCA

This isn’t the critical time Swift heard about the Efron romantic rumors. In fact, DeGeneres lugged them up when again once Swift visited an additional time — however the joke didn’t land rather as well.

“You were below with your boyfriend, Zac Efron, last time,” DeGeneres starts in she segment through Swift in 2013.

“We actually never dated,” Swift attempts to clarify.

“Yes friend did,” DeGeneres starts. And also the hoax continues, through DeGeneres questioning why Swift “denies it” later on in the interview. “Which tune is about Zac on the new CD?” DeGeneres then adds.

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“There’s nothing really around Zac top top the CD because we didn’t date,” Swift notes again.

Eventually, DeGeneres introduces a video game that pokes even more fun at Swift’s love life — and also it ends with Swift begging DeGeneres to stop, as it’s demoralizing come only focus on she love life. While Swift seems in an excellent spirits at the begin of the interview, there’s a an excellent chance DeGeneres went too far.

It’s every water under the leg now, together Swift is happily v actor Joe Alwyn and Efron appears to be gaining along rather well v Valladares. However if the singer and also actor do ever before get together, it seems DeGeneres dubbed it first.